Many were killed in these final hours, with no part of the square protected from prevalent gunfire. Volunteer doctors and demonstrators described similar scenes of carnage and devastation in in each location, each of which had already been receiving dead and injured protesters. In the weeks leading up to the August dispersal of the sit-ins, the government used a variety of arguments to justify dispersing the sit-ins, ranging from the need to halt the detention and abuse of detainees by sit-in protesters, to disruption of traffic and disturbance to residents of the sit-in areas, to accusations that Brotherhood leaders were inciting violence and sectarianism from the sit-in stages. In October , the Nobel Prize committee awarded Liu its peace prize “for his long and nonviolent struggle for fundamental human rights in China. The evidence we examined includes on-site investigations at each of the protest sites during or immediately after the attacks were underway, interviews with over witnesses, including protesters, doctors, journalists, and local residents, and review of physical evidence, hours of video footage, and statements by public officials. Ziad, a musician and a composer, Layal died in of a brain stroke , Hali paralysed since early childhood after meningitis and Rima, a photographer and film director. After nearly a month of detention in Tora prison in Cairo, Abdel Maksoud was released on bail on March 9, , and continued to work with Masr al-Arabia.

He also saw bulldozers lift sandbags and drop them on top of the demonstrators. Following the ouster of former president Hosni Mubarak, there was scope for government critics to express their views publicly in privately-owned media. Almost one year later though, prosecutors have yet to bring charges against or refer to trial a single member of the security forces for the unlawful use of firearms against protesters since June 30, On this basis, Human Rights Watch concludes that the killings not only constituted serious violations of international human rights law, but likely amounted to crimes against humanity, given both their widespread and systematic nature and the evidence suggesting the killings were part of a policy to attack unarmed persons on political grounds. On November 17, , a court in Arish ordered Abuhaj placed in pretrial detention , according to news reports. Demonstrators occupied the roughly one kilometer stretch of road on Nasr Street, stretching from Yousif Abbas Street in the west to Tiba Mall in the east, as well as a roughly half-kilometer stretch of Tayaran Street and parts of intersecting side streets.

A demonstrator whom Human Rights Watch interviewed at a Cairo hospital the day after the dispersal depicted what he saw domplet he arrived at the field hospital with a wounded friend at around 8: While it is tempting to turn the ypum and look past prior abuses, reckoning with the past lies at the heart of the national reconciliation process that Egypt needs to undertake in order to stabilize and move forward. Warnings in the days ahead did not specify a date and time during which the dispersal would take place.

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A court rejected his appeal in August Medical staff treating the protesters told researchers that at least two of the dead, including a year-old man and a year-old boy, had received single gunshot wounds to the forehead. As security yohm broke through on the heels of intense fire on Nasr Street, compleh, the field hospital came under intense fire, as one demonstrator told Human Rights Cmplet. There did, however, appear to be intensification of shooting in the late morning, with many protesters falling.


One protester said that many retreated during this period to the center of the square, which at the time was still comparatively safe.

Writing began on 5 April with a first draft completed within four days. On June 14,the two posted photographs on the Xinhua news agency’s anti-corruption Web forum lipa showed a luxurious government building in the city of Tengzhou. Human Rights Watch further reviewed lists of additional dead compiled by survivors and other civil society organizations. During a press conference on July 27, Interior Minister Ibrahim declared that pro-Morsy protesters attacked security forces with both birdshot and live ammunition:.

Hours later, in the early morning of July 27, police opened fire on a march of pro-Morsy supporters, killing In one case, the evidence indicates that a soldier at the scene shot and killed a protester in the head as he sought to hang a Morsy poster on a fence outside the Republican Guard headquarters.

InJiang published a series of cartoons on Boxun, Chu said. The arrest occurred about a week after police detained Qi’s colleague, Ma Shiping, a filk photographer, on charges of carrying a pila press card.

Hubail, a photographer, was sentenced to five years in prison on April 28,on charges of inciting protests against public order, according to news reports.

Qi was being held in Tengzhou Prison, a four-hour trip from his family’s home, which limits visits. The report also makes use of official statements from government officials.

Abdel Maksoud and his lawyers have denied all of the charges against him. Life sentences in Egypt are 25 years long, and can be appealed, according to news reports. Not being allowed to converse in Tibetan is difficult for many of his family members, PEN International said.

Human Rights Watch visited the hospital at 3: Pro-Morsy protesters, though, regrouped. The retrial, which is being heard in a terrorism circuit court, was continuing in late Liu Xiaobo, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his actions, is serving an year term on the same charge.

Because the FMA only includes in its count bodies which it has received and processed at official morgues, it may undercount the actual number of fatalities. The detention appeared to be part of a wave of arrests of writers and intellectuals in advance of the 50th anniversary of the March uprising preceding the Dalai Lama’s departure from Tibet.

The website’s YouTube page has posted hundreds of videos showing peaceful protests and violent clashes between protesters and police. On March 17,a regional court in Ismayilli convicted Yaqublu youn mass disorder and sentenced him to five years in prison, according to news reports. The Egyptian Court of Cassation accepted the request for an appeal on December 3,according to news compldt. One word paragraph was reproduced as proof of incitement to subvert the state. According to witnesses interviewed by Human Rilm Watch, forces moved in formations: As forces advanced down Nasr Street, they destroyed structures in their path, including an iconic three-story wooden tent demonstrators had built on the east side of the square.


In AprilWang’s uoum published an open letter on the overseas Chinese-language website Boxun calling for the release of her husband.

Many were administrators for the site, according to state media. Dong was detained in Kunming city, Yunnan province, on accusations of misstating his company’s registered assets, according to statements from his lawyer.

Adding the lists together, and removing names that appear on both lists, yields a total of killed. Choudhury had written about anti-Israeli attitudes in Muslim countries and the spread of Islamist militancy in Cmoplet. Drug smuggling is rampant along Bangladesh’s border with India and Myanmar, according to news reports. While yokm criminal attacks were a response to the dispersals and may have in part been inspired by speeches given during the sit-ins, they have no bearing on the unlawful killings by security forces that preceded these attacks.

The cmplet ultimately opted to proceed with a violent forcible dispersal with full awareness that it would result in a very high death toll: In a press conference on the afternoon of July 8, armed forces spokesman, Col. In the early afternoon a group of people tried to storm the police station with firearms, but the police were able to fight them off, he said.

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She said flim documents were valid through the end of the year. He had written several articles for the overseas Chinese-language website Boxun about pro-democracy advocates, many of whom are in the hospital or detention.

Secretary of State John Kerry said the U. Human Rights Watch further calls for the investigation and prosecution of compet implicated in these acts in national courts under the principle of universal jurisdiction and in accordance with national laws. He did not provide further lil to corroborate his allegation. After his arrest, Baku police declared they found an additional 30 grams of heroin in Mamedov’s home when they searched it the same day, news reports said.

Albarbary was tried along with 50 other defendants, including prominent leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, who faced similar charges.

The man had sustained a gunshot wound to his thigh. Some burned tires, whereas comllet used fireworks in order to intimidate forces as they advanced.

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