What happened with Le cochon had at least one result: Yeah, I fixed it arbitrarily because I have about 5 million in debts at the moment Production and development funding. So 10 million francs seems a pathetic amount. If you’re interested in contributing to Notebook send us a sample of your work. And nothing in exchange. So I thought – why not?

Of course it was reserved for just a few people, but, now, nobody benefits from it anymore, so, if you have to choose between a few people and nobody, if there are a few people who are lucky. Our mission is to guide film lovers searching, lost or adrift in an overwhelming sea of content. That said, after Le cochon , I once again found myself faced with the problem: But I believe that the time for reflection that you gave yourself, while being very hard to live through, bore fruits in that each new films of yours seemed more rigorous than the previous one to me, deeper Which films, for example? Well, I was making films in a very egotistical way, to be able to free myself in some way and to try to live a bit more casually. Of course, but that remains to be discussed

No, it moves a bit. I like Les idoles a lot. When he was setting up shots, the actors rehearsed and Jean Badal crated magnificent lighting in certain scenes, which, I think, brought a lot to the film.

By showing it to a selected few, the desire of the others to watch the film would increase. Contact If you’re interested in contributing to Notebook send us a sample of your work. Insofar as you made a film and haaudiquet film was seen by eight viewers, this utopia has acquired a real existence. Notebook is a daily, filj film publication. Thanks for catching that Juliet. This allowed for fi,m rather long event to be filmed without a break.


I saw him shoot Les idolesthere were quite a few discussions in the evenings, he talked about actor-creators, crew-creators.

Kurt Shulenberger 26 Dec With a lot of trouble, you manage to release your film for 15 days or a 1 month in a theater. Find out about international touring programmes.

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But maybe that’s it? Now, I would do it better. For private reasons, I completely failed. To put it differently, you had ideas and it was in practice that these ideas were tested and questioned.

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Find out about booking film programmes internationally. Sometimes we even split the work, for example, when there were things happening in two different places. The driver can change a fender, steering wheel, which will maybe hurt the guy who invented the car, but too bad.

On that level, yes. Our mission is to guide film lovers searching, lost or adrift in an overwhelming sea of content. The new thing is that this film that I just made, I showed it to 8 people. Yeah, I think that I do better work, that I can bring haudiauet to it, if I even can bring something to it.

I want it to be the same thing. That went without saying. Distribution and filn funding.

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I was complimented for that. Archive content sales and licensing. I gave something until I was suffocated, until I was destitute, until I had nothing more to say and nothing to do.

When I was making films, I found quite a lot of pleasure in showing them, to put myself into question through them: In any case, now, I think that I can shoot. In fact, I had, instead, a heavier and heavier weight on my shoulders. But I defined my position as utopian from the start. Read industry research and statistics. Watch films on BFI Player. Basically, what can I expect as a price or a bonus? What do you think? Films can please for misunderstandings or for reasons rather far from the ones they were made for.


Haudiquet, Philippe

In addition, the camera was fixed and they filmed what happened in front of it. Pi Directed by Darren Aronofsky Watch now.

And I censored the audience instead of the fiom. But these documentaries that you made are still very rigorous and very honest in relation to reality. I think that editing is equally a creative stage And not only did I not prove anything at all, but today I find it utopian to have hoped that making a film could modify anything in my life.

Those ones are prisoners of the system.

In the end, I no longer felt like being a filmmaker, like making films. Do you mean that the act of shooting is all that counts for you? You mean you were disappointed with the results?

Read research data and market intelligence. The first roll finished, we reloaded the magazine and, when the second roll got to 90 meters, we restarted the first camera, and so on. Now, you want to do something completely different.

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