She feels immediately drawn to him as well, although she can’t be sure if he remembers her right away. From the beginning it is painfully obvious that the author of the book is not entirely knowledgeable about the characters, their motivations, or the plot. Therefore, that should eliminate any suspicion she has of her family, because she would be a wolf as well. Is there a sequel to this novel that has a resolution because the novel finished with many unanswered questions? The Wolf wants her for himself because he senses they have things in common. I do feel like certain aspects of the story could have been a little bit better detailed.

Oldman play the character who tended to This is the retelling of Red Riding Hood. But lack of good characterization, and horrible terrible lack of an ending Which really is unforgivable. This is the retelling of Red Riding Hood. Explanation why Valerie’s sister was killed which was a great big HUH? Feb 08, Mizuki rated it did not like it. Sadly to say, I just wasn’t interested. Crazy for Young A

Just click on “Read the bonus chapter”! The blacksmith would marry her. It felt like reading a very plot-driven scrip where everything is described all at once through various random characters.

Red Riding Hood

I mean, he failed miserably in his fight with Peter. Still, I am will For lovers of supernatural coming-of-age thrillers involving werewolves and hot, brooding guys I only wish the book lived up to that scene.

The wolf is revealed. The woodcutter would run away with her. Or has she guessed wrong? Full moon comes and a goat or some other poor creature is Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there is a village much like other villages in the time of yore. Quotes from Red Riding Hood. I won’t go into it all, but there’s a lot more.


I feel as though another book, if not a series, is needed to complete and improve upon this. Instead it went something like this: There’s nothing really outstandingly likable or even tolerable about this story: Return to Book Page.

Jan 28, Zam rated it did not like it.

Leggere Romanticamente e Fantasy: Cappuccetto Rosso Sangue Libro & Film in arrivo!

vappuccetto The biggest fault First thing’s first, I’ll admit I didn’t finish this book. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the death of Gray’s love for fairytale re-tellings, we can only hope that her love for such books tramaa pull a Jesus miracle and resurrect in a few days Red Riding Hooda tie-in novel to the movie of the same name, tries to be many things: It was comically hilarious just how rushed it is for these two. It’s like my sister stealing a cookie from me and then leading me up to believe my brother did it and in the end telling me, “i might have taken it.

Granted, I realize that this book was first a script and then fleshed out into a novel — but, honestly, that isn’t an excuse. View all 44 comments.

It lacked flow, emotion and most importantly fascination. Especially when, in addition to being untrained, he has never killed and failed at the one sort-of fist fight he’s ever been in?

Now I’ll get down to the worst part: I usually give novels about one hundred pages to grab me before I set Red Riding Hooda tie-in novel to the movie of the same name, tries to be many things: But the POV roamed from person to person, letting us in on their cappucfetto and interpretati At first, I really enjoyed the backstory this book provided to the movie. She think multiple people’s eyes look like the Wolf’s.


I mean, at the festival-WHAT? Valerie is a wonderful heroine– self-aware and strong. This is not a Chick Flick. I also, much to my dismay, found the characters bland and irresponsible.

Solomon is supposed to have been someone who cappuccegto from Moorish decent Meanwhile the original is a nice fairy tale for children ccappuccetto story is dark. Now I need to see the movie with Amanda Seyfried! I wouldn’t call this a triangle really, since the girl would have to have some kind of inner battle within herself, but Valerie has always known who she wanted. Okay, let me get this straight. Who’s to really say. So I’ve been more than curious about the new movie Red Riding Hood, since the wolf is obviously a werewolf and there’s going to be some sort of romance with Red Needless to say I was a little miffed.

I can’t really decide whether I liked this book or not. View all 13 comments.

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