Hasratein – Episode 21 – Full Episode. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. Savitri is dazed to receive a letter by Registered Post from Bangalore and it contains Satish’s last poem that holds hope for his return. Hasratein – Episode 6 – Full Episode. Rani Agrawal Seema Kapoor Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. As she wakes up, she reflexly turns to kiss Savitri but her daughter turns away.

Consequently, she requests Madhavi to at least get her married so that she can lead her own life on her terms. Hasratein – Episode 25 – Full Episode. Savitri concludes bitterly, they are born in the womb of fear and tells Uma of her own abortive love affair with Satish just because Sulakshana had once eloped with Kedar. She selects Nasik, for their meeting while Kedar opts for Hyderabad as names to be mentioned to their respective spouses as an alibi. Hasratein – Episode 4 – Full Episode. However, as Dayal remains unmoved he approaches Govind who panics as he stands to lose a massive amount if Trivedi cancels his export order!

Consequently, she requests Madhavi to at least get her married so that she can lead her own life on her terms. To add insult to injury, a secretly delighted Dayal opens the door for Sulakshana so that Savitri can sleep undisturbed but her reaction is hysterical.

Dayal is admitted to the ICU, put on Oxygen with strict restrictions put on visitors by doctors treating him. As she opens it, she’s stunned to find Sulakshana at her door step. Satish confides in Epiosde that though he wants to be a professor of English his mother wants him to become a doctor.

On the day, Satish’s haaratein conclude, an excited Savitri rushes to meet him at his residence only to be rudely rebuffed by Mr.

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Meanwhile, Madhavi plans to adopt Savitri much to Govind’s joy as he misses having children of his own. Malati Sinkar’s brother and Savitri who still has vivid memories of Satish flaming in her mind puts her foot down and refuses to entertain any further discussion about this alliance.

Govind’s cup of sorrow overflows when Madhavi asks him to stop coming home at odd hours in a drunken state as Savitri is living with them forcing him to comment on the tainted blood flowing in her veins without realizing Savitri hears each word.

A shell-shocked Madhavi accuses Savitri of destroying her home ignoring her pleas altogether.


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Gradually, Dayal seriously plans to close down his music school but scolds Uma when she hasratwin to quit learning singing altogether. Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed. Vishal drops in with a bottle of Champagne to celebrate getting a role in feature films but Varma refuses to share it as he has seen too many actors getting ruined by alcohol. She’s stunned to find Vishal in bed with another woman, implying he’s a compulsive womanizer and as she staggers down the stairs, her mind is flooded with memories from the past–ranging from her teenage crush to adolescence and her insistence on indulging in a clandestine affair with Vishal despite Kumar’s disapproval.

He breathes his last before Raghu who breaks down weeping bitterly.

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Savitri follows Govind wearing a saree in addition to spectacles but finds episoed untoward in his behaviour except his attempts to hold her hand and grow intimate with her. Sonal is thrilled to find the name Sinkar but that topper’s name is different as is his school. Coincidentally, wedding bells are ringing in Govind’s firm where an employee Mr.

He feels Chintamani is an ideal match for her but Chintamani cuts hasrateij a sorry figure that he leaves in a tearing hurry but after amusing the life out of Savitri, Madhavi and Govind! As he finds Savitri to be adamant still, he offers to call her the next day to learn her final decision on their marriage.

Hasratein – Episode 17 – Full Episode. Fortunately, she reciprocates his feelings and she drops her plans of watching Uma perform on stage as she wants to wait for Satish’s phone-call late at night!

In any case, she’s troubled by her father’s loneliness and tries her best to draw him out by urging him to sing for her sake. Savitri concludes bitterly, they are born in the womb of fear and tells Uma of her own abortive love affair with Satish just because Sulakshana had once eloped with Kedar.

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In order to make her draam memorable, Sulakshana dresses up in a rich saree, puts on all her jewellery, cooks dinner for Dayal and Savitri besides lavishing a lot of affection on her daughter.


However, Sulakshana suggests that they carry on their association in a clandestine manner by meeting in another city!

Hasratein – Episode 5 – Full Episode. She selects Nasik, for hasrateij meeting while Kedar opts for Hyderabad haeratein names to be mentioned to their respective spouses as an alibi. Madhavi makes life so miserable for Savitri that in a segial of frustration, the latter suggests she removes all traces of Sulakshana by replacing the entire blood flowing through her veins. As Madhavi passes on this news to Kamal it is received in sheer disbelief. But Madhavi is stunned that Govind raised such a hue and cry merely to take his revenge on Sulakshana for calling him an alcoholic.

Hasratein – Episode 20 – Full Episode. But her joy is fleeting as Govind has left a note especially for her stating that Kedar has checked into Room No.

While Savitri waits in the foyer, Uma goes to Vishal’s room in the hotel where he’s a regular client. Uma is alarmed to discover she’s pregnant with Vishal’s love-child but feigns it’s food poisoning so that Varma doesn’t get alarmed.

Savitri clad in a housecoat waters plants in her garden but little escapes Govind’s roving eye and an outraged Madhavi orders Savitri to wear only sarees. Hasratein – Episode 24 – Full Episode. She departs in the dead of night latching the front door from outside. As Madhavi spots Satish enter her premises, she tells Savitri to take her bath and meets Satish’s mother assuring her she won’t be distressed! erama

Search for draa Hasratein ” on Amazon. However, a major shock awaits Uma! Furthermore, Varma still regards Vishal as her ‘guardian’ turning a deaf hasratrin to the rumor mills. A heart-broken Savitri sits moping in her room recalling his poems when she fantasizes about him being in her room. Satish’s mother keeps feeding him with dietary supplements to improve his memory and health besides insulting Savitri when she comes to meet Satish. In her heart of hearts, Madhavi still holds Savitri guilty for Satish’s suicide but she denies any involvement in that tragedy that left its scars on her mindscape.

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