All rounds were kept inside of an 8 inch circle. Username or email address: I assumed you were doing that so I was a asshat. Nice gun; expensive, though. I thought the Kel-Tec trigger was the worst of the bunch. If so, it needs to go back. That’s one round about every minute and a half if you average it out less actually.

He sent it back to the manufacturer for warranty work. If it is anything like the. I am going to order two more magazines and some stronger magazine springs. Anonymous September 9, at This is even more the case during the first rounds. Search Forums Recent Posts. I appologize for my earlier response, it was rude and insensitive, and I have had the training.

I also got lots of practice clearing malfunctions without a slide lock. Originally Posted by AdamSean. Posted by Bruce F at 7: As did the second The DB got two.

Also make sure it’s not one of the clips. Log in or Sign up.

Range Report: Diamondback DB ZC serial

I’m a Kel-Tec man myself. I think DB wanted me to pay shipping to send it back, not sure. I have over 1, rounds through this gun and carry daily. If this new one proves reliable, I’ll buy one.

If you like the gun, it would diamnodback worth keeping it. Accuracy is superb for such a tiny “noisy cricket”, I was able to qualify with it on the first try, even kept them all in the silhouette body at 25 yards, which amazed me since the sight radius is so small and the sights are nothing great. August 21, I’m still waiting for them to contact diamondbsck with the details on the loaner so I can review it.


It’s been problem free ever since.

Diamondback .380

Nov 19, Member: Jun 27, 7. On that note, I think it was American Rifleman that reviewed several popular s and all had some issues – of course those were all brand new guns that may need break-in seriees. A quick trip to Gun Broker showed me what was available and the going price.

I can normally politely ask them to pay for it, but didn’t feel like messing with it after buy TWO faulty guns from them. Even though it should be extremely rare, an off-duty LEO may be required to intercede in certain exigent situations occurring in his presence that are outside the realm of what the armed civilian is typically involved in.

Posted by Bruce F at 9: Did you miss your activation email? They also told me weeks or more to get serirs back once I’m able to finally send it aeries is.

Will this one actually shoot? The other triggers don’t compare. Tweet this thread Share on Facebook Reddit! I’ll check it out next time I got some ammo to spare.


db fixes/upgrades ?

Trust me, it’s a stout set up. Granted, you have to train to a whole different ball-game if you need to reload, but in those situations I’m not sure how diamondbaci reloading you are going to be doing. I trudged through a bunch of the stuff, though, hoping to at least break the gun in while using up the ammo.

I will update this thread as I break-in the pistol.

DiamondBack DB380 First Impressions

Feb 19, Member: When reading up on the Diamondback, I kept reading about diamondvack Glock-like design. When I saw a picture of it for the first time and saw the take down bar was identical to the Glock, I was sold. Thanks for responses my apologize for asshat response to first guys post.

What was your first handgun? Bruce F February 26, at 1: This is my everyday pocket carry. Log in or Sign up. Read times ferrell Hatchling Posts: It is permanent and way better than rubber.

I try to give every gun manufacturer at least two times to make it right.

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