Shashank enters the hospital and is nostalgic. Armaan interrupts and does not allow Nikita to go with Abhimanyu. Sid hits a six in the last ball of the game. Dogie gives Armaan’s reports to Riddhima, she is upset and confronts Armaan. Jiah is happy hearing that Abhi has made Nikki go out of Sanjeevani. Arman is upset and leaves.

P a new intern from Mugalsarai, Uttar Pradesh enters the hospital as the guards try to stop him. Cooking video views. Ek haadsa, Do Ajnabi.. Abhimanyu is really upset about this incident and takes care of her. Yeh dastaan hai Zoya aur Aditya ki.. Riddhima is in trouble.

Ridhima in her bedroom is missing Arman. On that side, Armaan saves Pari from her wicked friends who were trying to take advantage of her. But vayye Armaan and Abhimanyu remain determined and adamant on their decisions. Forgot password Forgot Username. All the five of them watche TV and are glad that the minister has promised their safety.

Yuvi saves an old couple from an accident, the couple blesses him.

Ek haadsa, Do Ajnabi. Arman gets engaged to Ridhima in the ward. Please follow me on Instagram: Muskaan tells Riddhima that Armaan is throwing a party as he is confident gqyye passing the exam. Abhimanyu asks Nikita to meet him at 8 in the evening.


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All the interns interact between themselves. Riddhima gets the apology card from Dr Kirti. Atul disheartened goes and sits over there. Nikita determines to use Suman in troubling Abhimanyu.

DMG Ep. – Riddhima takes sick leave – video dailymotion

Inthe West Bengal government applied for a Geographical Indications GI tag for the variant called ‘Banglar Rosogolla’ Bengali Rasgullaclarifying that the Bengal and Odisha variants were different in ‘both in colour, texture, taste, juice content imll method of manufacturing. Okey but honestly what is going on? The girls are dancing together and refuse to dance with the boys. Armaan collects the urine sample of Doogie.

содержание серий | Dill Mill Gayye | Официальная группа | ВКонтакте

Yuvraaj Yuvi riding a bike crosses the Baraat a hit n miss between Naina and Yuvraaj. All are in shock.

Anjali cries to Atul and asks him to stop Riddhima. In the basket ball court also, a cute fight between Armaan and Riddhima happens. On the other hand Bubbly tells Armaan that she has managed to persuade Dr shubankar to change the ring.

A very sensuous moment, but again Sumanlata breaks it. Rid falls on Armaan. Arman is upset and leaves.

Muskaan invites Armaan for a coffee. Nikki asks him to behave. Umar gets angry but leaves from there. On the other side, Armaan tells Muskan to keep an eye on Nikita. Nikita tries to get to know whats cooking between Sumanlata and Abhimanyu. Seeing this Riddhima realizes that a small incident can create lot of proximity between two people.


She scolds him dilll Sid also counters by saying he is not that type of a guy. Armaan and Riddhima look shocked to see Shashank at peisode door.

Armaan challenges Shashank

Atul, Muski, Anji leave for the party. Sorry for the bad quality of this Video actually this one is old video All credit goes to to itsrespectiveowner All Credit goes to starone Amd cinevistaaslimited cinevista Part 1 iamksgofficial kandpalsukirti palki.

Inspite of all his efforts he fails to convince Riddhima. Sid and Tamanna dares out and helps the old man but had to run for cover when they come to know that the Sarpanch is behind them. Nikki breaks down and leaves.

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