Lee Sook Supporting Cast. The outings were creative fiction although the king did make sojourns as did yeoning, it was done for enjoyment and also to point out the differences. He had historically 10 wives- Ill put them all in order. When Sekyong was told of Sukbins failing health,he resided for the rest of her life with her and then did die two years after her death. We’ve seen tons of chaebols for the main lead who are arrogant at first but when they meet the poor girl they miraculously turns into a candy-cotton. The auditions go downhill from there, and the villagers are eliminated one by one.

Brockjong benkhin Dong yi real name is unknown, the show of gave her that name, because low classes as cheoning did not have given names, Just family names. Sorry about the typographical errors. Yoon-hee calls a village meeting to discuss the solution she came up with to promote their apples — a national singing contest is coming to their town to audition singers. She had died from something unknown. You have already reported this video. Playlist 2 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. JEn December 1, at 2: You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

He bequeathed a palace residence to her where she was moved when she became ill. Right down to the low-angle shot in the dance scene where her feet look twice the size of Yoo Na’s in those clod-kicker shoes of Yeon Hee’s. It’s 20 episodes, I think. King Yeongjo probably since his mother came from the servant class changed some of the laws about marriage between the lower and upper classes which led to the servant class eventually dying out.

I read in other page he probably died of botulism I believe of botulism. Years ago i eplsode a celebrity. I wonder when Hyuk’s or Yoona dramacrrazy spill the bean already about what happen 31 years ago. Kyun Mi Ri Supporting Cast. There is a lot of innocence in the Yoona relationship Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: I have to admit that I was really annoyed that they didn’t reveal anything at the dramacrwzy of the episode.

How long is this series anyway? I also don’t care to see much of Sandeuk and MinYoung. Son Il Kwon Supporting Cast. Yoon Hee is not the typical, stupid doll in gorgeous package who thinks only how to marry a chaebol even if she has a perfect but poor man next to her who is willing to give his life for her.


Yi san 15 with subtitles. When dong yi was involved the queen dowager had already died, also suspected foul play but for political reasons in wishing to weaken the hold of the dowagers supporters, little was done. And those seaweed sideburns on Yoon Hee’s uncle were classic! He seemed to be indifferent but his actions shows us that he really loves and care about his mom and little sis.

I think the song is upcoming OST for this show and some are buzzing epusode the singer is Joo Joonyoung. I think the next open day is in September. First Hanchul had all the bathroom humor and now it’s all Sandeuk. That’s so much unrealistic. If Sang-deuk could stop the drunkenness and public urination, I would like that.

Marriage not dating viki ep 6

Oct 31, watch full episodes. At the end of episodw episode, it showed Sukjong walking with Dong yi. You do make a good point. I think they’re so unsuited for each other but the plot keeps dragging them out and I’m sure they’ll end up together.

Unfortunatelly most of the real life men are just like Minki. No one else could play Minki as well as HongKi did. Sorry about the typographical errors. But like in real life feelings don’t always get matched up and not everybody ends up with somebody, and I kinda think that is cool to see. Why the King needed to report many things or get approvals from Tsing Dynasty? I do find Ki-joon and his girlfriend to be just as cute as can be, so that helps a bit.

The writer wrote it not because she knows it and brag but because she wanted to share the informations. It meant that he had died too. Yoon-hee wanders the halls of her old school and stops episodd look at the piano she used to play.

Yi San Episode 13 – 이산 – Watch Full Episodes Free – Korea – TV Shows – Rakuten Viki

I love this story so after reading these comments I think u have put a wrong story on tv. But historiographer now agree that although his suffering was caused because his mother atack, his death was probably caused for eating contaminated seafood, as for the symptoms of the illness that cause his death. I guess I meant that those feelings didn’t become completely explicit until those later episodes.



Besides, chunsoo was a fictional character in this drama. If he leaves after the cabbages, that boy is going to be very hurt. Min-ki goes looking for her, and finds her playing the piano the way she used to do when he first fell for her.

As to the love tangle – i think Yoon Hee needs to resolve matters with Min-ho’s dad sann as she has un-resolved matters with him – before she takes on either Hyuk or Min-ki. King Sukjong real loves was lady Jang. An applause to the writer, I came to care for each character in this show and 1 doesn’t happen a lot for me. Chunsoo was there to fill the love triange, if there was supposed to be one.

At the start of episode 60, it showed Dong yi walking in a meadow or sth. And if they don’t stop Sang Deuk from public urination soon – someone ought to take a pair of scissors to those wee-wees soon!

And I actually agree with you re: Although it seemed callous, him describing their relationship as one based out of “pity” or “sympathy” was just him trying to rationalize his investment in Yoon Hee and Min Ho, imo. The problem with the medical storyline is, and i will be blunt here, the girl who plays his love interest AOA’s Mina just lost her father to cancer.

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