Well with Furuya injured, maybe Sawamura can finally play a full game without anyone taking away his spot. That was an okay episode. BBCode Kokoro did nothing wrong. They changed the Yakushi-Akikawa game slightly from the manga. My guess is they changed it to create at least a little bit of drama and tension. Well, i think we all knew that was coming but still, it was great.

I’m hoping Furuya’s injury isn’t serious, I enjoy his monster pitches more than Sawamura’s even though the latter is still enjoyable to watch. I hope we won’t see Furuya playing for too long next time, he’s a bit boring to watch when he plays. The conflict in Seido is as strong as ever, it doesn’t look like it would end anytime soon. Kind of killed it tbh even though this episode was more enjoyable than last time. The tensions and feels are all gone when I watch how the game ended in this episode. Man that play in the beginning was amazing, with Eijun quickly picking up the ball and then Kuramochi jumping over the player to throw to first base. Why would he need a shot?

I’m sure many can foresee the same thing happening to them as well. Still, it was nice to see the play working out well. Glad to finally see the pitch, though something made me think otherwise. And then set him on fire. Eposode not rewatch it. And just to be clear this mostly a desire for during the games, on the mound or in the dugout. Am I the only one that gets pissed off when they call Furuya the ace???

I can’t blame him from doing so though as most players would probably end up in the latter But well, from Kuramochi’s flashback, the previous batch kissaanime year 3 fought a lot too and thanks to that, they bonded really well that flashback made me miss them haha. Drop the score from 6 to 4 after this match. He’s Seido’s mood changer; last season, he cheered up his team before they went back out onto the pitch.

Diamond no Ace: Second Season Episode 19 Discussion

Glad to see Sawamura’s pitch caught Umemiya off guard though. That game ended fast! That’s what makes him interesting, and that’s why people like him over Furuya. Shunchen vs Raichi was also pretty awesome. You may be right. It seems to me like the Coach is spending way more time with Sawamura then he is with Furuya, I bet his long-term goal is to make Sawamura a monster pitcher with tons of variety and tactics.


A changeup or a slider would both be good, if he’ll learn a curveball too that would be even better, though that will be pushing it.

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It would be great epiwode hear Nabe’s thoughts to ,issanime down some of the tensions, though how some of the players are “choosing” sides seems sort of weird. That one character noticing Furuya injured his foot was very surprising. Sawamura is quirky, definitely, but he’s driven and focused as well.

My bet is that what was shown in the preview is going to be an entire episode all together, and then save the conclusion of the Seido game until the end of the episode or even all the way to the episode after that. Furuya with an injury, the catcher has a good eye to notice it.

I don’t think ‘The Devil’, as I am now going to call him, is correct here though. Hope it’s nothing too serious. Most retarded cliffhanger I’ve epsiode seen.

Then the game is over. That was an okay episode.

I pretty much knew that the episode would start the way it did. He loves off Furuya too much. Zono was afraid of the latter, of course. He would suit the supporting role much better, like Haruichi or Kuramochi. In the manga Shunshin actually gave up two homeruns to Raichi over the course of the game and Yakushi won That was also kinda jarring as well.

Personally I don’t see what’s wrong with the Coach pitting them against each other unless he really intends episide never giving Sawamura a chance. The kissanimd in the 2nd half was quite interesting.


In the last episode I loved Sawamura’s stern talk with Furuya, and I want to see more of him with that attitude, beyond his inner monologues.

I hope Sawamura will steal his number!! They pretty much butchered the climax of the game for anyone watching this on a weekly basis.

I also noticed it looked like Sawamura catched it but suddenly showed Kuramochi throwing it above the 2nd runner’s head. I seriously hate that damn side coach. After all, he has been questioning coach Kataoka’s coaching style and even condemns it ever since he appears in the series.

Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.

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Raichi’s funny, but Seidou’s already faced Yakushi twice, even if once was just a practice game. Conflict within coaches and conflict within teammates at the same time. Outside of the games I actually like his personality, to a point, mainly because that’s when it seems like the whole team is meant to be the main character and the mesh of all personalities is really enjoyable. How he manages to twist other people’s words and “understanding” what the other is thinking Also, no real point in trying to make a cliffhanger with Manaka’s successor after having shown Sawamura pitching against Raichi in the OP.

I wonder when Ochiai would ever be convinced enough to not think that everything is about Furuya, and that the ace spot can be contested. But I’m kind of sad that Shunshin’s team lost.

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Well, we’re gonna see Sawamura with the change-up soon, I guess. Ochiai, why you gotta be so rude? Looks like Furuya won’t be playing in the next game, or will be limited at least.

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