We didn’t even see anything about his dad. They were one of my favourite couples, and I have always thought that they would get together at the end. I like that not everyone gets a happy ending for Won, he knows that its his price to pay to reach the top and I’m sure he would’ve made the same choice if he’s given another chance. Talk about a letdown. Too little too long. How convenient… I need to rant: I don’t care about all the naysayers. I have picnic blankets that look so much better than that suit.

So he will do anything to get what he wants and so Dr Ko is probably lucky that he is only paralysed in this episode.. I really think the way they dressed LMH was an inside joke from the beginning, and that’s why they are going to auction off his Kim Tan clothes. I know someone who has met him, and he is apparently very personable, humble and just plain awesome all around. Pleasing finale overall, but I was hoping for some surprises throughout the show. HS moved on from his tutor. It was kinda like push and pull, but really fun!

I don’t think any one of these actors is better than the other. The ending for me was better than expected, but left a lot of things unfinished I thought, and some things were just wrapped up way too neatly.

Faye December 13, at I really liked how we had a broad spectrum of mothers in the show.

Do I want to see horrible, ugly clothes again? It’s been a fun ride for me! But I’d start the flashback with a scene from their very early childhood, showing their ‘natural’ personalities, and how those personalities became distorted by their parents.

Daddy finally open his heart to see and not only to see with his eyes but his heart as Tan always tell CES to use her heart. Are there areas that could have used improvement? I’ve been reading this a lot and am curious, because I thought the writer tied up all the loose ends — some too neatly like you stated.


What I disliked about his ending is that he was mostly a sulky side horsd for most of the drama when he was going to end up being the one representing what the premise stood for.

He is a good look guy who is not only limit to black and white, open up your eys guys The doctors are given a feast from the king and Kwanghyun shares food with his friends, but Kibae can hardly eat anything. The supposed “sex tape” was actually just girls dancing a rather innocent, non-provocative, hula to an old Elvis Presley songand for that, they were all put to death.

Never heard any aegyo cute calling. Of course, Kim Jungon’s dad also killed his own brother, in a swimming pool, at the age of 5. V December 14, at 6: That’s a story that circulated in the media, but epddrama never confirmed by him or his agency.

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But there did seem to be dust or something in my room, causing my throat to close up and my eyes to water. I think if left to his own devices he might have turned out to be a writer, but of course that dream is gone when Won tells he can’t have any dreams other than the business from now on.

I wish the writers could finish filming these dramas before it starts airing. The finale pretty much confirmed that this was a twenty-episode drama based on zero conflict and a vague notion of a story.

And wtf is up with Eun Sang’s sister? Did Crazypants finally teach his son a good thing? Episode 20 was phenomenal to me might be in the minority here going by the recap. And what relationships come from the show.


The king recovers and when the princess sees Kwanghyun she wants to rush over and hug him in front of everyone — how cute — but Lady Kwak stops her. And my reality was not a bad place to be. Even when Jinyung backs Kwanghyun before her father, the queen mother is surprised but not persuaded. I am back with some questions, so here they are:. Lee Bona was the best thing this drama offered. Thank you Eileen for explaining this.

Horse Doctor Episode 20

Kim Tan rebuked Hyo Shin in Ep10 in the hall. I’ll just bundle my reply since we all seem to share the same feelings. Not in real life? A pool attendant approached me asking if something was wrong. Next Wed and Thurs, we’ll have that year docyor alien falling in love with a diva actress thingy.

The world goes on and the rich stay rich, and the dysfunction just evolves.

Drama korea a coffee to go epsdrama korea a coffee to go eps 12v, drama korea a coffee to go epsg, drama korea a coffee to go epsn, no The situation is resolved when the king sits up and is obviously improving. LMH does handsome chaebol best, and again, it was the teen-ness of his role that messed up how his character played out. It’s harsh, but I think it helps people who haven’t found their happiness quite yet. Windsun33 – I don’t really want squee-ing. There are questions to answer, e.

There’s other ways for Won to achieve epdeama he wants, and have Hyunjoo by his side.

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