His heart wavered and so did his hand. That happened in this drama already. Before I forget, I would like to say that the ending the very end reminded me of the ending in City Hunter another drama with LMH , where one character shows up and they both characters look at each other, smiling. Though I hope they will do a Special on Faith. TheOwlScribe August 7, at 3: Young bursts in through the doors and Eum-ja fights him off. This is SH’s analysis.

Episode was shorter in time by the way: Thanks for a really good recap for this drama. Looking at each other without word saying so many things, like, ‘I found you’ ‘have you been well’ ‘sorry for keeping you waiting’ ‘I will not leave your side from now and will stay with you forever and ever’ they looked at each other with relief of finding each other again and so much love for each other. Even though the directing and editing left much to be desired, the writing for most of it was solid. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. He knew and trusted that ES would be fine and she was, when she was away from him.

I also had a few questions about this episode. I was waiting until the end to bash on the direction and editingto which I have to say the director is asking something of the audience and that is to have faith.

I liked this ending. Mystisith October 30, at 8: Father, I have now found it. Meanwhile, the stateroom is at a standstill.

Hi Ivoire, I’ll try to answer some of your questions and I hope I get them right. The story comes full circle.

Lee Philip Main Cast. His smile was under-utilized in this show! Calculated it at the top.


The Great Doctor Episode 24 – 신의 – Watch Full Episodes Free – Korea – TV Shows – Rakuten Viki

Lupita November 7, at That day, what moment, what thing… went wrong? Ki Chul easily knocks it out of his hand, but he just picks it back up again. If someone has already answered the query, please disregard.

Also, I always procrastinate to watch an episode, but afterwards, I get a little bit surprised that I did wait because even if it’s not as exciting as I could’ve wished, there are those wonderfully heart-tugging scenes and I always put those on replay.

However, I also think that finding the right king to serve was not the answer – even for CY – but to realize that it was their nation that gteat should serve no matter who sits the throne. I love the story, indeed! The flowers in the room were a nice touch and added to the air of romance. Going to miss Eun-soo and Choi-young.

I really loved and enjoyed the bromance and commitment and affection and care that the king and CY have throughout the drama. Hahaha, I still love him, but I’m not sure if it is bloating from lack terakhor sleep or late night ramyun, or his face is just filling out with age.

Or did ES disguise as a male in the pre-Gongmin period as a safety measure? Love you allloads and loads!! Though I terwkhir say it out loud, that’s what I always think when I see him on screen with added questions like, How can a person be sooooo good-looking? Lee Min Ho Main Cast.

As for the past eun soo not having any memory That left me perplexed. That would be the best ending ever.

I think the same goes for the time space continuum too I expected a much grander closing for Gongmin, who carried so much of my interest through the show. In fact, both Javabeans’ and Girlfriday’s middle names should be ‘damn creative’ seeing as how creative they are with words! What a beautiful screenname episde Florentine Lily! I know now… that he was wrong.


Download Faith/The Great Doctor

Maybe this has been explained elsewhere or in the comments here already. Thank you again for the recap! It takes Eun-soo a year of traveling to find Choi Young, while daejang waits for her four years from Goryeo onward. November 1, at Ryu Deok Hwan Supporting Cast. I have other questions though that the drama didn’t provide an answer for – these may have been discussed in some other threads already but I’m too lazy to search: I’m so for dumping KC to the Cretaceous period.

You are so right there about watching shows live! I agree with Koreandramalover. Third Eun-soo goes through the portal and finds herself back home in She holds his hand, and asks him to think of Young and Eun-soo first, and he agrees. At least a tight embrace or even a hand-holding. And as for Kim Hee-sun, I hope she does a rom-com next as I really love her here and Eun-soo’s one of the most unforgettable female characters I’ve seen this year. Thank you to the writer sactors and actresses and Waste the time, I need some answers and timeline expanation.

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