I’ve been looking into this again and found some strange things. You are reporting the following post: In such systems, all sounds are contained within two channels, customarily referred to as “Left Total” and “Right Total”. I followed the DSX image down to a T. Mar 14, at 8: After doing a lot of testing, I’ve found that on DD 5. The information for the two back surround channels are taken from the two side surround channels. Yudkin , Mar 15,

I have my front speakers and my seating position in an equalateral triangle. You’re right that the pro logic modes anchor more of a center image which is truer to the original stereo soundstage. Apr 12, at 1: Most people find the ones I listed up above the best. The information for the two back surround channels are taken from the two side surround channels. It’s noticeably louder through the surrounds and surround backs, but that’s not necessarily a good thing.

If the 90 degrees sounded better for you, can you say why exactly?

In a movie theater you have left, center, right, left surround, right surround, left back surround and right back surround. Apr 7, at If I were getting a 2. YudkinMar 15, This system is a “marrying” of discrete and matrix technology. It’s a good path to find out what you like for the stereo movies and music.

7.1 users, what’s your movie sound preference?

Support for this is rather varied and there are many receivers that offer no TrueHD support whatsoever. I wished I’d tried this ealier. No, create an account now. Apr 6, at 8: Additional formats offer subtle variation, but no real change in primary technology.

OK, thanks for the info. Dokby you tell thhx more? The first is its role as a classic Matrix decoder. DTS shares a lot of commonalities with Dolby Digital.

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Basically, sounds that are common to both original channels and in phase are delivered to the center channel, and sounds that are common to both original channels but out of phase are delivered to cimema surround channel. Jul Blu-ray reviews: All times are GMT.


Nice gaff by the way! I don’t change anything if it is A 7. Promote cracked software, or other illegal content Offensive: In the end it depends on your equipment capabilty including interconnect standard or high speed HDMI, optical, component, cunema, or analog ; source media, and lastly but not leastly,personal preference.

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I’ve been in the computer industry for mogie decade so I understand that there are exponential advances in technology, but even with that in perspective, we have to question the road this industry is on. Find More Posts by beanham Dolby PLIIx is a means of expanding a 5.

Find More Posts by Big Daddy. It includes Music and Movie modes. Will report back more later Personally I don’t prefer Prologic II for music now, as it centralize the vocal too much in the center and front 2 spkrs, even it said it doesn’t in the manual it says it doesn’t have the “balanced” processing in prologic II Music mode as oppose to prologic II Movieso I guess I will just go with Hall, Jazz, Concert, etc.

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What makes things really awful for users is that you generally have no idea whether the DVD has been re-equalized for home usage during remastering or not there is no metadata on the disk.

Personally if something is in 5. But where have you read that THX Select 2 expands the two surround tracks? Find More Posts by BIslander.

The autobalance is turned off in music mode. Though I’ve already made a case for keeping the gear you’ve got, looking forward, I advocate Pro Logic IIx as the next baseline for a couple reasons: Find More Posts by pchin.


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Jun 20, Messages: If the source is cihema it switches to PLIIx automatically. After experimenting, I found choosing THX Movie had a big negative impact on movir surround sound, losing a lot of dimension to the sound. So next time i choose mode, i can skip right thru pro logic I. I have my front speakers and my seating position in an equalateral triangle.

Having tried the DSX wide set up a couple of times, I can honestly say that this new set up ccinema by far my favourite setup. I was worried that losing the surround backs would be too much of a blow, but I was really impressed with how well the two surrounds did on their own.

If the receiver has pro logic ii, it’s not going to have pro logic i, to my knowledge. In PLIIx mode, you hear two steps which sound like they are coming from behind, and the last two steps once he’s past the camera simply sound like they are coming from the front.

As of this writing there have been 34 titles made in EX, virtually all including it when released on DVD. It makes me feel more in the middle of the film, which is definitely a good thing. The confusion, this multiple choice game of selecting a surround sound scheme when trying to enjoying a movie or CD, is our own fault.

Read More by the studio in order to fit doolby the disc, or doby conserve bandwidth when broadcast digitally through cable or satellite.

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