He asks someone to get her water. Thinking we cant read. Page 1 of 1. Shashi says that urmi is also like samrat, a drama queen. Ohooooo I dt like dis episode must sam always hv his way? She just stares on coldly. Well, I guess Urmi will take 9 months to deliver and during this period she will face obstacles of attempts being made to lose her baby by miscarriage etc.

While all this is happening, the servant accidentally sprays some water on the floor. He asks the servant again. May I say that this is total hog wash and foolishness. But granny says that this doesnt need any complainec and definitely she would go. Page 1 of 1. She cancels the phone and sends the servant to go outside and work.

Doli Armaanon Ki 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

All are shocked to see such ferocity, whereafter she collapses again, and ishaan and anirudh compose, while she rants, that shaurya would macrh alright, and god cant take him away. He asks her to pick up a gift that he got for her.

Welcome, Login to your account. Like 0 Dislike 0. Headache due to gritting of teeth followed by BP is the greatest achievement and effect of this writgen. Samrat says that nothing would change after marriage, and he doesnt like changing his style.

And if thats not a success, then they shall try again after 18 months, until which time, shaurya shall be on medication. Devi is upset but doesnt say anything.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th March Written Episode Update | HaydiSeyret

Ladies and gentlemen the doctor or doctors are not truthful and as doctors how can they use a conspiracy theory to diagnose some one. Damini does not realize she is abusing her own and only son also. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.


She lays out her chocie that she wants him to wear. The donors and the recipient must be compatible. He takes her and makes her sit down, and relax. Be realistic and even up the score. Armaanl excuses himself to go to them. He pretends to be very happy with urmi, while buaji and gaurav eye him tensedly. Diwaker and kanchan are tensed to hear this.

Sad face mein bohot naras hai for urmila.

He says that a woman is a human, not a thing. They seat her calmly.

Urmi signals to saroj, that she wont go with them. By Rimjhim Last updated Mar 28, Now are they going to treat an match person with those drugs. While he goes about, she looks at him and then picks up and brings it to him. But samrat is confident that they would come.

Kt 28th Mar – 4: Sign in Recover your password. Do you this really happens? He dedicates the first song of the night to urmi. Samrat is furious when ishaan just mentions that she maybe upset, and says she would have to be kept in limits. eppisode

She again signals saroj that she wont go. Hospital hearing about the cancer, urmi goes berserk and distraught as to how this can be. His father is tensed, but he asks him to relax. Page 1 of 1. Shashi begins to instigate samrat, by commenting that urmi or her mother, both are in no hurry for urmi to come back, and are much comfortable ,arch only. Ishaan asks sasmrat not to talk business on the table. I marcu not convinced writers understand we are educated thus they just write and post.


Urmi doesnt respond at all. All clap for the romantic performance. Are we so gullible that we can be taken for aside?? Thne guard too ejoys her tension, and says that he didnt come here. I have stopped watching and episdoe ZEE channel subscription, so I am saving money and my blood pressure has returned to normal.

While all this is happening, the servant accidentally sprays some armaaho on the floor. But granny says that this doesnt need any complainec and definitely she would go. The next morning, urmi wakes up with a renewed vigour, and starts looking through apparels for him.

A password will be e-mailed to you. Anirudh says that they shall try whatever means they can, and whatever treatments are there, to cure shaurya.

AmandaS 28th Mar – 2: Outside in the garden, shashi finds urmi tensed and urmi shares how she felt bad at the way samrat treated his father at the dining table.

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