Not a big horror buff.. It made no sense. This begins to worry her parents very much, but they seem to put it down to just being psychological problems, but Emma feels that there is something very much powerful happening to her. This is a juicy terrifying material fashioning an iconic diabolic possession, providing screams, thrills, shocks and chilling scenes. The priest recognizes the he alone won’t be able to cast out the devil. Even hard core horror fans should skip this one because there isn’t much to entertain in this dud. But when Emma levitates in the kitchen in front of her family, her parents call Chris. I avoid films like this one for a reason people.

Exorcismus doesn’t really commit any awful cinematic crimes but it also does nothing of note bar a late revelation. Exorcismus lacks the ‘OH! The movie I think is very thrilling and gives you a good number of scares while also maintaining the curiosity of what happened and why it happened. Very little flowed naturally or organically. Where’s the foul mouth obscenities? A pretty good and creepy movie definitely one of the better movies about demonic possession.

Emma is sent to a psycho-analyst, but she asks her friend Rose to record her session of hypnosis. Handily, the family have a rogue priest lol in the family who offers his exorcism services.

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Why do you think they kept Linda Blair locked up in her bedroom! When Emma listens to the tape, she believes she is possessed by the devil and asks her parents to be submitted to an exorcism with her uncle, Priest Taylor.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and exotcismus your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! A rare film about exorcism in similar style to The Exorcist exorcismuus William Friedkin.


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The last third improves a bit as we learn why the girl really cut herself at the beginning of the movie. Next The Boneyard Very good acting from the girl who acted as Emma Evans, I don’t know her name but movis nailed it bravo You are commenting using your Twitter account. Definitely isn’t one of my favorite exorcism films, but I didn’t feel like I had absolutely wasted a part of my life watching this.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The parents are still in disbelief until one day exodcismus father interrupts a session only to actually see for himself how possessed she is. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Emma is willing to undergo an exorcism. It doesn’t manage to keep the interest or pace as things become less interesting during the second third for some reason, even though that’s when stuff starts happening. FlashCallahan 8 December exorcismmus If you decide to buy it, it will make a worthy addition to your DVD collection.

The set up premise that her uncle showed her intricate diagrams in the hope that she would memorize them, get ticked off over something and invoke Satan on her bathroom floor all so he could prove Satan exists is absurd. The rest of cast are average, I can’t say I was particularly moved or impressed by any of the performances. It is okay but it doesn’t really reveal anything exorcimsus. Anyway; all that leads me to the point that Exorcismus is another incorporation to the list of exorcism films which employ those trite elements, not to mention that it also contains bad performances movvie one exceptionnothing of suspense and a very poorly written screenplay.


However her skeptical mother is against the ritual and recalls that Chris was responsible for the death of a teenager, Ana, in the past in an unsuccessful exorcism.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will exoorcismus be published. There appears briefly Doug Bradley and Brendan Price but they have less than one minute of exorcismuw time.

As for horror and shocking moments? Genuinely scary moments overcome some obvious plot devices. She longs for independence and a life free of family ties and responsibilities and she is prepared to do anything to achieve it. I hardly ever do this usually watching anything through to the end.

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And then the fact that the audience needs this explained by her in a ten minute monologue outside her mentally slipping mothers bedroom door was lazy…. Notify me of new comments via email.

And if we combine that with a confusing and badly written screenplay, the result is an unbearable film which feels like a genuine waste of time. Until next time acolytes…The Black Saint has left the building.

She thinks of being possesed and asks their parents to be submitted an exorcism. This is a exorcismmus terrifying material fashioning an iconic diabolic possession, providing screams, thrills, shocks and chilling scenes.

But when Emma levitates in the kitchen in front of her family, her parents call Chris Acting was decent most of the time, and I liked the mkvie approach which isn’t anything new, but always feels the right way to go.

Was this a high school project?

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