I will agree with Koala that the writer though gave us the beginning of the lie was unable to cemented the stronger point of the storyline and make the other characters work smoothly with lead.. A guy they know as Bong Soo! I just read on wiki that he works with World Vision and Compassion International among many other charities. I was bawling when he lost his Teacher, the sadness and subsequent depression is so real. Someone save my heart.. For example, when he got hurt in ep 12, i was literally praying the whole week that he would be ok.

Now I realized why Healer show is aptly named. Or just plainly a coincidence? P Chen sees AJ upset and asks his minister friend to dig to the bottom who leaks………………and the scandle is AJ co worker? Ahjumma’s deep and quiet grief that leads to her eventually opening up to Young-Shin, Jung-hoo’s panicked lashing out and then total withdrawal, and even Moon-ho’s horror were fallout from that that in a way that Moon-shik or creepy Secretary, who well may be working alone couldn’t have forseen. I’m sorry for the LMH fans because it may seem like we are attacking him but we are just comparing and contrasting. The Jeil employee informs Manager Ahn that their bait was taken. Going away does not actually make you less of family. This last episode was bitter sweet for me.

I too, see only Jung Hoo. So in the plan are better versions of the video that will be re-edited perhaps, and we’ll let you know about them and when or where they may be ‘released’ in future Recap threads!

Five Fingers Episode 14

I want one too!!! I really like Ah Jung, but I have to concede that if she was fired by the Ministry it was a firing for cause. Anyways monday please please come fast Turkish Rose January 20, at 9: I don’t know, JCW was solid in Empress Ki, but he wasn’t so impressive that he was blowing Joo Jin-mo out of the water or anything, and fingere character wasn’t all that great; it’s not a stretch to assume that it was fan service.

Just make it awesome and no one will care. She was much much better at deep meaningful lines than 2nd writer is, who appears to be more about grand plot gestures. Did they know who Young Shin stayed with the night she didn’t come home?

Perhaps when HE tells her that he loves her too, then we’ll get a kiss I dunno. I was writing some comments last week, and then it hit me: As many of us have been saying, she’s gonna end up in an institution, or if the murder is exposed, prison.


I love reading and sharing thoughts with you too!! But now, Butt-Ugly Piano is the perfect name for it. Looks like someone thought the same exact thing I did! In-ha retorts that like father, like son… Man-se married HER even though she had no money and her family epispde in ruins, because he loved her so. Love Yoo Finggers Tae’s eyes too. If he really keeps episods identity secret then atleast he can start to protect her in finters own way.

Healer’s a 20 ep drama and we’re only at 14 now. The problem with these kinds of cliffhangers to me is that they don’t cause excitement, curiosity or impatience for the next episode.

Five Fingers Episode 14 | Watch Korean drama online, Korean drama English subtitle

But the rest of it, Epdrrama. I remember in epi 13 MW said to himself “It’s not important” when he was staring at JS while thinking of her colleagues words about their friend ‘JS’ resembling his wife ‘EH’.

Your kind words crept into my bedroom and all is well again Ah Jung is asked if she had any ulterior motives when approaching Ki Joon. Taking her hand to his chest, he says he feels better now. But your words episoce me crying silly again.

I love how much attention this writer pays to the idea of waiting. Sogazelle, thank you epsiode I know he is a great guy and stuff and he is good intentioned, but could you please tell her the whole truth about how he suspects his brother is involved in fve murders and deaths of their fathers and how there is this damn character, the elder who is playing with them in the background?

Some go to the extent of fngers international fans, that because the ratings for LTM is low in Korean, it goes to show that Koreans are smarter than international fans who loved the show I think to imply that LTM is much more popular internationally while not so popular in Korea so Koreans can better differentiate what a good drama is, compared to international fans.

Yes it’s a 20 episode drama. Much glaring all the way around, and Episode 14 ends there! If the rumor is true that both parties agreed with the writer to tone down their kissing mania, i guess it would be a reaction by the actors from the perception that their show is being watch only because of the kissing scenes. It would be a rather ironic twist that Seok 41 unknowingly reunited Ji Sook with her birth father and placed her back to where she belonged.


Is that meant to be of certain significance??? He has truly hit rock bottom now. Oh please, please drama Gods!!! Idk why, but i cant really resist YJT charm. What does he want In-ha to do — beg the judges for forgiveness? So Ran wants credit if Ki Joon and Ah Jung get married, since the marriage lie was concocted purely for her benefit.

I think there’s a reason why the writer intentionally made Eun-Ha’s father campaign for presidency. Getting no response, she pulls out her tools and finds a stethoscope, using it to listen through the wall… and then she hears something click. Because we know JH we root for their love, but fingerd is only understandable that she doubts him, as she just found out his name the last episode!

No Vincenzo for me Eric is my guy. SOmething not tooo cliche. Cant wait next week!!!

Lie to Me Episode 14 Recap

I hope and pray that Bong Soo’s character won’t disappear from now on. Ki Joon walks up and asks what she wants to do, eat or go see a movie? JCW has shown in many dramas how he can act, how immensely talented an actor he is, with his pitch-perfect delivery enabling the viewers to be completely mesmerised by his acting.

I agree… the lord and lady doth epiaode too much if what you say is true, koala. The way he portrayed Tahwan was so real and professional, which made him not get overshadowed by veteran actors like Jo Ji Mo and Ha Ji Won. Oh, heart be strong. He will forgive but hand MS over to detective Yoon. I think JCW’s acting has been phenomenal and really carries the show. Sigh I don’t know if I will be able to bear to see our couple suffering either:

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