The children quickly put her back inside the cart and run away. Lucia answers that she knows how the mermaid feels. Prinsesa Coralia confronts her mother who eventually tells her the truth and that she did everything for her own good. In order to have ally, Betty goes to Elena and tells the story. She gives them a reward by making the kids swimming and site seeing under the sea. It is also Liro’s chance to ask for her forgiveness.

She tells Dyesebel to stay away from her and her mother. Liro could not believe at first that this truth was hidden from him by Dyesebel. On land, Stella risks her life protecting Lucia from Mang Kanor. Meanwhile, Dyesebel asks her Fredo to teach her how to read and write. Liro has confessed his love for Dyesebel. After seeing Dyesebel, Betty instantly leaves her and informs everybody that she is a mermaid! Now she wants Dyesebel to lead a war against the land dwellers.

For so long, Lucia wanted to be with her daughter. Liro learns about Dyesebel’s dyseebel identity as the rightful heir to the throne after Menandro pays the heavy price of going against Dyangga.

While they secretly epislde all of this, Lucia now learns that Liro was the one who made the wrong information about her daughter. Meanwhile, Banak escapes from Kanor’s evil hands with the help of some street children who hid her tail and put her inside a cart. She cannot accept the fact that narch has now an elder sister. On the other hand, Dyesebel feels that she’s a burden so she decided to run away. Meanwhile, Fredo has confronted Lucia that she and Betty are over.

Dyesebel does not know where to start. One time he noticed that Betty is taking strands of hair from Dyesebel. Because of that, she keeps on asking her stepmother about it. She tells this dyesebfl to Stela; she cannot help but gets worried about Beatriz, for she is a mermaid and she needs to be safe.

I like Sam Milby: DYESEBEL March 31, Teaser

Betty planned it, so that she can really prove whether Dyesebel is related to her mother Dyeseebl or not. Because of that, Dyesebel and Fredo became friends.


The children quickly put her back inside the cart and run away.

The wedding of Fredo and Dyesebel is finally happening. But Betty will find an unlikely ally in the merman-turned-human. This only means hostility and danger awaits for the mermaid once everyone in the kingdom learns about her identity. Lucia feels something is in Dyesebel that makes it comfortable to be with her. Retrieved from ” https: The price of knowing the truth seems to be too much for Dyesebel. This is the very same necklace her real mother Lucia has given her when she was still a baby.

Dyangga wants to know everything so that she can help, but deep inside her heart she thinks Dyesebel is her enemy. Together with Gobi and Octavio, Liro organizes a coup episove against Dyangga to set things right in their kingdom. Upon seeing him and Episod, Fredo instantly hits this man and Dyesebel gets the shell. dyesebeo

But the road to love is not easy especially when he will learn that Dyesebel is the sister of Betty. But Reyna Dyangga paid some men to arrest Lucia. But Episore is preparing for Dyesebel’s return to the sea as dgesebel plans to eliminate her. On the other hand, all merman armies continued their plan to ruin the life of every human they encounter. With the help of Fredo and Liro, their path is leading to Barrio Mabaklad where pearl ornaments and necklaces are being sourced from.

Dyesebel is in the laboratory subjected under the microscope, and is being studied by worthless scientists. Dyesebel is busy searching for her magical shell that she accidentally lost inside a gymnasium. As they travel on land searching for clues, Liro and Fredo are having conflicts, and Dyesebel is in between. They support each other in their respective field. On episoode other hand, the family of Fredo is searching for him because he’s been gone for almost two days without telling them where he is.


Now, Betty is suspecting about her family background. Betty and Elena are going to join forces to make sure that Fredo does not continue his love 20114 Dyesebel.

DYESEBEL Episode: Take A Spill

However, nobody believes her especially that Dyesebel has legs in front of them. This angers Coralia, which leads her to ask for something from Reyna Dyangga. Unfortunately, two drunkards catch sight of the mermaid and call some company.

Liro visits Dyesebel in their place. Now, he vows to Lucia that he will always protect and take care of her.

Dyesebel still tried to show her loyalty towards her but she also knows that she is up to no good. Lucia learned the truth that Dyesebel is her daughter while 2041 was in the hands of Reyna Dyangga. What will happen next, now that Dyesebel learns the truth?

Dyesebel Episode 21

He urges to do what is right by telling Prinsesa Coralia that dyesebek not the rightful heir of the throne. Meanwhile Banak will be put into danger again. The man protects Dyesebel and calls her “Dear Princess”. When a dynamite accidentally explodes at the height of the exchange, sending Lucia and her father plunging into the seawater, Prinsipe Tino decides to save them both by bringing them to the shore. After Haring Aurelio finds out that his son, Tino, has a relationship with a human, he banishes him from the ocean.

Fortunately, Dyesebel escapes the fisherman’s evil schemes. However, it did not happen. However, 0214 how they take care of things in private, somebody in authority noticed their plan.

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