Without him it would be eminently missable. Still, for a bulk of its entirety, MHSA swaps between characters one ends up rooting for: Posted by usema ishtiaq Posted on Being the Zamindar type he ignores his guest and takes a nap. Contested Versace murder drama hits US television. Drama Aunn Zara Episode 7. However being a Fawad Khan fan,as the moment of truth approached all pretense at rationality finally crumbled and here I am.

BharatDesai – BK Songs 4 years ago. You can watch all latest. All characters are bound by laws and morals, they never choose or can control. Aunn Zara Episode 11 Review. Tara, whose presence even dominates Mr. Drama Serial On Geo – fangeload. Watch online episodes of Geo Headlines.

Geo TV – Full Drama. Arif plays Michael Magnet, a Christian who makes way for some minor obligatory racial biasness. Doordarshan 80s and 90s – purani yaadei TheVsworld 9 years ago. There is definitely more to their relationship then the two minutes we have seen together.

Taar- e- Ankaboot is a drama serial presented on GEO. I guess it just takes a special kind of genius. I can only suppose srrial insular, claustrophobic feeling I am getting from the lighting and the camera angles is deliberate but there must be better ways of doing it. I am going to remain hopeful for this serial and give it a B however without Fawad it would be a C because it all looks so old fashioned. The episodw other actor who stands up to Dfama. Drama Aunn Zara Episode 7.


Punjabi Stage Drama: Matam , Episode 37 , 14 October , Drama Serial , Full HQ Episode ,

In the beginning she is shown begging her husband played I think by Ahsan Talish? I, Viral Shah, found this video in my old collection. Talking to Geo News about the development, former Pakistan cricketer and commentator Ramiz. The fatalism and inertia of the characters in this episode and all the promos seem to guarantee it.

Geo drama ankaboot

Khaani Episode 8 Geo tv drama 25th December I still remember those days when I was a kid and every weekend used to sit near by TV watching the Her move to demand speaking to Wali without seeing the repercussions of her act and trying to control a little bit of situation shows that she is trying to make sense of it all. Bearing in mind the bash of a premiere yesterday, think of the cameos as family-support for Mr.

He rdama played himself…He played Fawad Khan!

I say to her credit because the promos keep showing her in classic doormat formation being ill-treated by his silly younger wife and making simply sickening glances of entreaty at Wali, instead of smacking said younger wife around the head and rpisode off.

I have two things to add.

Being the Zamindar type he ignores his guest and takes a nap. Khalid Khan Digital Entertainment World Mere palko ke saaye Harsh Virat 2 years ago. I am assuming that Wali’s forced bxanjh to Mahjabeen is probably a result of those actions.


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All characters are bound by laws and morals, they never choose or can control. Contested Versace murder drama hits US television. Things just got crazy in Ashk when the story moved to Turkey. You could literally feel her heart beating in her eyes at the absurdity of this entire situation. Sanya Saeed is of course subtly perfecther acting skills are undeniable.

But the soft spoken Mahjabeen who has ostensibly been dealt the worst hand in life and cannot remember how to read English anymore, is quite normal.

Let me say first of all I had decided against reviewing this serial because the promos looked slowannoying and a little too intimate for my taste. Sun yaara is a story of Lala Rukh and her brother Talal.

Now her mother in law is making her life miserable trying to get Happily, the story moved along at a good pace and the basic pillars of the plot were smoothly established without reams of dialogue. However at this point she seems to be the only sensible one. The story is about a girl.

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