I always thought I broke her pride but mostly I broke her heart K: I can give you some tactics CB: Now I’ll go ama what I have to say didn’t finish yet G: Come on how can the makers completely ruin such a beautiful story!?? What to do with him? I don’t care about what you ask E:

I don;t understand why you are nervous G: This is why I write summaries and don’t post video files. But i love gunes and emir.. He became zeleouz for her. Lida Valencia May 13, at 5: Emir sarrafoglu won’t step another time in this office H: This is the only problem you have E:

Didn’t you see how her face changed after you said my brother’s name. Anonymous January 22, at 1: A thing that summarj fast? Now come at visual presentarion and viewers prespective leaving the story line and characters which I discussed above.

Newer Post Older Post Home. I even searched for the episodes in Turkish to see the incidents however I won’t understand the language but I didn’t even find them.

Anonymous March 22, at 7: I believed in you 1 day, just 1 day E: If only to save you, I’m sacrifying myself right?? I am sorry but my office is not the place where you can get over gunes.

24 Best TV series images | Summary, TV Series, English

Johanna – Thanks, you did a great job posting the synopsis of the show. Every moment that you spend around Gunes is a yplu one from your life. It affects Gune’s performance, and mine E: Amyra May 24, at Or why are not next series in internet?: I’m aware that I can’t stay here G: Now this mistake is killing me everyday a little K: I made her believe things that were a lie.


If this would be a new series and we have not watched AFK then its fine but we have watched Emir’s love for feriha in previous seasons. Just because you loved someone deeply does not mean that it will prevent you from loving someone else just as much. Levant n family is gone. I summary to go now I emifin Kaan Pinar is sick.

AFK for its real fans ends at season 2. Y gracias por tu generosidad. They could have shown a happy ever eplsode. It’s just an idea Pari March 12, at 7: The ending for season two yoou an open ending. I don’t care E: I brought your earrings G: You think that the only reason I’m doing this is you, and right away after you I’m with someone else right?

I know you love impossibilitites and you will choose that, but you will harm her and yourself.

Abhijit Yadav December 16, at 7: I don’t go near my TV now. But remember yolj before Feriha, Emir loved Ece a lot. Inspite of feriha’s absense this is not our Emir.

I know you love impossibilitites and you will choose that, but you will harm her and yourself E: I am proud that you think I am so powerful, but actually I am nothing more than a tv viewer and blogger from Romania.

Not give the so much needed and justifiable happy ending to viewers and beahtiful journey of emir and feriha. You didn;t have another chance to believe me, you were right, I forced myself not to believe you G: Thats why for me thier AFK ends at wedding and moreover at her death. HI i see the first seasoni liked fariha but i do not know why i see gunes is too much better than farihathis ” season has taken my mindi really lookin for the en d of story, since amir has entred to the office of sanjagdar?????


Anonymous March 7, at 1: It affects Gune’s performance, and mine. Actually the videoclip contained scenes from episode 8.

Emir’in Yolu

Unknown December 22, at 9: Love didn’t blind your eyes even for once. I have already found a solution to post articles daily as usual.

Instead of it he was fighting ,regreting and becoming zelous for this new girl and ignores feriha like she was never a part of his life. Thanks so much for your work, I had many doubts about season 3. Nuci Janela March 29, at 8: Emir does not show up on het grave after meeting this new girl. Indian fans wat feriha program to restart Emir begin his life again without a long story if he falls in love again with someone elseespecially her sister Yavus? I can’t deal with this anymore gunes G: Join or Log Into Facebook.

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