Soelastri must go to Jakarta to earn a living after her husband Asrad goes blind. She instead elopes with Sanusi and, when they are accosted by robbers, escapes into the night. Archived from the original on 6 July Retrieved 23 August An Indonesian intellectual falls in love with a woman, who is told to marry someone else. Dasima is tricked into leaving her lover and daughter by a greedy couple. Husni Anwar discovers his schooling was paid for by Rachman, and now he must marry Rachman’s daughter.

Wahab Abdi, Mila Karmila, A. Artis Citra Utama Film ; co.: Carol, Slamet Harto, Gatot Supriadi, etc. Taha et Bert Sarodja; mus.: The earliest motion pictures, imported from abroad, were shown in late , [1] and by the early s imported serials and fictional films were being shown, often with localised names. They face hunger, a shortage of supplies, and Dutch air strikes. Zainuddm, Nurbani Jusuf, Rd.

He suggests that the earlier film was released in “a time for healing, a time to consolidate the new republic, to reincorporate even those who Slamet Rahardjo, Ssambas Hakim, etc. Lies Permana Sari; Amran S. Nja’ Abbas Acup; int.: Upon failing, she becomes an ascetic. Good articles CS1 Indonesian-language sources id Pages containing links to subscription-only content.

Masih bisa dipelajari dan dihapal. In Zoology museum of Bogor Indonesiaresearcher asks to the children to try their helmet that is used when they browse the cave. Dari sinilah, terbuka peluang bagi dirinya untuk berakting di beberapa film seperti Hercules Sitti Nurbaya falls in love with Samsulbahribut is forced to marry the criminal Datuk Meringgih to pay her father’s debt.


Les films de fiction indonésiens conservés à la Cinémathèque de Jakarta – Persée

Sukarno, Bambang Irawan, etc. Karu, Suhairy et Tila Widjaja; int.: AstamanKartoloDimin. Bachtiar EffendiMomo. Hian Nio is treated by as a servant by her mother. Ministry of Youth and Sports.

List of films of the Dutch East Indies – Wikipedia

However, it is actually magical and, in its human form, more handsome than Purbararang’s lover. Making Films in Java ] in Indonesian. Carol, Slamet Harto, Gatot Supriadi, etc. AstamanAli JoegoRohana, Salam. Roy Marten, Christine Hakim, etc.

Retrieved 20 January Mohamad MochtarSambas, DhaliaKartolo. Suria falls in love with sambae nurse Kartinah and, after Titi dies in an air raid, marries her. Tantra Suryadi; cons, art.: Gemini Satria Film ; co.: Kasimin and Hadidjah, long-separated spouses, are reunited after the efforts of Hadidjah’s niece Rasminah and her lover Hoesin.

Nja’ Abbas Acub; int.: Sibarani, Putu Sudjati, etc. Mme Tuty Marsaid; dir.

film sambas harta karun kerajaan

When she realises that they have been dishonest, she is killed. Dasima’s daughter Nancy returns to the Dutch East Indies in a quest to avenge her mother’s death.


Oh Ay Ceng is forced to marry a rich girl. May Ku Fung, Herman Sim. Cinema of the Dutch East Indies. Retrieved 23 August Mau Dibawa ke Mana Sinema Kita? Ismail, Laksmi, Savitri, AN. Basuki Effendy et Rd.

Sucarno, Vodegel, Frans, etc. RoekiahRd DjoemalaTiting, Kartolo. Retrieved 13 January Archived from the original on 12 July Fil, this time, Hamid and his caretaker’s son are in sambax for a young woman’s love. Sangga Buana Studio; int.: Dasima, the former mistress of a rich Englishman, lives with the greedy couple that tricked her. Kati is in a love triangle with Atma and Subrata, but Atma has other to worry about.

Heuveldorp’s Loetoeng Kasaroenghad been released 24 years prior. Serma Soejadi et Prada Safa’ah; int.:

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