Khirad may have gotten the last word in the previous episode but all it did was provoke an already frustrated beyond endurance Asher even Further. Perhaps this will go on to surprise us in some way or the other. Weekdays, and particularly middle of the week is difficult for me to manage, and it makes no sense to post after Fri night.. I am going to watch couple of more episodes to see what is the out come….. Those days I used to watch anything with Sanam Baloch in it. Find us on Facebook. Email required Address never made public.

Sheharyar and Paras reunite in an emotional scene. The scene looked like an afterthought that was edited in quickly at the end. I agree on heavy and fake dialogues , Sanam looked off colour , along with every one. Not a good look. I agree,bangs dont suit Hina B at all. Naila also act well..

As an actor, he said, you work for those two three roles, baqi the rest of the stuff he described as dihari lagana putting in iasak timebecause an actor has to survive as well…. There was too much crammed into one episode and at time scenes seemed rushed.

Geo tv nay Pakistan kay culture ko kharab karnay main koi kasar nahi utha rakhi. I think Sanam is being typecaste.

It is as if Khirad has frozen her heart and decided never to react and most importantly never to explain or ask for understanding. You are commenting using your WordPress. You too watch the 5th n 6th episode…… Like Like. Khirad may have gotten the last word in the previous episode but all it did was provoke an already frustrated beyond endurance Asher even Further.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Also, not exactly sure what was going on with the lighting and camera angles, but I have never seen Hina look this washed out before. But this girl had loyalty and a heart of gold, so that’s why she obeyed her father and broke off her relationship with Sheharyar.


Khirad has built a wall of ice around her heart to protect herself and Asher hides his hurt behind anger and contempt. Thank you for taking the time to comment and sharing your thoughts.

When you have such a stellar cast, one would expect a lot better. I have allowed your comment this time around, but just to let you know I have a zero tolerance policy against those who make disparaging remarks against other religions and cultures.

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After my Nadamat experience, I just want to stick on to this a little longer perhaps they have upped their game in ! Not quite sure what ee I have seen from this writer or the director… can you share name of some of their earlier work? Those unforgettable scenes of her entry into a place she probably never thought to see again.

Although Art and English literature are her favorite past times, she is graduate in Biochemistry. Even if I do, it would be primarily because of the cast… thanks to Geo and its spoilers, I already know this story is not my cup of tea!

Here too it came and went without creating any noise.

Javed sheikh was over the top. As a first episodes go, this one was an average opening. For such a young child she did a fabulous job but just one thing bothered me, her talking about herself in the third person …it is a drama varna that kind of thing sounds crazy in real life.

Up until episode 20, after each episode, I would ask myself “Why am I watching this again? Acting of Jawed Shiekh is awesome. Did you guys watch this one? Agree that it was a very average first episode.


Sanam saeed was also ok ok.

Ek Kasak Reh Gai Ep 16 HQ 1

So Sheharyar married Paras. And yes, Paras seems like Kashaf 2. For me, the episode was too boring and slow. She is playing the same role of the determined girl. I couldnt bear to watch it after a couple of episodes. The way he ignores Khirad, concentrating solely on Hareem is all meant to not only punish his wife but perhaps a latent wish to get a reaction from her.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Taaya Abba goes to speak to Paras in a moment of regret for what he’s put her through. Btw I find the name paras very funnyreminds me of a saras! Pairas musalman nam nahi lagta. This drama has a good cast but the story is very weak and the promos and OST have given away too much for someone to stick around and watch.

Also, how hypocritical to show Javed sheikh as a religious Muslim when in reality, he is the total opposite, dancing in weddings and mehndi events. We are also treated to a scene between Paras and Taaya Jaan where she apologizes for troubling him and accepts him as a father.

I really really hope producers and TV channels start thinking beyond these ghisi pitti storues and put out new stuff, otherwise a huge chunk of the audience, that has come back to watching PK dramas after Humsafar, will go back to watching other stuff…there is no dearth of quality stuff out there ….

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