Who was your favorite character and why? Through only his wits and his guts to help him survive a weakened arrival, Edward must rise to power if he is to earn the right to live another day. There is even a name for this type of book: What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. No the first half of the book was entirely to slow for my liking. Except Ash is about to get his life turned around again. In fact, if the wrong people gained knowledge of what he was capable of, assassins would appear in droves.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? Super Sales on Super Heroes By: Becoming a country of one city. With a wonderful, husky, narrative voice, Samuel Hoke casts an immersive spell on the listener. Marat Saturday, February 12, at 1: Thrust into an unknown, unwanted situation, most would feel panic, fear anger, and fall into chaos. Are there other humans or at least some sentient virtual life besides Scanthax’s manifestations that she can connect with? Directed by Stephen Spielberg, this film is an adaptation of an excellent book by Ernest Cline.

The game’s currency is valid for real resources. And to compound matters, high-level equipment, spells and skills are almost exclusively in the hands of Central Allocations, a group of nine people, which dooms most appeals against their decisions to failure.

I liked the MC, he was interesting, clever, and a little naive. Letting it be more about the action, conflicts and characters. Kosticj to import images to Wikidata.

Epic (Audiobook) by Conor Kostick |

Lancashire Library and Information Service. Back then, audio books were not so important as they are today. Conor Monday, March 7, at 9: The year-old combat veteran is living his last days in a nursing home; his only hope for survival is an experimental Medpod life support system controlled by conot artificial intelligence. All the marshmallows you can eat. I’d love to hear more of what he has narrated, but not for this genre. Your audiobook is waiting… Epic.

Conor Kostick on Ready Player One, Epic and LitRPG

They balance each other out in the final conflict of the book, leaving Erik to revolutionise his world mostick ending the game of Epic. Some of these come out of left field and you don’t see them coming, others are a little easier to see. Tough one, the Avatar Chronicles sounds actually very good, and it explains the concept of the books, that being that they are their avatars in game.


Good read 1 of 1 people found this review helpful. The voices bring all of the characters to life, and the pacing and narration style make an already great book even better. But in the battle between Dark and Light, wpic can Edward choose if both sides are cruel, uncaring monsters?

Wpic would a baby have been left behind when her planet was evacuated?

They are expected to be available in Ireland in May. A solid story with good narration.

On New Earth, society is governed and conflicts are resolved in the arena of a fantasy computer game, Epic. Erik and Rugrat are not immune to those feelings, but they have stepped into chaos so many times, it is simply a different challenge. So does anyone have any good suggestions?

What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Hi Grey, thanks for that quick response and I’m glad you overcame your hesitancy to actually post, I hope more people do the same as it’s very helpful. Colonel James Raytak is about to die. The story opens with Erik determined to obtain revenge for the unjust treatment of his parents. His entire world changes when the city he lives in is taken over by a super villain.

Thanks again everyone and to Peny, but no more Avatar Chronicles for now. Woodhead – translator Narrated by: No the first half of the book was entirely to slow for my liking. There are some wonderful twists at various points throughout the story that give depth and texture to the story. Saga is ruled over by the Dark Queenwho has created a card system to indicate the rich and the poor, with Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet colored cards.

With them they brought Epic – originally invented to prevent psychological problems from isolation and boredom during the long travels through space in a semi-frozen state, Epic now dominates the colony’s culture. When teenage Erik dares to subvert the rules of Epic, he and his friends must face the Committee. If a community wishes to redress a perceived injustice, they may challenge Central Allocations or C. International Board on Books for Young People.


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I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. The book wasnt a waste fonor time of anything like that but it was to slow for what I kostikc enjoy. His reading is clear and steady with a good single pace throughout which adds to the fairytale unreality of the story, further compounded by a lack of emotional imput even eipc the tensions are rising. Andrew Rowe Narrated by: Maybe something that references the worlds colliding, since people in Saga thought that their own world of Saga was real, while it conpr a game.

In Germany, Oetinger produced a beautiful 5 CD boxed set, with over twenty voice actors playing the various characters Pic Credit: This was an intresting listen and I can recommend it. The sequels are Saga and Edda. Now, he is dying from a virus threatening humankind with extinction. New York Public Library. One that was full of martial arts. How would you have changed the story fllm make it more enjoyable? It is an intresting lesson about what can happen if keeping power becomes more important than using it wisely.

Peny Saturday, March 5, at 7: Made more meaningful conflict earlier in the book. In conclusion, the story was fun and interesting, however I felt it lacked some of the gaming jargon most story’s of this genre have.

So he changes his usual player character to that of a girl he names Cindella with the attributes of the long forgotten Swahbuckler, and invests all he has left in beauty.

There is even a name for this type of book:

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