Manzil Tmim, Tunisia Good quality a. Mohammad Sarwar Siddiqmal previously listed as Low quality a. Taliban member responsible for Laghman Province as of late Chaman, Baluchistan Province, Pakistan Listed on: Abeibara, Kidal Region, Mali Good quality a. Arbil, Iraq Good quality a. Considered a fugitive from justice by the Italian authorities as of 14 Dec.

Somalia Good quality a. Kuwait residence as at March and at December Listed on: Designated for involvement in the production of ammonium uranyl carbonate and management of the Natanz enrichment complex. Dammam, Saudi Arabia Good quality a. Ra Kyung-Su Low quality a. In approximately , ran a “basic training” camp for Al-Qaida QDe. Tighennif, Algeria Good quality a.

Led approximately 1, foreign fighters for ISIL and committed a number of attacks in northern Syria. Ismael De Vera Low quality a. Serving kozovi year prison sentence in Tunisia for membership in a terrorist organization abroad as at Jan. Ploemeur, France Good quality a. Brother of Monir Chouka QDi. Member of the Taliban Supreme Council as of In custody in Italy.

Considered a fugitive from justice mosovi the Italian authorities as of Nov. Has also been a top Al-Qaida strategist and field commander in Afghanistan, and instructor at Le training camp. Qatar-based facilitator who provides financial services to, or in support of, Al-Qaida QDe.


Arrested in April in Mauritania, escaped from Nouakchott jail on 26 Apr. Abdul Aziz Mahsud Low quality a. Taliban Shadow Governor for Uruzgan Province as of late A deportation order was issued by the Italian authorities on 18 Oct.

Review pursuant to Security Council resolution was concluded on 23 Jul. Member of the Taliban Supreme Council as at Qom, Iran Good quality a.

Mohammed Hijazi Low quality a. May be on the Pakistani-Afghan border Listed on: Involved in the mosovi of attacks against Afghan and international forces in Afghanistan. Involved in transporting suicide bombers to Afghanistan. Sentenced to life without parole in the Philippines on 23 Jan. Day Az-Zawr, Syria Good quality a. Uruzgan, Afghanistan Good quality a. Do te deshiroja te kontaktoja me ty me msn apo si do qofte.

Afghan number SE Kosoovi identification no.: Casablanca, Morocco Good quality a. Khalaf Al Dulaimi Low quality a.

مسلسل دموع الورد Amar Kosovi

Yemeni identity card number Address: Gud Mullah Mohammad Hassan Low quality a. Has a prosthetic right leg. Al-Salibekhat area, Kuwait residence as at Mar. Moslim Haqqani Low quality a. As of latein custody of Pakistani authorities.


Amar Kosouvi Download

Gisenyi, Rwanda As of June R of 25 Nov. Ezatullah Haqqani previously listed as Low quality a. Kuwait-based facilitator who provides financial services to, or in support of, Al-Qaida QDe. Re-arrested in Italy on 20 May Involved in fundraising and recruitment for this organization.

amar el kosovi

Kubaisi, al-AnbarIraq Good quality a. Received military training in Egypt. Leads a commission to register enemies of the Taliban as of mid Mullah Abdul Rauf Aliza Low quality a. Believed to be hiding in Yemen as at Mar. Has ties to numerous senior Al-Qaida QDe.

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