Going back to the movie, I think another very important issue to comprehend is why Klara made the false claim? The director has refused to comment on the issue, simply saying it is open to interpretation. By the end it seemed a lot of his friends had forgiven him anyway so why would his son have an axe to grind? The people around Klara – the police, child psychologists, teachers, friends, sibling – are frantic to convince her of the veracity of her accusation, and in doing so ‘fill in’ her imagination until she is unsure of her own mind; unable to distinguish memory from fiction. The Quietus discuss the idea of the sexualisation of society being the culprit in their review of the film:. A counsellor is brought in and the girl is questioned relentlessly. It took almost 10 minutes to read your answer, in the end, I felt it’s worth spending time on your answer. Chambers, alias Fredric March.

Yet nothing about her lie is random, and so in one way the trailer advertises a narrative fallacy. Does he have activities with kids when parents are not invited or involved? But even when Klara confides later to her mother, to Grethe, to Lucas himself that “I just said something foolish”, no one wants to believe her. The scene where the son is inducted shows this. Are you sure he didn’t show you his willie? The scene is real.

Cineoutsider discussed this as well, although with much less sympathy for the townspeople: Given that there is no credible resource confirming the ending one way or another as it would take away from the power of its open ended nature vintsrberg, it’s up to us as viewers to draw our own conclusions. There are times, particularly towards the end of the film, where things veer toward the melodramatic, when all that Lucas suffers just seems that bit too much, and it’s difficult to imagine when and where it might stop.

I just would have made sure that we knew he had done it, and show it from the other angle. But she lives in a community where boisterous male thimas rituals are not uncommon, where the men Lucas included like to strip naked and take icy dips in winter waters, where male erections may be glimpsed at odd moments, and where children such as Klara can easily be htomas to explicit sexual images on an iPad.


Dio mio, que c’est ennuyeux. Yhomas would seem far too Tarantino-esque for this movie and completely out of character. Now Marcus gets his revenge and shoots a warning shot, a “remember my promise ” shot at his dad, which is why he doesn’t kill him and walks away.

On ne rigole pas: This is just one example from one website, but as you can see – many of their suggestions are applicable to almost anyone in the primary education sector especially someone like a tutor who would regularly have activities with students without parental supervision. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

Chasse à l’Homme (Man Hunt) (1941) de Fritz Lang

So it can easily be seen from both film reviews that the film plays on the idea of tgomas community being so scared of something that they end up seeing it everywhere. Dear Sir, I feel I must put to your knowledge some very unpleasant facts. Klara is not a vindictive child; she has a generous nature. And there is always something that can be used to suggest wrongdoing. But she doesn’t rush off to the kindergarten principal Susse Wold to accuse Lucas of sexual abuse or indecent exposure.

Everything was orange, and with time, things have become more blue. The last line, describing how Lucas could end up similar to the iconic Wicker Man ending is particularly horrifying given how plausible it is.

This is evident regarding any type of trial. Ni faire rappliquer le FBI?

Lucas becomes, almost immediately, a pariah in his own community. This would fit in with the idea that for the rest of his life he’ll be paralysed by fear in fact, this is very similar to the ending of Miserywhere James Caan realises he’ll be haunted for life by his experiences.


Mads Mikkelsen : le super méchant de Hollywood – Marie Claire

Lucas is gentle and forgiving; Marcus is not chassse feels betrayed. Additionally, it must be remembered that the mere mention of paedophilia is enough to blind some people into acting without logic. For what The Hunt is really about is the absolute sexual confusion that exists within the community and, by extension, in modern European society.

There are no right answers to this question. Chambers, alias Fredric March. Au moins, Jennifer Kent essaye un petit peu de trouver quelque chose de nouveau dans le genre horrifique. To me it symbolises that once you’ve been falsely accused, you can never completely wash it away and some of the damage is permanent. Under questioning, the child will say nothing against Lucas, but Grethe isn’t satisfied. Comme le lindy hop l’aut’ jour Echsenjagd mit dem Feuergewehr.

For me, it was just important to know whether he did it or not.

Et avec les bisons, les Indiens: I hope you will take action quickly, though it was from a director who probably didn’t think much of your old and respectable agency. If it was the other case and he had done it, I would have still done the film. The shock value — and perhaps the sensationalism — of The Hunt comes in witnessing the behaviour of the townspeople, and their vigilante, lynch mob mentality. The Australian also discuss this at length in their review of the film:.

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