You are commenting using your WordPress. Kill gnolls and periodically return to the NPCs for hand ins; make sure that you collect 8 in total rock breaker hammers, as both Scout Zerak and Smithy Bronson want four of them. There is a PoK Book here. Rockbreakers are , and miners A wandering spirit roamed by us, looking like four wisps glued together in two pairs, and I immediately tagged it, only to find we were taking serious damage from it without doing much of our own. Where in the world and what in the world are the relics to be found by the tower ruins?

There is a PoK Book here. As you enter, right by the signpost, both north and south, are rats and snakes. Defan’s corpse yielded 2x “Burnt out Essence of Spectre Rage” same drop as commonly found on trash skellies, outside the Tower. Inside the crater are green ooze buds, see Fletcher Orshawn at the crossroads camp for the quest and pick up all his others, if you can; these belong to the Bixe series, so could be saved for later. Love that SoE designed low-mid tier stuff for newer folks to enjoy: To kill this guy you first need to speak to Shaytherrin The exorcist in Blightfire Moors and get the Dark Tower quests.

Zan the Witchhunter is a basilisk in the trench that runs through the ghostpack; Arch Druid Springthorn is flat on the ground, just south of the griffon camp in the centre north of the zone. Everquezt Recommended level of But that goes for a lot of games. Now we just have to figure out where we should go in the world with this group to get us in dwfan of the Lost Dungeons of Norrath content.


SOE has been plotting against Qeynos since day one!

Storm Haven AllaClone :: NPC :: Defan the Watch Captain

Used in the final quest of the series, The Dark Toweralong with the a signal fire. I completed this with a 47 rogue and a 2boxed 71 cleric: Recipe Search Search by Item.

Email Degan never made public. There is a PoK Book here.

All bar the final Dark Tower quest done: Dorina’s Lament Combat, Casting Time: If you wait until you have almost finished the Captxin Bowen series, he will send you to kill a green ooze, also inside the crater, and you can do both at the same time.

So we ran out quickly and got that back before calling it a night. I always get excited about stat item drops on Fippy. Blightfire Moors All the usual caveats apply: The mercenaries kept us going, again doing the captaon and most of the damage.

Defan the Watch Captain

So we waded into the bandits. MaximusBloodshed View User Forum. Time to get the next Wanderlust quest from Regan in Crescent Reach; his next quest takes us to the SE of Blightfire, which we can save for later.

Group Slot 2, Type 21 Special Ornamentation. As for mercenaries they are needed. These are rated as quests, and I was 40 by now. You can do the second quest in both series at the same time. And while I was nervous going in, especially when we started getting adds, we ended up knocking off the scarecrows without much drama. Corrupted Opal Amulet Edited, Feb 28th East of these undead creatures is a passage through the hills, relatively safe for travelers passing through.


It is a well known fact that both games have over the top mercs, yet Sony blindly extolls their virtues.

NPC : Defan the Watch Captain – EQ – Magelo

Once you have completed the first quest for both Pewdri and Shaytherrin, make sure you save all the flickering torches, as they will be needed for the last Shaytherrin quest. Anyway, after finising this quest Scout Ethaniel will give you another quest: Required level of Bloomin’ annoying that they eveequest moved the PoK book. Defan’s corpse yielded 2x “Burnt out Essence of Spectre Rage” defsn drop as commonly found on trash skellies, outside the Tower.

First in the tthe groups that are on the plains around the farm, then later into the larger groups up in the hills. I like this event. The ratwork VIII model is for a quest from the guy in the camp with all the rats around him. That was something of a known quantity for us after last year on the Fippy Darkpaw server.

I suppose here was the test.

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