It gets worse in 3. Anyways, I’m curious, what did you think about it? And it went just as planned. Land-based livestock agriculture is also implied to be impossible —everyone is astonished at Shinji’s cooking skills, pointing out that he’s working with artificial, plant protein-based “meat”. This message was created by a bot [Contact creator] [Source code]. Fuyutsuki shows Shinji a catacomb containing at least 50 severed Rei heads. She opens to him some of her thoughts as delicately as she dares , and he reciprocates. He explains that Shinji’s mother, whose maiden name was Yui Ayanami , conducted a “direct entry” experiment on Eva’s core and is now the unit’s control system; that an Ayanami Series was based on Yui’s genetic information; and that the Rei that Shinji knew is being preserved within Eva like Yui; and that all is part of Gendo’s plan.

Toji, Kensuke, and Hikari, who at least had some characterization in the series, have been reduced to Those Three Guys in this version. He also reveals that Gendo plans to force humanity’s evolution by triggering a mass extinction, removing humanity’s individuality and reuniting with his deceased wife Yui Ayanami. Plus Wille has the resources to launch space missions and maintain at least two Evangelions, which were noted to be huge money pits. You need to login to do this. She does, however, ultimately ditch the Unskilled but insanely determined mantle in favor of becoming an insanely effective sniper after the Time Skip. Eva 13’s only weapons are its fists and four drones that create an artificial AT Field. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Countless Failures of Infinity are vented out of the Black Moon and spiral through the sky.

Add to My List. After taking some measurements, Asuka concludes that they won’t be rescued due to “L barrier density”, and they have to travel somewhere where “Lilin” can pick them up. Yui’s maiden name was similarly changed from Ikari to Ayanami.

Subverted in that in the end, he only makes things worse. A similar situation exists with Mari: Rei is shown waking in her LCL tank, and she briefly sees another Rei standing outside the tank, wearing an old school uniform. Ayanami tentativeRei Main. Back at his quarters, he flings his SDAT across the room. A user may only submit a shitpost if the user’s preceding post is of a different content type.


Kaworu says that the rest of humanity thinks otherwise, as evidenced by the DSS Choker, but that no sin is beyond forgiveness.

Gendo’s assistant Kozo Fuyutsuki invites Shinji to play shogi and reveals that Yui is within Unit 01 as the control system. Gendo and Fuyutsuki watch as the completed Ecangelion is extracted from its “womb”.

Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo

Utada Hikaru with “Beautiful World” for 1. Not only has he made things worse, it also resulted in Kaworu, the only person who treated him well throughout the whole movie dead.

Shinji is warned that he will be killed if he pilots any Evangelion units because of Third Impact, which has also prevented Shinji and his peers from aging. Rei takes him to the ruined NERV headquarters. Never Trust a Trailer: She does nothing but wait for orders.

Evangelion: You Can (Not) Redo () subtitles – SUBDL

Shamshel and Zeruel as usual, evangelin well as the Eva Mark. Even worse, he doesn’t care. Field ammo, is unharmed by being rammed and fired upon by the Wunder at point blank range, and does not shut down even when impaled by two Spears of Longinus! Eva jumps after Eva as it plummets down the side of the Black Evangellon.

Shinji wakes up in a hospital bed with Rei standing by silently. Sahaqiel takes the cake, effectively drowning the entirety of Tokyo 3 in a sea of gore. None of the events in the 3. Especially Toji, who is no longer the pilot of Evatherefore losing any real plotline significance.

It features Hikaru Utada’s new song, “Sakura Nagashi”.

Fuyutsuki calls it “the final executor”. Shinji also curiously points out the smell of the sea breeze, and Kaji has to explain that decomposing sea life makes the odor and most of the ocean is now too lifeless to carry that scent. He finally asks whether he really did save her from Zeruel, and Rei replies that she does not know.


When Unit 13 reaches the body of the alien lifeform LilithKaworu realizes that the spears are not what he expected. You can’t run and you can’t hide from them! Kaworu asks if Shinji wants to know, and Shinji accepts. Conspicuous CG Ramiel and Sahaqiel fit this to a tee, but there are other minor examples as well. Asuka uses the empty slot to target the Eva’s core, but Mark. One scene in 2. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

After that, in meta-acknowledgement of Eva ‘s endingShinji completely changes the direction of the narrativewith 3.

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Afterwards, the two exchange names for the first time. It finally sinks in that this is not “his” Rei, and Shinji storms off. Rather than the nuanced intricacies of the series and the depth behind it, I just felt like the movie was trying to make itself feel more complex for no reason. Evangelion School Campus Apocalypse. You are not alone. However, most of the fandom uses their TV series counterparts’ names, where applicable, for simplicity’s sake.

The choker then detonates, killing Kaworu instantly in a wash of blood, leaving Shinji sjbtitles shock. Many of Shinji’s actions in 3.

When Eva’ attacks the sphere with its gun-arm, the dark appearance yields to a gigantic, almost fluid core, completely impervious to the bullets. Shinji confronts Rei at her quarters, asking why she has not read any of the books, knocking the accumulated books over in rage at her terse reply that she subritles not been ordered to”.

Demoted to Extra Formerly fleshed out, relevant supporting character Dr. It’s a different interpretation of the dialogue that has no meaningful impact on the enjoyment of understanding of the film.

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