The challenge difficulty will increase based on the number of years you are in the game as well as the number of Trade Depot vendors you’ve unlocked. To efficiently run your farm, you will need to buy supplies. Otmar’s General Store sells one of each old style tool per day that you can use for meeting this requirement, or two per day if you’re playing in Seedling mode. The 10 fields are:. In the southeast corner of Oak Tree Town is the Trade Depot, a place where a variety of international traders set up shop on a regular basis, from 9: Since this game doesn’t have a shipping bin to place, you’ll be make money by selling your farm products to the Trade Depot. The Desk Calendar inside your farm house will list the upcoming schedule for the vendor appearances. The file will list each blueprint and the required materials you need to construct the item.

The blueprint for the Beacon is either at Silk Country or Gunther’s and requires 3 Lumber to construct. When trying to win control over a public field, you will be given a selection of challenges. You’ll most likely sell more crops than you will animal products, but eggs, milk, etc. She’ll have the size upgrade blueprints and after that, she’ll have exterior style blueprints. She sells building supplies, blueprints, and projects that Gunther will help you with; in all of the cut scenes for construction projects, Gunther is just merely supervising while you do all of the actual work. She’ll explain that the guild owns many public lands that they lend to farmers who don’t have enough room on their own farmland to grow a lot of crops. The correct choice may be the highest price, it may be the lowest, or it may be one of the middle values.

The categories that will be assigned can be based on the current season you are in e.

The Trade Depot

You’ll find Veronica behind the counter in the Guild Hall every day between 9: You can begin to use the field the next day if you win the right to use another farmer’s public field. To unlock Tropical Country at the Trade Depot, you need to ship at least 3 million G to the existing vendors, have Rose Country unlocked, and then ship a certain number of items, depending on the difficulty level you are playing in:. Kenneth’s stock of Flour is limited each time he visits, with 5 being the minimum and 15 being the maximum number in his inventory.

This Wardrobe Trade Category includes glasses, accessories, hats, and clothes, and you should anticipate that this will take some time to complete.

As seasohs increase your Customer Points with the international traders, you can unlock new blueprints in their shop inventories. If you still are growing a lot of Fodder for working on the seed or processed goods categories for unlocking Tropical Vendorx, you can reuse that crop to make lots of Hay Bales. For this requirement, you can mix it up by making Paving Stones instead of something that uses lumber. Then, simply sell the bags seaosns Grass Seed to the merchants at the Trade Depot.


One issue to keep in mind is that there is a limit of items on the ground. To interact with a vendor, talk to him or her from the opposite side of the counter.

The carpentry shop is open from 8: Elise always ships the most variety of items, followed by Giorgio, and then Fritz. Veronica will always allow the extra rival to participate in the public field challenge. When you chop down a lumber tree, three pieces of lumber will appear on the ground, with the fourth one appearing when you destroy the leftover stump.

You will start to receive solicitations in Fall of year 2. Once you have tossed in a total of 75 offerings one per dayDessie will reward you with a single Cocoa fruit. Ideally, you’d want to use patterns that don’t require many materials.

You could also buy the required cloth at Rose Country starting in Summer of year 2 for G each. During these special days, you can use the Trade Depot up until the festival start time, and then again after the festival is over.

If vogu happen to ship the items before the minimum year required, you’ll still receive the postcard once you reach the required year. You can then make Milk Tea by combining a tea leaf and Milk. If there isn’t a competitive festival available within the next 7 vendos, then Veronica will tell you that nothing is available and suggest you select a different challenge.

Anything you have planted will be wiped out when the rival farmer begins to use the field. Hoarding high-profit items such as gems to ship on your conquest date will help to achieve the maximum shipping amount necessary to beat your competitors.

Wheat Country at the Trade Depot | A Story of Seasons Help Guide

It isn’t the amount of profit you’ll earn so item branding has no weight in this challengebut the total number of items in the category determines the winner of the challenge. With this option you’ll enter into a contest of patience and negotiations. Vendoes, the basic blueprints that come with your Craft Table are the best ones to use to maximize your efforts. Each time you harvest the growing grass with your Sickle, you’ll receive 9 pieces of Fodder.

For example, shipping 5 Turnips and 12 Cucumbers will count for two points in this challenge; the Turnip counts for one and the Cucumber counts for one, no matter how many of each you ship.

Each visit will be between 20 dtory 60 days apart; the more time that elapses since your last visit, the greater the chance that a salesperson will appear when you exit your house between You can grow stort inside of a Greenhousewhich contains 15 spaces for you to till into field spaces. If you don’t do well, the rival will reject your offer and demand one of the other challenge options.

Silk Country at the Trade Depot | A Story of Seasons Help Guide

You can view images of the available vwndors exterior styles on the Remodeling Your Farm House page. Otmar’s General Store sells one of each old style tool per day that you can use for meeting this requirement, or two per day if you’re playing in Seedling mode. If your negotiations are interrupted by the other rival farmers, then Veronica will call off the talks and select one of the other challenge choices for everyone to participate in.


If you have field rights and you lose those rights, cogu you have one day to harvest the products from that field.

Leased Fields and Conquest

The more Reputation points you have with a rival, the more likely they’ll be willing to give up their vendosr lease to you. Even though making accessories is kind of a pain if you’re just going to ship them, if you have the money for it you could buy the accessories from the Trade Depot vendors and then sell them back.

This category winner will be based on whoever ships the most unique items to the vendors at the Trade Depot. Marielle is the vendor for Cabin Country, and will set up shop once you have shipped a total ofG worth of products through Silk Country and you have reached at least Summer 1 of your first year. Your Sewing Studio comes with vendor clothing patterns that aren’t difficult to make. Another way to sell as many unique items as you can is by buying items from the vendor on the challenge date, then selling them directly back.

It will eventually trigger. It will also help if you own the public field associated with these types of crops. You will need to build expansions within the Safari before you can receive some of these animals. The top screen on your Nintendo 3DS will show you how much money you have earned from your total shipments. You can grow Cotton by purchasing the seeds from Rose Country.

While your farm does come with a livestock barn, you’ll need to buy the Poultry Barn blueprint from Asche and then built and place a Poultry Barn on your farm before she will allow you to buy a Chicken. If you lose the contest, you’ll have to wait until the field lease becomes available again. First, you will need to build the Seed Maker shed. You can also ship Fertilizer. This tally will display the amount of money you have received and spent on each day for the past few weeks.

The next morning after the conquest takes place, Veronica will call you to the Guild Hall. For example, Sakura Country sells eastern-themed items like Bamboo, and Rose Country sells herbs and flower seeds.

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