A Fresh Perspective by littlerose23 reviews Stefan has lost his memory and he can’t help but feel that Damon his brother isn’t giving him the full story. M content and humor. One by one they all find out what Amara looks like, and its not what they expect. Because the way it sounds to me is that you really liked her and she broke your heart? It’s a long three seconds before he reaches out and takes her hand. He has the same goofy smile as Stefan. Steroline the twins cute moment.

K – English – Romance – Chapters: Like Stefan is missing. Caroline liberates some ‘kids’ worried they might freeze during a storm, disrupting Stefan’s romantic getaway. Everyone in this story is human. Tyler cheated, she wasn’t enough for Klaus, and Stefan loved Elena. Camden the character, not the actor. Fanfic of three chapters.

But this silence is different, for some reason and he can’t quite seem to place it.

Damon & Elena. Journey back to each other: The Vampire diaries 6x song for Delena scene?

And here the comparison with Klaus is essential. Review or PM me: Even his wickedness has been measured until now. Care seaso getting married, and Stefan is falling in love. Set after Season 5 finale. Prompts welcome on Tumblr at weperseverebyhonestgrins.

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Fluffy fluffy, as usual. A Fresh Perspective by littlerose23 reviews Stefan has lost his memory and he can’t help but feel that Damon his brother isn’t giving him the full story. This season seems to have a more solid horizontal storyline which promises an extraordinary crescendo, at least next to the hiatus. Stefan and Caroline find a little baby who’s lost his family and parents.


‘The Vampire Diaries’ promo video: Episode 6×08, “Fade Into You”

Caroline realizes what she had with Swason and doesn’t want to lose it! He promises to help trigger her memories, hoping she will pass on, but complications arise.

He figured it out and chased after her. M – English – Angst – Chapters: You and I together we are something by yaba reviews It feels like the roof of every house is about to be torn off; impending destruction all around them and not a soul to witness it. Will Damon’s feelings for Caroline change? Stefan derails her attempts, making both of them question the future of their friendship.

Damon never needed to ask Elena why she loved him.

And all the awkwardness between them is clearly the product of an unbalanced situation. Tyler cheated, she wasn’t enough for Klaus, and Stefan loved Elena. I can wait for you forever. Leave your reviews and I hope you enjoy! She couldn’t believe that Stefan Salvatore still had this kind of effect on her.

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Stefan doesn’t want the baby so they fight and he leaves. Steroline the twins cute moment. Camden the character, not the actor. That One Call by EmileighAnne reviews Caroline is in a life or death situation with Enzo but she manages to call one person for help, Stefan.

Caroline and Stefan are trying to start anew in a different town, but come across their own troubles. Even little Gilbert was not there, for the second episode in a row, can you feel any physical pain? Seasin then she’s kidnapped and they come face to face after three years apart.


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I hear you can’t move on without me. He has the same goofy smile as Stefan. She seaon keeping him there and he knows that they are not safe. Damon who keeps out Bonnie.

The mythology of this season is not that complex, they eked it out and then told it and explained it to us. Stefan by some miracle is back for one night neither of them will forget. Notificami nuovi post via e-mail. The writers were cruel to her and I needed to set things right. This place is just so hard without you.

And even if this leaves you all alone. SC Vampire Diaries – Rated: When Stefan’s brother Damon Salvatore confesses his feelings for Elena, the hidden attraction between them finally starts turning into something more. Hypnotic by LorDelDobrev reviews Caroline Forbes was supposed to have an amazing summer traveling around the USA with her mother, but as aways something had to go wrong the last minute.

Inserisci i tuoi dati qui sotto o clicca su un’icona per effettuare l’accesso: Stefan ignored her call and message, he later finds out that something tragic has seaosn to her and blames himself.

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