Thank you for your reply. Thanks for ur love! That was really nice to see. You must login to comment for this series! I have been busy, but fortunately, I finally get a break. Roby85m 6 September at

I remember it wasfor a bet she lost and she had to edit a sexy video as a punishment You have to be close minded to think that an uke is supposed to have uke personally and seme is supposed to act like a seme If yes I totally agree with your choice! Ariana Guzman 27 January at But I would like to suggest if you could keep the slide widget when scanning for BL titles. I’ll try to come by and say hi often or at least thank you for all of the work that you do. Anonymous 12 July at

She followes me even here but maybe she is not so active! Youtube dont have a thing! Hello, I love this collection of awesomeness. In the Video, Brendon transforms into a lively puppet who has an untamed lifestyle, vomiting on top-class escorts and snorting cocaine. Roby85m 30 May at Thanks for requesting, we will do this project when we will take care dslusion previous wishes! So we will know! This mang is not old at all Nashville rising star Ivory Layne shared her new single for committed via billboard yesterday on June Roby85m 7 July at Then u like modern themes huh?!?!


I want to check! I know somebody else started it awhile ago but they didn’t finish it. You must be logged in to update information on this page. My dear Kazu helloooo! The sites you give are great but the have terrible pop ups I watch my tv shows online which have pop ups so this is saying something i actually had to buy a new computer and phone trying to watch your videos.

Mousou Elektel/Elektel Delusion by 夜鬼 | Free Listening on SoundCloud

eleotel Anonymous 20 May at That’s probably because Viewfinder is an awesome manga. Ringo Aoiro 11 February at Anyway, this little inconvenience still remain for mobile devices I really want to continue supporting but I don’t think i can and it saddens me.

Roby85m 9 February at Anonymous 19 January at Be respectful and nice to all BL community. Roby85 m 14 September at I tried to open it in the old blog but it has been terminated. The videomaker elekte Sarah Tsuda! Elektel delusion – CD drama. I’m not a big fun of the mangaka u mentioned! Roby85m 3 August at Recent blog posts more blog posts.

Elektel Delusion cd drama

And cute Fumi is actually very aggressive and passionate in bed so the argument xelusion him is dumb. It is exactly where it should be! Fumi likes being the top and I personally think he makes a great seme. Anonymous 6 July at Helloooo CD 1 is uploaded already I will post soon, the other ones need to be compressed again and reuploaded too due the flags and strikes to the delusiion serie!


Li-chan 6 November at May i request to reupload Cd 1 and Cd 2 for Ze Series here in new blog? Roby85m 20 November at Can you OK Bye Bye!. If it’s not much to ask Mind if I share the link here Roby?

Maybe one of them will want to work on that! She dd collaborated with Ed CashGrammy award winning producer who spotted her in and together they released her very first EP, Volume one The artist felt pressure from listeners to release the album at the expected release date.

Have a nice break! Thank you for your reply. I’m not sure I got the question.

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