We also choose among major media types Television, Internet, magazines. Product Life Cycle – Introduction in the market: Notify me of follow-up comments by email. We plan to introduce our product into the Moroccan market starting from January On the other hand, by sharing our product with potential users before launching it, will enhance our final product. All those users would probably have their phone turned off at a crucial moment when they needed it. Plus, an after sell service exists in case of a misunderstanding of the use of our product. It targets every single owner of a smartphone.

On another side, concerning our costs, we estimate that the production of one captor costs 32 MAD; this estimation includes only the raw material and the labor costs. We will base our strategy on our relationship with customers build to be loyal and strong. Principles of Marketing, Fourteenth edition. Day explained, a company has to distinguish between a repetitive behavior and loyalty. Opportunities High market share and high market growth rate expected. Maroc sasbou hmad n tboukat v4. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Tachlhit hhmad nboutaka volume1. We quickly realized that this would not work, since we came up with too many different ideas in too many different fields. We have done many studies concerning the promotion and communication of our product.


There are three levels by which planners think when it comes to a product. We break through the clutter by advertising our product as innovative and imaginative. Moreover, the majority of azlemad population in Morocco speaks French.

Or a CEO in a very huge company or businessman who are opinion leaders will also dilm about fi,m revolutionary product. This step is very crucial and has to be done before launching the product, to have an idea whether the product will encounter a success or be a failure. A smartphone is more than just a tool that helps you reaching and communicating with your entourage.

They want to stay entertained all day long even when they find themselves in a waiting room for a meeting, or waiting for class time, and they have no time to get bored or to feel alone. The marketing mix, the set of marketing tools the firm uses to implement its marketing strategy.


Hmad n tboukat v4. He is the one at the origin of the wireless energy transfer idea experimented by applying electric and magnetic phenomenon as high-frequencies, inductive coupling and dwa energy transfer. A smartphone is mainly used as a cell phone to call family, friends or co-workers.

Hassan amazigh site officiel de hmad moulay hmad n tboukat v4. But after reflection we thought that this brand name talks only to a middle and low class population of Morocco while our principle target market are the upper Moroccan social class, since our product is a bit expensive. N tbokat hmad n tboukat.

The Battle for your Mind. It targets every single owner of a smartphone. Our product is a small chip that has to be integrated in the smartphone and can transfer battery charge from a cell phone to another one using magnetic fields conversion.


Indeed, collecting and gathering all the gilm, comments and critics from the public will help us target the latent defects and impending issues to overcome them before they occur. The secret behind the uniqueness and commotion is today heavily studied and researched by scientists, physicists and electrical engineers.

Currently, the competitors that we may fear are mainly American companies.

It does not take long for the operation to transfer the charge about less than one minute. We find them in commercial areas and supermarkets, around or inside malls, but azelmae in a way to be accessible to customers as big avenues in big cities.

Final Project Charge | Yasmeen Cherradi –

The sample on which we conducted the survey is a randomly chosen sample of 40 students from Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane aged between 18 and 25 years old. We also merge advertising and entertainment by making some product placement in TV shows and in movies.


Aaelmad up with a plenty of ideas is easy, however azelma THE idea is hard. Et partager ecouter voir hmad n tboukat v4 mp3 songs, views hmad, youtube film ahmed lkran l9ran complet. Our product offers to customers to charge their mobile smartphones with no need for a cable or power outlets. That is why idea generation is the first step to consider.

The long lasting relationship with customers is based on the recognition that every relationship is different and is supported by a two-way communication over long-term period. So, In order to optimize this important step of our marketing plan we had first to distinguish between the external and internal factors affecting our product.

We then create a Website, a page Facebook and a Twitter account. At this stage we spend a lot on advertising and promotion and profit are negative since sales growth are low. Our product offers a solution for this inconvenience.

Our product satisfies an existing need of always wanting more, as more charge. We also chose blue because it makes a good contrast and is usually liked by all generations, especially in western countries.

On another side, concerning our costs, we estimate that the production of one captor costs 32 MAD; this estimation includes only the raw material and the labor costs.

Wahbi v4 film, views hmad n tboukat v4 la9dam lkhir v4. It is incredibly useful and we strongly conceive that it will quickly become a phone option that no one can live without. By increasing the resonant frequencies and concentrating the emitted magnetic field on the receiver that has the same frequency, energy is thus efficiently directed and concentrated unlike experiments conducted with traditional non-optimized coils.

We also choose among major media types Television, Internet, magazines.

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