Report Video Please select the category that most closely reflects your concern about the video, so that we can review it and determine whether it violates our Community Guidelines or isn’t appropriate for all viewers. Its Pali equivalent is sabbava. Muller pointed out in connection with the word acaratha Mundaka that this irregularity looks suspiciously Buddhistic. Jairaj Joshi , Ravi Patwardhan , Sanchita. The Maenads are the women-attendants of Dionysos, his nursing nymphs, in mythology. Attributes of Siva with which we are familiar in Indian religious literature are discernable in the case of his Greek counter-part Zeus. Playlists New playlist Your Playlist’s title. Heroes princes and prophets have been deified in the East and the West from time immemorial.

If there are historical facts of the life and deeds of Alexander analogous to those of Skanda as we gather from the Indian literature and if there is corroboration of material details in the lives of [people? It is claimed by some that Skanda is purely a South Indian God and there are no Skanda temples in the north. Qurban Jilani was a versatile actor and was quite at ease in every kind of role. When from out the fire immortal To himself his God did take him, To his own flesh and bespake him”. And Upanisadic literature reflects the tendencies of that new spirit. Forgot password Forgot Username. Is it not an isolated case of accidental coincidence? Of course, there were gods and goddesses too before the arrival of Siva.

Detail from the Alexander mosaic from the House of the Faun, Pompeii, c. Agni, being invoked, descended from the sun, entered into the fire and received the oblations. Forgot password Forgot Username. Herodotus speaks of a Jupiter Stratius worshipped by the Carians.


But it occurs once in the Upanisadic literature. Thirdly, the passage where it occurs has been alleged to be an interpolation by competent authorities. His matrimonial alliance with Seleucus who succeeded to the throne of Persia might have made it tactically opportune, and politically expedient.

Herodotus [51] speaks of Dionysus as a late addition to the Hellenic gods. No one has the right to find fault with those of our people who have found their son of God and have thus regained their Eternal Father.

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The Indian legend concerning the origin of Skanda is vague, vacillant and divergent. The regular Indian equivalent according to the Indologist Dr.

Dionysus is said to be the son of Chubhah and Skanda is the son of Siva. We have, then, to extricate historical matter from the cobwebs of age-old legends. Arrians Anabasis of Alexander by E. It is a custom that obtains in India even at present.

Of course, there were gods and goddesses too before the arrival of Siva. Alexander established a huge empire across much of the known world before his early death in B.

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Qurban Jilani did a brief stint with Pakistani film industry but found the world of glitz and glamour too artificial. The identity of the real animal which conveyed Alexander is still preserved in the ritual processions of the image of Skanda mounted on a prancing charger sculptured with realism. The life of Alexander by a Pseudo-Callisthenes gained unmerited currency and the brilliant hues of lurid fiction threw facts into the shade.


The myths are identical. Monica BediSaahil Chadha. Smith — Early History of Indiap. But controversy crops up, when we come to the equivalent of Mazda. Various races and ages have left the impression of their diverse contributions. Her amour was unrequited and she now found an opportune moment and a clever ruse.

Zul-Qarnain ‘Lord of Two Horns’ indicating that he was regarded as a living deity while yet a man. The tone of dubious hesitancy is chubhxn.

Therefore he became the son of Rudra”. Please choose report reason carefully and enter your message which will be emailed to the uploader and will be displayed on video page as well. In Athens, the worship of Dionysus was later reformed by Epimenides and was purged of certain objectionable elements. But the fundamental conceptions underlying the rites and ceremonies of Dionysiac worship are the common heritage of various nations.

Video is violating privacy. Such a suspicion is strengthened by the large variety of forms in which the word Naigameya occurs in various works.

As so often happens in the history of religion, new names and new notions were overlaid on the old. Pargiter gives various illustrations of flagrant misreadings of names.

A rich man marries an amnesiac girl but later finds that her wife, being drawn by a supernatural force goes into the dark in every night. Report Detail Video contains prohibited content.

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