They fear she will talk at the trial. And it was found in front of your house. I was putting the money she gave in my pocket. Every odds are in our favor this time. Use the following code to embed this video. Forget about Mustafa now. I saw you today at the police station when I was assigned to make a news about that singer. You have to explain what you know no matter why you wrote the letter.

We’re getting attacked on every front. This is how this job is, girl. Why did you warn me against him? They couldn’t stay in any longer. Whose son he is Maybe just the same model. Right now, in this world, I have no one else than you, my mother and that baby. My hatred towards myself grows bigger.

That worth it though. We have a trial in a week. The pain in his heart was too much to bear.

But what makes this one different from the others I’ve heard your names just now. What are nne smiling at, you jerk? This is how this job is, girl. Or it reminds me everything that I’ve been trying to forget, back again.

And they kept me here to deal with a lot of procedures. Someone obviously planned something. Actually there is not much till the trial. But it’s not me, I’m telling you.


Not nice of you, abi. I was putting the money she gave in my pocket. They’ve already found the car. Because I am an idiot, right? Where was she until today if she really had been following my case all along. Why are they taking you? This would benefit “whom” the most? I am the one who lost his car. I feel so ashamed, it makes me live that night once again. Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter.

So that she wouldn’t cause any of us trouble. Are you going to change the cell? But my hatred about that night doesn’t accept this Kerim to be there that night. Mustafa is looking for the woman everywhere. But now everyone knows who is threatening whom. God gives life, and takes it back.

Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne? Dizisi İzle – Kanal D

Then I came to the police station. I know everything about them, license plate included. I stopped in Bebek to buy you flowers. I mean, “dad” is much shorter than “Fahrettin Bey”, that’s why I Then I shall bring everyone up here.

I really didn’t see such one she went in.

He had a fight with the man of the opposition in their rape case. And now he will never forgive me if he finds out about the letter.


And we accepted her as a member of the family. It as an awful night.

Bastard, he vanished when he saw it coming. They fear she will talk at the trial. He wants to provoke us all. And I get nervous. I wish you a safe trip. And that’s all we can say right now. Or they make you disappear all together. Before they get what they deserve in farmagulun hands of justice Honestly, it’s more difficult than the work I did in this house.

Fatmagülün suçu ne Summary of episodes 1-3

What if they get beaten again? But they can’t do anything to you if the spotlights are on you. They spent the night in the remand prison. Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 1 Edit Subtitles.

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