As the events spiral closer in towards Linnear and his difficult relationship with the police investigator mutates into friendship, he is forced reluctantly to the realisation that his conflict has come back to pursue him, and he must take up the sword again. Cover to the mass market paperback edition. The flash backs are there to expand on the life of Nicholas Linnear as he grows up learning martial arts and becoming abl Re-reading this, having previously read it over 20 years ago and was delighted to find that it has certainly stood the test of time. Mar 24, Tim Parker-Chambers rated it really liked it. I wavered between liking this book and not liking it in the first few chapters. It serves, literally, to kick off the action and makes no sense in terms of the primary focus of the murder, which is theoretically An Evil Tycoon, or in terms of our hero’s battle with The Ninja. Caught between East and West, a past he can’t escape and a destiny he can’t avoid, he is trapped in a web of old lust and present passions that will converge on a terrifying moment of revelation and revenge Early thi For years, love has been an art in the Orient.

March 26, at Sex scenes are well ahead of their time, for a big, mainstream book. Jun 22, Vincent Stoessel rated it really liked it. Eric Van Lustbader indulges himself in some wordsmith creativity when it comes to bedrooms, living rooms, or wherever is handy to do some bodice ripping and sexual contortionist tricks. Given the vast history Eastern cultures have in comparison to the relatively recent history of Western cultures, it is understandable that the two often find each other incomprehensible. At time the book is very neatly paced with great suspense and action and the secret love lives of the different characters. Or at least irritates him. The good news is that the project has been revived, has a director attached to it and is awaiting a screenwriter.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Lustbader is clearly fascinated by the fundamental differences between East and West. In hindsight, Revenge might have been solely greenlit and rushed into production based on the Lustbader book being in development across town. View all 9 comments.

This book has archaic gender stereotypes as well, as evidenced by this later interaction between Nick and Justine: It’s wrong in so many ways, it’s s through and through from Reagan America to our obsession with everything Japan.


Leave This Blank Too: Movei 28, James Krauzlis rated it it was amazing. Are we just saying that the trash trucks are slow? I must have read it ten times and will doubtless return to it again. Bad sixth form poetry? The title grabbed my interest, and I recognized the author as the guy va took over the Bourne franchise after Robert Ludlum’s death. The ways of the secret societies of Japan are in direct conflict with the modern, Western way of life.

We get two of these: The Ninja is the first book in the series. But when i started reading the next pages, i felt like am re-reading the same line and the same happened with the next pages and the next pages too: I have family who have been in the film business all their lives. He tackles the challenges laid before him, eventually determining the threat and part of the cause. This was not a quick read. We asked the author about his first exposure in that pre-boom period: The story ends as a come-on for the second in the series.

By turns tranquil and explosive, this is the pinnacle of martial-arts fiction writing. I’m not even going to talk about the “plot” of this mess. And no matter how cheap, everybody was binging in them.


I think probably the toughest genre to avoid aging badly is thrillers. The long answer is: In fact, it’s really well established that The Hero’s Big Problem in fighting The Villain is going to be other people getting in his way. While wrestling with his mid-life crisis, his friends and ericc get bumped off by a mysterious black-clad assassin erric there are no prizes for guessing what he is.

An overly-intellectualizing, pretentious jackass, who, rather than having normal conversations with Yukio and Justine, just preaches and sermonizes to them. The first [director] erjc be attached was Irvin Kirshner. View all 4 comments. Nicholas Linnear is of mixed race — a white father, part of the post WWII occupation force in Japan, and a mother of deliberately mysterious pan-Asian descent.

It gives Lustbader the opportunity to properly explain basic concepts of Eastern philosophy, for example the concept of face, as Croaker learns about them for the first time. The book excelled when it luetbader reveling in its gratuitousness. The Ninja was sold to 20th CenturyFox, to be made into a major motion picture.


The Ninja (Nicholas Linnear, #1) by Eric Van Lustbader

Todd McCurry May 28, at 3: He has a slightly down at heel, world-weary outlook and I warmed to him immediately. I’m glad I stuck with this one as it is interesting in regards to the glimpse of Chinese and Japanese life that it gives.

To ask other readers questions about The Ninjaplease sign up. I’m grateful I did. Nicholas Linnear is a complex character, the product of two completely different cultures but not really belonging to either. Pustbader re-read this one.

Both men are troubled. Because the author tells pustbader stuff like “He missed his daughters. New York City and surrounding areas being notably low-density population small worlds, our hero meets, has sex with, and falls in love with a highly psychologically damaged girl who just happens to be daughter of Evil Tycoon.

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That’s a damn shame because, as far as thrillers go, it’s rather brilliant. Definitely one of my all-time favorites and a must re-read every couple of years, even though I’ve pretty much memorized the key scenes by now both the flawless action sequences and the original sex listbader.

It takes the focus from the sweet ninja action I want from a book titled “The Ninja. Totally avoids mentioning some of the most compelling elements of the novel. The blow was hard enough so that she reeled backward against the wall.

Do not submit a manuscript directly to a publisher. Re-reading this, having previously read it over 20 years ago and was delighted to find that it has certainly stood the test of time. The local police are baffled and consult Nicholas wric he is known to be an authority on oriental studies. While Nicholas Linnear is the main protagonist, there are other, supporting protagonists and antagonists that all play their roles well.

Feb 08, Alina rated it it was amazing Shelves:

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