I know they might have till the next eclipse to figure out why they are there. And for the first time I saw a flipping act — hot and sexy kissing from jae hyuk. Dream High Korean Drama. Se-na trembles, but holds it together in front of Uncle. Will Lian and Gong Xi become a couple or just be friends? The next day, Jae-hyuk takes a moment to gather himself before visiting An-na. Binbo Danshi Japanese Drama.

So I know that Kings 2 hearts has gone on and I am far far behind but I dont know if I will start watching it again. She gets her bitchface on well, bitchierface She finally trudges home in the early morning, and he asks where she was all night. Just hope the ending is not as bad as the first one. The Innocent Man Korean Drama. Birth of a Beauty Korean Drama. I just had a thought.

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To be honest, I think Ga young just needs to be clear as to who she wants, she has such a weak character that I feel like getting up and strangling her, although I do think both men are being too possesive faehion her.

Love at First Hate Thai Drama. Log in with Email. From Small Town Girls to U. Kim Byung Ok Supporting Cast. Why the hell GY want to go to J-Fashion?

Fashion King: Episode 7 Recap

You only recently met up with him in the last year, right? Stepmother and Daughter’s Blues Japanese Drama. Cinderella Man Korean Drama.


The Beauty Inside Korean Fashoin. Recap Special Korean Special. The rating I posted was for episode 6 not 7. He tells her to learn a lot from An-na and then asks if living in the factory is uncomfortable.

Oh My Venus Korean Drama. She then stands up to leave, but Young Gul grabs her and pulls her back down to the couch and goes back to enjoying his soccer. Is she slow or just rude? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I love love love the last pic of the trio. Boy’s Paradise Thai Drama. Still thumb-up to Lee Jae Hoon for his potrayal as a trapped rich son also having a bad secretary,cruel daddy and glued Mummy.

She supposed to be happy that Young Gul is beside her. Rooftop Prince Juicy Tidbits: Park-ha warns Se-na to stop, but Se-na throws back her accusations in her face, challenging her to produce proof of her memory.

Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru Japanese Movie. Sweet Stranger and Me Korean Drama. Plus here we have the twist that the hero doesn’t actually know who the heroine is. Boy did they listen to us!

Drama Special Season 6: The Battleship Island Korean Movie. I thought it was just me being picky. Se-na is sent back to collect Park-ha; Granny is calling her and Tae-yong on the carpet for some interrogation. The Bridal Mask Korean Drama.


The Red Teacher Korean Special. Going by the Book Korean Movie. The boys offer to convey his gift a homemade cakewhich Yeom struggles to hang onto. Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo Japanese Drama. When she gets there, no one is there and she fashikn him again. I was about to give up on Kings 2 hearts. Inside the factory, Ga-young readies for bed and smears lotion on her face.

The boys set up an outdoor brazier to brew the medicine, which Yong-sool attends to. Shoot My Heart Korean Movie. To save her life Su-Ho agrees to become the son of a fahsion that lost there son that recently died in an accedent.

Anna, however, grabs Young Gul away, saying that someone wants to meet him. Oh look at you, so important when planning revenge and deceiving the one woman you should be confiding in. Pyo Taek-soo is flattered till he reads the attached card: An-na gets snooty, wondering what their relationship is and accusing him of thinking too highly of himself because he met Michael once.

Anonymous May 17, at 7: Dream High 2 Korean Drama. Just leave Park-ha alone!!

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