In the sea of history, Ramnagar is one such rivulet. Indian television shows Indian television series debuts Indian travel television series Hindi-language television programs Epic channel television series s Indian television series. The episode also talks about the legend of Veer Savarkar and how his grit and determination helped him break free from one of the most dreaded jails in modern Indian history. A fascinating history that begins with a pirate keep from which the Ethiopians carved out a stone fortress. The first season received great reviews and the channel sanctioned a second season. Lives of the human race has long been intertwined with the course of rivers and their mouths on the confluence with the great seas, civilisations flourished.

Didn’t get invited to any Academy Awards after-parties? Nobody knows how and when these carvings were made. This place has witnessed the torture and pain given to the people imprisoned here after the first war of independence. In what was once the frontier regions of Hindustan, a silent sentinel traces its history as far back as when Jesus was walking the streets of Jerusalem. Explore this structure among the Himalayas. Featuring places of historical importance in India where human settlement had existed once upon a time.

In the vast territories of the Kutch, on top of a forlorn hillock stands the fort of Roha. Call it a revolt, mutiny or a revolution, India’s First War of Independence was a defining moment in the history of the sub-continent.

Featuring places of historical importance in India where human settlement had existed once upon a time. Audible Download Audio Books. Built of rock and stone, sitting solid on ekaajt peak of a mountain that overlooks the grand confluence of Banging and Majhi rivers, it is easy to see that it must once have been formidable.

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Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is replete with forts that are seeped in the royal tradition of valour and sacrifice. This question throws up a plethora of answers and the most intriguing one tells us of a curse that explains why this town has been abandoned twice in the past and will be abandoned once more in the years to come.


It takes many rivers to make a sea. Too often, Ekaant isolation is associated with ruins. A mystery centuries old, many still wonder where the elaborate carvings of the gods on the hills of Unakoti came from.

Situated at the mouth of the Kori Creek from where the Sindhu once met the Arabian Sea, it is all but a fortified ghost town whose walls overlook the desert sands as it preserves within it, with infinite care, the remains of a two century old trading hub blessed by the holy men and the beloved of men of exceptional valour. While it may have functionally shifted around the area a few times on the necessities and vanities of its many rulers, there is only one instance of India’s capital having shifted over a full km south to the city of Daulatabad near present-day Aurangabad.

The incredible Gol Gumbaz is the calling card of the town of Bijapur and remains its claim to fame. Season 1, Episode 3. On the banks of the gleefully wavering Tungabhadra, flanked by mountains made of towering boulders, sits, what seems like an impossible city – Hampi.

However, today it lies forgotten and only when one visits can one realise the importance of the freedom fighters and their stories.

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Tying the two are valiant stories of a brave dynasty of Rajputs — the Khinchi Chauhans and their poignant history. See the full gallery. Yet there stand out some that defy explanations and to whom every rational reasoning sounds hollow. On the Konkan coast of Maharashtra ekqant the sea fort of Vijaydurg, which was built during the Shilahar dynasty. My News Eakant up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Edit Storyline Rajasthan is replete with forts that are seeped in the royal tradition of valour and sacrifice.

The episode describes the times rife with ekaanh, valour epksode determination as the British fought for supremacy with the future of the subcontinent up for grabs.


Didn’t get invited to any Academy Awards after-parties? Sibsagar, ruled by the Ahom dynasty hundreds of years ago, only shows a small fraction of it’s former grandeur today. The ruins of Nalanda, in the ancient city of Vaishali, was a Buddhist monastery and learning center hundreds of years in the past. The show highlights the grandeur and mysteries of India’s historic monuments with the host Akul Tripathi.

The origin and the destruction of episde Chiktan fortress are both shrouded in mystery. It is the site of several mansions made at a time when it was on the crossroads of trade routes and wealth streamed in from all directions. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: At the northern edge of the massive Deccan plateau lies a forgotten fort that was once the key to open the doors to the Deccan.

And a place in ruins is heartbreaking, but if anything could be worse, it is a place which still breathes, but no one cares. At one point in time, it served as the capital of the British in this part of India.

It was a ekaabt that had everything one may need to live a lavish life in. Known as the Koh-i-Maran in Persian, the hill of Hari Parbat is crested with a fort of the same name. A rock that has been witness to thrilling times of an era when Shivaji and his empire spread through the Deccan like wildfire, followed by the formation of a naval force off its coast that dominated the Arabian sea for over 50 years. Married at First Sight. There are precious few monuments and artefacts in our ancient land which have survived the vagaries of time.

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