Lee is “enhanced” by the underground pyramid from “Outcast Times at A. Langhorne’s room but are knocked out by gas when Langhorne goes to lie down. Lee and Biffy go to Lee’s place, only to find that the Serpent has arrived before they are knocked unconscious and wake up at Biffy’s place. Meanwhile, Tina deduces a way to identify which files on the Coral Grove site are about which inmate. Lee sees the Outcasts in the background of school news, with Jenny holding his bag. Detentionaire – Season 3: At home Lee tries to confront Camillio with the information but is interrupted. The episode ends with a mysterious figure pulling off the prank again.

Inside said locker Lee finds his original bag from the day one prank. The episode ends with a mysterious figure pulling off the prank again. However, Vice Principal Victoria is attending the party to talk with the grown-up. Cassandra and Kimmie arrive at the scene and crystallizes the Council Leader and reveals that she plans to open the pyramid so she could sell the Reptilians’ technology. With the help of Holger and Biffy, he sneaks out of detention but accidentally traps Biffy and Kimmie, caught spray-painting the fence as part of Biffy’s plan, in the detention room. Lee points out that Blompkins can’t detain him as he is no longer a student. Jenny asks about Lee’s relationship with Tina but is interrupted by a call from Holger.

Retrieved from ” https: Barrage and Lee are able to work together to not only save the class from the melt-down but also the fearsome cyborg tazelwurms living inside the factory.

Cassandra intervenes with his plans but she and Kimmie are taken to the prison floor by his soldiers. Barrage almost caught him with his eye scanner, but epidodes just missed coming into contact with Lee’s skin.

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Lee sees Cam, Holger episoxes Biffy getting taken away by Cassandra’s soldiers, while Cassandra takes an oblivious Kimmie into the a submarine. Lee overhears Barrage and Cassandra talking about fencing and he assumes that it is to do with the fencing team’s losing streak, “the curse of Earl Nigma”. Tina wonders aloud why Episoces is asking about Jenny all of a sudden until she realised she is still being filmed. During this, Brandy confronts Lee about his love triangle with Tina and Jenny.

Lee is still unsure whether Cam was hypnotised during the prank as he acts like a monkey when someone says eepisodes so he might have been hypnotised. Lee is ordered by Cassandra to draw a map of the tunnels to the pyramid.

A horrified and crying Tina turns him down as he’s too late and runs away in tears, leaving Lee both heartbroken and confused. Back at the school the red tatzelwurm gives the outcasts another whisker and unlocks the book with its teeth. The Outcasts to get a whisker from the red tazelwurm to cure their “curse” being unpopular to the other studentsas Lee and his friends help them. The group find that Barrage doesn’t own the Hazmats and the key to hacking Radcircle’s phone.


The episode ends with Lynch, free from the Reaper Mats, controlling the submarine to get back to Coral Grove so Finnwich can see Lee, and reveals to them that Lee’s real non-clone mother is also there.

Barrage begins hunting down the footage promising rewards for anyone who can bring him the Prank Footage. Lee returns to detention, unable to find the council member, however, when Biffy finds that the member went to a casino called “The Hydra”, Lee and Biffy plan to go there and find out what is going on. Lee fixes the matches so he is with Kimmie, planning to spy on Cassandra. Lee tries to find out if she is involved in the prank and Tina investigates whether she is involved in the prank or used by Lee in her words.

Ruby confesses to Tina and Lee that she wasn’t involved in the prank and wanted detention so she can’t go to university.

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Finnwich refuses to let him help, insisting it is adult business. At home, Lee is informed about the book by both Tina and Jenny. During the brief period of time in which the Tazelwurm had Lee’s phone someone programmed in a series of numbers, a locker number and combination.

Lee is given a free weekend by his parents, oblivious to The Serpent watching and taking photos of the family, and decides to ask Tina out. Langhorne’s room but are knocked out by gas when Langhorne goes to lie down. Jenny degentionaire that in the book, she finds an image of a person who looks like Lee.

Lee and the gang sneak into the submarine by letting Cam distract the Hazmats, but accidentally breaks his phone when Brandy calls him, and the submarine takes off.

Kimmie, who has access to Cassandra’s bugging devices, spreads embarrassing but mostly true rumors via email about several students, including that Lee is in love with Jenny. Finnwich’s robots appear from an aircraft and head to the pyramid. As Lee wonders how the Council is always a step ahead, the bugging device continues to operate in his room.

Detentionaire Episode 47 Serpent Strike

In Canada, the series was first shown during the week of September 12, on Teletoon with a preview of the first 5 episodes, [17] and began airing regularly on January 5, However, Cassandra arrives in a high-tech fighting suit and the two engage in a fight, while the four friends watch degentionaire the hideout.


He does, however, tell Radcircles that he knows that he’s Camillio, who only begins laughing maniacally. A blue tatzelwurm attacks Jenny and Lee leaps to help. The episode ends with Biffy, Lee, Tina and Jenny seated at detention.

Meanwhile, Lee gives Holger one of the keys for protection, and Cam is forced to be in Chaz’s talk show. For season 4, a very different concept for the plot was initially created than that which was eventually produced, with a prominent role for the character of Niles Peg and a special title for Lee. Kimmie is voted the leader again, Cam arriving right retentionaire voting ends and Brandy is kicked out of the Glamazons for voting for herself and insulting Kimmie afterwards.

In a side plot Lee discovers that the Tazelwurm planted a key like device inside his bag which proves vital in the group’s survival, and it’s discovered that not only did a trio of environmentalists release the frogs at the school and trigger the melt down but they also released them during the Prank, though they aren’t connected to the others in the conspiracy.

Now Lee has to get there first when he realizes The Serpent is on his way there. The schools fails to pass but is given a second chance. Lee, with the help of Biffy, who still won’t forgive him, track down the Tatzelwurm.

Biffy, thinking that Lee is in the aircraft, goes there and beings remotely controlling a robot to hep Lee. Camillio discovers that the group is planning a trio of pranks against the staff of A. Lee deduces that the pyramid can only be opened during an eclipse. Blompkins is fired, and Tina and Detentionzire are released by Lee. Holger forces Lee to run for president because he thinks it will get even with Lee and Cam.

All four seasons are available for purchase on Ddetentionaire Video in the United States, both in high and standard definition. Biffy pretends to set up a date after school for Chopper in exchange for some information, some photos of a teacher’s weight fluctuations further convincing them of the cloning. deentionaire

Lee finds out that Barrage is reprogramming the Hazmats, he needs to get a head, fast. Detentionaire – Season 2:

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