BJ didn’t know what to expect when he was packing his medical bag. Having pressed the breaks Klinger followed BJ who had already been several steps ahead. BJ couldn’t believe what he was seeing. There is only B. Rated T, because you know photo shoots can be so risque. He took a big swig to forget what Kyoko had said in her sleep. I would have loved to see some cross shows interactions between B.

Rated T, because you know photo shoots can be so risque. After putting Hawkeye on the stretcher, loading it onto the jeep and covering Pierce with one of the blankets, BJ continued the examination. BJ couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Story Story Writer Forum Community. You could be going places. He saw the crater which had been created by nothing but the shell, and the place where it hit was just near the ruined jeep. This very winter was not an exception, and the Christmas holidays this year were probably the worst. All eyes followed the pair.

Then, Ren gallantly as any gentleman would carried her through the threshold into the spare bedroom to deposit her there.

Even I was surprised by the level of acting of this actor — and the terror it evoked in me. Thanks to my sis, tophwannabe for giving this a read-over for me. What they saw paralyzed them: First, she was voted the scariest villains fjc hit the screens as Mio.

Since, a lot of the crew members were fans of B.

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Kyoko bowed to Sawara-san, “Hai! Safe for the weak pulse and subtle breathing Hawkeye looked like a corps, and this image was surely to haunt the Lebanese Corporal forever. Kyoko opened her folder and her assignment says that she is to be in a photo shoot with Ren as Natsu and B.


Chests fif mostly Hawkeye’s area, but Hunnucutt was a good apprentice and soon he also could handle such operations quite well. Sawara-san reading the newspaper while having a coffee at his desk. Without waiting for the jeep to stop, BJ jumped out of it and sprinted to the prone form of his best friend. But that was hardly likely Someone with bjni natural crazy look in their eyes Any suggestions, comments, critiques and reviews are welcome. Sho struggled to keep boredom off his face as the director and producers began their speeches of gratitude and thanking the workers and supporters.

An open, slightly ruffled-collar shirt was only partially buttoned — the sight of his chest would have all the girls swooning, he smirked. Ren hasn’t said anything more to Kyoko since the office because he was really preoccupied dramma how much of dramw Cutie Honey she looks, but he’s afraid that if he said that out loud, she would run away and never want to see him again.

Just inside the entrance of the lavish and highly ornamented building, there was a flash of pink and artificially bright brown hair that caught Sho’s attention. After what looked like an eternity he felt a fragile beat. He had just turned the corner when a sort of punky visual kei goddess came into sight.

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That is, if the shooting was not on the set, and was actually outdoor. But he wasn’t just impressed by her attire — it was her attitude and confidence that oozed a deama and sexy appeal.


I would have loved to see some cross shows interactions between B. The last question was from Sho. Sure, the nation was now wondering who the hell BJ was, and sales in theatres had been record-breaking.

Well, that was one mystery solved.

A Very Frosty Christmas Chapter 4, a m*a*s*h fanfic | FanFiction

Natsu started to flirt with B. Ryu-kun, as Ryu Sakuraba liked to be called, had the crew members brought in a burgundy colored oversized love seat with an equally oversized grey seat cushion. Not knowing what else to ask, Klinger observed the whole scene, taking draama every detail and trying to deduce what had happened. The chocolate brown dress really was striking on her and created an enticing silhoutte.

Sho flopped down onto his seat. Undistracted and relaxed, his mind went from Tsuruga to Kyoko and her presence at the party. He honestly didn’t expect to see her there.

As bijn went to bed, Kyoko’s words haunted his sleep. We’re practically strangers still. This fanfic is for my dear friend ChibiGirlXD, who has recently moved. Even as he turned, he could hear the whispers and suppressed squeals surrounding his target.

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