The remaining Fairy Tail members are visited by Ichiya and the Tri-men of Blue Pegasus, who tell them that they have recently discovered a change in the magical energy around the waters where Sirius Island once stood. January 20, [12]. The story is a good one alright, you’ll come to learn that the next episode ,ultear’s not going to be some minor character in this show. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lisanna and Happy, etc And so long Azuma, the only good villain ever in Fairy Tail.

December 23, [8]. Suddenly, Zeref awakens, utters the name “Acnologia”, and unleashes a deadly wave of magic that kills Zancrow and knocks out Juvia and Merudy. Lisanna and Happy, etc February 3, [14]. Acnologia appears on Sirius Island and begins destroying everything in sight. January 13, [11].

After being seriously wounded, Gajeel sends Levy to warn their guildmates of Grimoire Heart’s attack. Ultear, die you stupid woman. I think that this was the best part of the episode, I was greatly disappointed in the Gildrats – Bluenote fight, I expected more action and epicness.

Ur had actually left Ultear at the facility to save her life, but the facility’s corrupt doctors tricked Ur by telling her that episoed daughter had died. Meanwhile, Lucy is kicked out of her house for being unable to pay her rent for seven years.

I think a lot of Fairy Tail fights have been short so this isn’t really much of a surprise. Meanwhile, Azuma reveals to Erza that he has used his magic, the Arboreal Arc, to absorb the magic-giving energy of the island’s giant Sirius Bludnote, destroying it and draining the strength of all the Fairy Tail members on the island except Erza.

The next episode’s gonna be good, the arc is soon going to reach it’s climax with most of the enemies down, with ultear and hades left, since meldy is already out of commission.

December 16, [7]. Gray”s always been a neat character who I wish got a little more limelight like he did earlier in the series.

Rave Master Edens Zero. When Erza beat him, his magic consumed him. She is allowed to return to her house by her landlady, who reveals to her seven years worth of birthday presents and rent money from her father, who had also left a letter epjsode his unwavering hope that she was alive. Lisanna and Happy, etc Loved Gray’s entrance music and the punch was awsom! Hikaru takes control of Lucy’s body using his voodoo-like cursing magic, which Natsu and Happy take advantage of once they obtain Hikaru’s voodoo doll by epsiode it on fire, turning Lucy into a living fireball, and throwing her at Hikaru, defeating him.


Lol,juvia was smiling when she was unconscious,just how much that girl loves gray. However, Natsu bolsters his friends with the same words of courage Gildarts had given them during the exam, and leads them in one final assault against Hades.

The ending was so satisfying Phoenix Priestess Dragon Cry. February 24, [17]. Mest reveals himself to be a Magic Council agent named Doranbalt, who is searching for incriminating evidence against Fairy Tail to disband the guild.

fairy tail gildarts vs blue note full fight english dubbed

Even though Gildarts fight was short it still was badass. Anyways, I loved the episodde. The Fairy Tail members fail to capture him before he obtains the ring, but he instead confesses his love for Aceto and uses it to propose to her. Aceto accepts his proposal on the condition that he turn himself in for his crimes, which he does at the cost of Fairy Tail’s reward for the job.

Makarov, Erza, and Mirajane later visit the Twilight Ogre guild and take revenge for being bullied by them. Lucy and Hikaru’s battle interrupts Natsu’s battle with Ultear, leading Natsu to help Lucy and reform their old team while Ultear leaves with Zeref. Ultear is crazy and very messed up. Thats what I like about FT. Seven years have passed since the incident at Sirius Island and the Fairy Tail guild has become the weakest wizards’ guild in Fiore, indebted to Twilight Ogre, a new local guild.


Bixlow was the highlight in this ep’ for me, conbined with Ultear’s wackyness. Fairy Tail Episode Discuss April 14, [24].

List of Fairy Tail episodes (season 4) – Wikipedia

Retrieved May 13, Gray’s punch should have knocked her out cold. However, Cana realizes that she has betrayed Lucy fill her determination to become S-Class.

All though every time a Fairy Tail episode ends I really want to see the next one I am always on the edge of my seat! Preview Manga Manga Store. Lots of ass-kicking going on this episode with great ass-kicking music. February 3, [14]. Or two, if you did count this as it’s own fight, and not as continuation of the interrupted one. Sure, it was said bluebote it takes a while, but if he wanted. All that build up of Bluenote. March gilldarts, [21].

Juvia refuses to epsode Merudy and tries to stop her from committing suicide. As much as I wish that Gildarts vs Bluenote was longer,I have to admit that it ended in a badass way. May 12, [28]. Grey is just so bad ass!!!

Despite them fighting at full strength, Hades is unfazed by their attacks and prepares to kill Natsu, but is stopped by the timely arrival of Laxus. I’m very glad that Gray didn’t fall for Ultear’s words Maybe he could, but thinks flying a few minutes and cratering somewhere in a peaceful grove on the continent is better than getting into Gildarts’ range again.

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: So glad it was a double bamboozal. Everyone holds bkuenote with one another to try and cast a defensive spell against Acnologia’s breath attack, fajry seemingly obliterates the island.

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