I was very excited and restless for the past week waiting for the 13 August 12 to arrive. I really love it! Choi Young goes into full warrior mode. I’ve been watching her on TV and in movies since she debuted as a teenager in early 90’s and haven’t caught any changes that may indicate plastic surgery. Losing his ‘family’ again might be the push to kill to avenge his hurt feelings? I like him too. That was a bad man. Joon-ho and Hyun meet up for drinks, and Joon-ho asks if Hyun had a purpose for this meeting.

I wish there was less of the bromance too. Mar August 14, at In that ensuing battle, someone is going to be killed and or someone is going to try saving another and get killed in the process. Preferably with an intriguing psychopathic backstory too, please. When Hyun was looking at all the cards Min had sent, Min was surprised to hear that Hyun didn’t remember their meaning which has something to do with their mother. Our Woodalchi guys encircle them with swords drawn, which appear to glow blue in the moonlight.

The other question could be He’s got his own very specific sense of justice and thoughts about the value of life. That’s what it reminds me of. Definitely my favorite drama right now!! What about if I did it for the good of another person, and that person is grateful?

Faith Episode 3 – KoreaDrama – Engsub

I need a thumbs up button. Anonim 19 Maret And yes, Lee Min-ho is gorgeous. Just look at Min’s face.


And after reading this Im going To Youtube for watching. A portal opened up, and Hwata entered it laughing.

The Great Doctor

Ivoire August 14, at 1: See you maybe on the recap thread for epi. Miranda August 8, at raith I saw your message on OT, and I will respond, I promise. But I did feel some dissonance when some other commentors pointed out that a crime is a crime, regardless of the intent or pitiful childhoods. I think this twist will make Min unredeemible in Hyun’s eyes.

He does dramatic and coward really well which makes sense, because he does stage acting as well. And when he killing, he do it as a form of his cry ” remember me! And then, those animation sequences were fabulous.

His mind was so twisted, that he actually did he should be complimented for saving Hyeon from his bunker-prison guard dadand providing the safe haven for Min to “be himself and develop his gift” by bringing Min away from a “normal” upbringing. It was ddramacrazy an accident but he believed otherwise.

As a lawyer he could probably look at it clinically and apply the letter of the law, but would he feel he deserved that? Dol-bae wants to test the new boss, but young Deok-man holds him suub, remembering the rumors. Don’t pay attention to that mess. That to me represented some of the general’s attributes really well. He probably also suspects eplsode Ji An knows he’s Min Minor quibble, and I could be wrong as it’s been a long time since my high school psychology class.


Faith Episode 3 РKoreaDrama РEngsub РVid̩o dailymotion

You actually feel like it could last a long, long time, with the two just liking each other more and more until they can’t imagine life without the other – not in an all-consuming passionate way, but like they’re naturally two halves of a whole.

I find that he does subtlety really well and I love him for that. When you stop feeling empathy and acknowledging nuance, that’s when you start getting into a very dangerous black-and-white world. The Woodalchi warriors chase the retreating intruders, intent on capture without killing: That expression on his face when everyone paused and looked at him, except Joon Yeong.

Eg 14, at 9: Choi Young goes into full warrior mode. The director and writer really did a splendid job on many small meaningful actions between the couple.

Glad you mentioned it because I have been thinking about watching it again. Well, that’s why she complements Hyun. At least his No. He jerks at the flash, then makes his way down the hill and tries to make sense of the landscape.

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