Add Image S1, Ep2. The latter introduces his Sufi-tinged, Punjabi sound for a memorable collaboration. The sixth episode on The Dewarists this year looked back upon the collaborations where music and art met to create a multi-sensory experience. The Express Tribune Date: The song has been given legs by a range of sounds thanks to the percussive genius of Trilok Gurtu. Set by the tranquil shores of Pondicherry , the collaboration fuses contemporary movement arts with the effortless energy of Euphoria. The track reflects the individual styles of the artists, the mood of the mellifluous raga, and the mysteries of longing and separation.

His passion is so deeply rooted, it drove him to the heights he is at today. According to Kumar, their sister channel Star India World used his concept without his permission and without compensating him. Dayal is today as recognisable for his Dewarist spirit as he is for his voice. Singer Monica Dogra returned as hostess, and also one of the collaborators on the season premiere of The Dewarists Season 3. The Dewarist is inspired by Tommy Dewars philosophy of “Some things are worth doing”. He takes the help of his producer friend, Dub Sharma to write some lyrics inspired by Heer. Shillong, Meghalaya – also known as the Scotland of the East. Directed by independent film-maker, Srinivas Sunderrajan , [7] the show was broadcast on MTV India in its new format that merges the visual arts with sound to create a multi-sensory experience.

Retrieved 9 October Retrieved 21 February This episode was shot in Shimla. Rap was what he turned to for escape. Shillong, Meghalaya – also known as the Scotland of the East.

The show was also the first collaborative experience to be simulcast on television and on YouTube. Benny Dayalthe voice behind Bollywood’s best chart-busters and indie-pop numbers has carved his niche in the industry.

While they explore the islands, Nucleya comes up with a basic melody and they work further on the track. Shruti Dewaistsis a playback singer and lyricist from Bollywood.


The vast mountains and peaceful monasteries inspire them to write Ikka Dukka, a passionate quest for a higher power.

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Hindustani classical singer Shubha Mudgal joins forces with folk rock band Swarathma, one of the most exciting independent acts to emerge from the country in the past few years. The outcome of their collaboration is the high octane song that in part inspires awe and in equal part, fervor. They collaborated with other artists and performed in different cities.

Then the idea developed for this program. For the final music video, Khirama, Lucky and Shilpa used words as both lyric and art, ultimately giving a whole new meaning to the song produced. The song tells a fictional story of a man who decides to relocate the monument of Qutub Minar from Delhi to Imphal. Intrigued by the story behind the creation of the urban jungle that is Mumbaiour collaborators — hand shadowgrapher, Amar Sen, and audio-visual collective, B.

The dewraists of visual art into the music-centered dynamic of the sesson offered viewers a refreshing perspective on the link between music and art. Views Read Edit View history. Add Image S1, Ep5. The track reflects the individual styles of the artists, the mood of the mellifluous raga, and the mysteries of longing and separation.

Set in the snow-capped hills of Manalithe music video, Suspended was a stirring amalgamation of light painting and electronic music. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They both feel that love being such a universal language would work great as the theme for the song and the poem would do justice to it.

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Joining them is Mohit Chauhan, celebrated playback singer and balladeer extraordinaire. The former is a native revered of the state. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While exploring the idea of someone who loves being in love, they set out to create something as pure and soulful as the scenic views around them.


Nucleya also meets a group of local Thai folk musicians who perform local folk songs that have been sung through years and have been passed on from one generation to another, while also trying his hand at playing a local Thai instrument, Ranad.

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Nucleya redefines Indian electronica by creating a fusion of complex cut up edits and unheard Indian sounds, with cutting edge production and genre-defying rhythms. This is the first Dewarists episode shot outside India, in AberfeldyScotland. The one-hour-long season finale featured a collaboration between India’s folk rock collective, The Raghu Dixit Project ; a contemporary dance troupe, Nritarutya ; dewafists maker, Sridhar Murthy; and graffiti artist and animator, Harun Robert.

The desert landscapes of Jaisalmer dewarizts its surrounding villages provide the backdrop for the eclectic combination of U.

The Express Tribune Date: Dayal is today as recognisable for his Dewarist spirit as he is for his voice. This episode is shot in the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Acclaimed producer and composer Karsh Kale travels with guitar virtuoso Baiju Dharmajan to the sleepy town Angadipurram where they write ‘Sacred Science’ with Njeralathu Harigovindan, who runs the world’s only seaxon devoted to percussion. This page was last edited on 13 Januaryat The second episode of the new season enabled the coming together of indi-pop icon Lucky Ali and renowned installation artist, Shilpa Gupta.

Pioneers of Indian electronica Midival Punditz meet Sikh-Canadian rapper Humble The Poet for this unique collaboration by the scenic shorelines of Goa along with singer-songwriter and our host Monica Dogra.

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