For Part 5 ru-clip. Recorded in March The last match before the finals turns out to be a little more difficult than the team expected. Fonejacker – Cinema EP2 n0z 11 years ago. If importance cannot be established, the section is likely to be moved to another article, pseudo-redirected , or removed. This time we call a home rentals company. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Fonejacker – Internet Service Provider n0z 11 years ago. New in the UK, Janec is looking for work with new bands who need a special kind of keyboard sound. Stock footage shot for, but never used in, Hearst Metrotone news. There are many characters on Fonejacker , some who make multiple appearances. The only thing soft about him is his hair. New trailers aired in June which saw the Fonejacker in his own flat performing various calls, and a television tuned into the news reporting “new sightings of the Fonejacker”. Charlie Wong fone jacker worldwidelightning Year ago. Includes Comedy Lab pilot.

Charlie Wong’s Archery Tag Birthday! In series two he has switched to trying to get people to join the 4 dating website in the whole of the UK. Fonejacker Accountants E4 E4 10 years ago. George Agdgdgwngo Series Voiced by: Dufrais is a single, middle-aged busybody.

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He looks at people funny. The last match before the finals turns out to be a little more difficult fonejakcer the team expected. Includes Comedy Lab pilot. Charile 2 Episode 2. Jimmy Jon Series 2 Voiced by: The first standalone series started on 5 July And don’t think he’s not on to you if you have him under surveillance. The UK Comedy Guide”. This was followed a couple of days after by a newer alternative advert. Fonejacker is a British comedy programme broadcast on E4 featuring a series of prank calls involving a number of different characters performed by British Iranian television actor Kayvan Novak.


He is an Eastern European circus act on the lookout for work for himself and his dancing bear. New trailers aired in June which saw the Fonejacker in his own flat performing various calls, and a television tuned into the news reporting “new sightings of the Fonejacker”. The UK’s gain is Polish cinema’s loss, however, as now Janec is unavailable for musical stings like ‘violent fonejacket.

Charlie wong cinema shot

The show began as a pilot for Comedy Laba Channel 4 show that showcases new comic talent, in In a new pilot for series 2, he is seen wearing a woolly hat with the initials G. Retrieved from ” https: Fonejacker – Ticketline thedonkey68 7 years ago. Fonejacker – Internet Relationship Providings; Subscribe for more: Various Artists – Topic 3 years ago. Dufrais complains to Home Rentals Pavelly 8 years ago.

Mr Miggins Series Voiced by: Thanks for lovely photos, Charles! ReplayTvHD 6 years ago. Scouse Steve Series 2 Voiced by: Face jacker Charlie Chong over and out Danny Wake 7 years ago. Confident, opinionated and full of patter, Terry comes across as a long-lost, harder-faced brother of Del-Boy.

On Monday 15 September he appeared on Kiss radio station.

Quite where Stanley gets his dark view of humanity from remains unknown. But, y’ know, like, dey do do dat do’ don’t dey dough? One called Novak back after being fonejacked by George Agdgdgwngo, where he guised himself as Terry Tibbs, and the second incident fonejxcker when a detective character rang a man informing him of an African scammer Fonejakerand “coincidentally” the man reported a call from George.

Another Fonejacker character who primarily calls people for advice or information, The Mouse also occasionally attempts to cash cinea on his God given talent such as performing as an Oasis tribute artist.


Aka”Sporty Spice” Tim Minchin. This man is an enthusiastic Indian call centre employee who works for Internet Service Providings. Seen in the first episode only. Stanley Series 2 Voiced by: Mr Doovd Series Voiced fonjacker Dufrais Constantinople Series 2 Voiced by: Seen once only, in episode 1.

However, despite the offer of ‘better dealings than your current dealings’, the ISP falls woefully short in the competitive world of internet service providers.

Screened on 22 August He is a gentleman looking for a mobile phone having had his thumbs surgically removed following a freak baking accident. Due to its popularity, it was repeated on Channel 4 from 7 September It first appeared in May and became a full series in The Mouse is an everyday mouse Charlie Wong fone jacker worldwidelightning Year ago.

Charlie Wong Cinema Shot

But it has all come down to a stand still here in post. He xharlie big down under if, ahem, you know what we mean. This section contains information of unclear or questionable importance or relevance to the article’s subject matter. A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject. In March, a teaser trailer started to air on Channel 4 and E4, which consisted of clips of the pilot put together into a thirty-second advert, ending with e4.

The DVD-seller would like help with sorting out his accounts MichaelH 3 years ago.

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