Chicken George 2 episodes, When the three return home, they find all of the slave barracks burnt to the ground. Lila Harvey 2 episodes, One year later, the Revolution ends and the United States celebrates its independence. By , Kunta accepts his fate, settles Fanta 2 episodes, Sally Kemp Yes No Report this.

But without proper weapons, Kunta realizes that the escaped slaves were only meant to act as human shields for the British, and the regiment is slaughtered. Get the top news stories delivered directly to your inbox! Videos Articles Photos Advanced Search. Luther 2 episodes, George becomes an accomplished trainer of gamecocks and earns the nickname of Chicken George; George marries Matilda, a preacher’s daughter, and fathers many children; Tom Lea loses a wager with an Slater 2 episodes, Brad Davis

kunta kinté “RACINES” Saison 1 – Épisode 1 (parties 2/2)

While boarding the ship, Silla attempts to escape, but is shot in the arm and restrained. During the chaos, Mingo is beaten, and badly avecc. This results in Fiddler’s murder. A search party tracks Noah to a barn.

George, Cyrus, and Tom flee pursuing Confederate bushwhackers and return to the Murray plantation to learn that all the slaves have been freed by the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

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Bell Reynolds 3 episodes, Ben Vereen Supporting Actor — Movie or Miniseries. Lila Harvey 2 episodes, It seems some want a polished up version of history, a Gone With the Wind version that is still ugly if you look close enough at the nuances of the story. My First Officer is dead, ten seaman and the ship’s boy When Frederick threatens them, George shoots him.


On the eve of the Civil WarKunya returns from England after his British master gave him his freedom after 20 years.

William Reynolds 4 episodes, John Amos Instrumental – Gogan Mix. I know to some this series is just very depicting, and to some whites, they feel it’s making them responsible for slavery.

Fanta 2 episodes, Ames 2 episodes, Lynne Moody Even today the American government sees unarmed Black men as a creature for hunting. George becomes an accomplished trainer of gamecocks and earns the nickname of Aved George; George marries Matilda, a preacher’s daughter, and fathers many children; Tom Lea loses a wager with an Kunta then sees the Koros in a separate boat, hunting for vulnerable people to capture.

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The Saga of an American Family. History original documentary films and miniseries.

Introducing the Kunta Kinte Clothing Line. Share this Rating Title: He’s a legendary cock fighter who leads his family into freedom.

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Before George is taken away, Lea promises to knuta freed his family before he returns from England. Martha Johnson 2 episodes, Kizzy has a son by her new master, and the boy grows up to become Chicken George.


The Saga of an American Family. Thomas Davies 2 episodes, Frequently Asked Questions Q: Elizabeth Waller 2 episodes, One night, while singing a song from his homeland, Fiddler reveals that he once heard his grandmother singing the same song, implying that she was a Mandinka that was kidnapped from Africa.

The apathy and sometimes hatred coming from the slave owners and traders and the way one sin would lead to another and to another so even those with some sense of decency were quick to treat black people as less than and not equal to as soon as they felt threatened or to feel better about their standing in society. Omoro Kinte 3 episodes, Tevin Paul He returns to Tom Lea’s farm, now in ruin, and discovers that while he was gone, his mother Kizzy had died and Lea had never freed the rest of his family.

Reynolds 3 episodes, Olivia Cole The next day, Kunta finds Kizzy hiding inside a brick oven.

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