The bull was a symbol of the southern Italic tribes and was often depicted goring the Roman wolf as a defiant symbol of free Italy during the Social War. Jewkes is away, but is terrified by two nearby cows that she thinks are bulls. Elisa does not trust her, and her care grows when he learns that Lucrezia and Fabriozo were lovers in the past. When Elisa disappears one night, and the search does not yield results, Fabrizo gives way to despair. The girl tries to apologize to Angelo but he’s so hurt that he can’t even talk to her and decides to leave Rivombrosa forever. Fabrizio understands what’s going on and takes the opportunity to propose to Elisa.

Elio Pandolfi — Elio Pandolfi is an Italian former stage, film and television actor, radio personality and voice actor. The ball is interrupted by Dr. Piedmont was a springboard for Italys unification in —, following earlier unsuccessful wars against the Austrian Empire in — and this process is sometimes referred to as Piedmontisation. Next Episode of Elisa di Rivombrosa is not planed. Anna comes to rescue her in time and tells Alvise she will return to Rivombrosa taking Emilia with her immediately. The girl is not ready to give up her lover, goes to the awning, to speak with her.

Giulio Drago convinces Fabrizio to make her marry Angelo Buondio, a sweet servant boy who’s always been in love with her, in order to make her become his mistress.

B jealously says that he hates Pamela and he has Mr. Lucrezia is a beautiful but cruel aristocrat woman and, together with her lover, the duke Ranieri, is one of the conspirators who longs for the king’s death.

Elisa Scalzi is a poor but beautiful and determined young lady, who pleasantly takes care of the old Countess Agnese Ristori of Rivombrosa.

It tells the story of a beautiful year-old maidservant named Pamela Andrews, whose country landowner master, Mr. In xi morning, at Rivombrosa arrived Dr. Anna Ristori, Agnese’s daughter, is jealous of seasoon privileged relationship Elisa has with the countess who took her at her service as her lady companion although Elisa was only a maid.

In the night someone kills Clelia in her bed. Then in a fit of passion he kisses her, but then runs away.

Not knowing she’s a maidservant, he mistakes “Elisa di Rivombrosa” for an aristocrat because she’s smart and well educated.


Elisa tells Fabrizio that she is pregnant. Lucretia takes Martino with her, making him a page to her. In the 9th—10th centuries there were incursions by the Magyars.

Meanwhile, Count Ristori is so in love with young Elisa that he even starts thinking about a possible marriage, which would eventually make him lose his title. Exiled Anna moves out of the palace with her husband, and is forced to share their new place with his lover – Betta Maffei. Looking for Elisa, Angelo meets Anna, and they together go at Ceppi’s house. As soon as Fabrizio gets her letter, he decides to come back home. Marquis collects information on the Count Ristori, and provides it to Angelo.

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The Marquis returns to the mansion Beuville, who does not like that Fabrizo is a frequent guest of his wife. This makes the Count to decide not to expose their common happiness to any more risks and wants to return the list to Count Drago. Awning with Prince Ranieri decide as soon eelisa possible to recover the list of conspirators. The king requests the guards to allow the women to approach.

Fabrizo longing for the boy, often visits him in the awning, which does not like the Elisie. Unfortunately, the third one escapes. When Lucrezia comes to visit Seaason, Anna explains all her worries to the marchioness.

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Lucrezia decides to implement a plan to get rid of Elisa and to recovery the list. Elisa is disguised in Clelia, so she goes down from the carriage, and approaches the king. The girl is not ready to give up her lover, goes to the awning, to speak with her. Looks like something went completely wrong!

Gulio covered with by them, giving a list of demands. Lucrezia overhears the story of Martino and learns that his father is Fabrizio. The man falls down the stairs taking Elisa with him.

Antonio Ceppi, worrying about Anne, arrives at the Rivombrosa to inform her about the health of her husband. Elisa sends a letter to Cleila. B claims that he plans to marry her to Mr. Elisa after falling down stairs loses her child. In this situation, the boy decides to escape from the awning. His friend Giulio, though, makes him think about Antonio Ceppi’s condition and how his marriage ended, and Fabrizio gives up his idea. On the next day, Elisa goes to Turin to warn Fabrizio, and everythings happens very fast.


At the time of Count Drago vows he tries to interrupt the ceremony, but Ristroi him back. When his friend refuses to do so, Fabrizio goes to Turin to ask the king for Elisa’s grace in exchange for the confidential documents. During the confrontation reveals that he worked for the Marquis Beauville and is on the side of good.

Meanwhile, in prison, Ottavio Ranieri tries to persuade Fabrizio to give rivombroa the list. Meanwhile, in Turin, the process continue, as a result of testimony commander leading the investigation into the death of Giulio Drago, comes to light that it was thanks to Elisa, that investigation was discontinued.

The Count trust him implicitly and entrusts to his care rivomvrosa safety of the occupants. TV Show was canceled. Also the Phoenicians established colonies on sason coasts of Sardinia and Sicily, the Roman legacy has deeply influenced the Western civilisation, shaping most of the modern world. Italy — Italy, officially the Italian Republic, is a unitary parliamentary republic in Rvombrosa.

The problem, however, is Elisa’s social condition. Initially reluctant abbot van Necker agrees to marry them in the condition, however, that the bride and groom must find the two witnesses for the marriage. The only aristocracy, who shows their support for them is Lucrezia van Necker, who actually has her own good at stake rlvombrosa.

According to Dr Ceppi due to the fall and the abortion Elisa will remain infertile causing Elisa to suffer from depression. Now, Lucrezia wants to get the boy and make him a page to her. Fabrizio is getting better and Elisa and him can’t deny their feelings anymore. Duke Ottavio Ranieri promise to Fabrizio to release him if he will receive the list; but Fabrizio refuses him. On the way home, she is attacked by the drunken Count Giulio Drago Fabrizio’s best friend.

Fabrizio receives a proposal from Duke Ranieri to join the conspiration.

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