These sleek, stone weapons were a major advance in hunting technology. But is this necessarily so? Trapped within every single year’s worth of snow is an amazing archive of what the environment was like at that time. Only when these samples are analyzed will Mayewski know if this trip was a waste of time or if it could yield the smoking-gun proof that Earth was slammed by an object from outer space only 12, years ago, an object big enough to blast up to 35 kinds of animals into extinction Most diamonds found on Earth are cubic, and have a highly symmetrical structure. These black specks are nanodiamonds in an extraordinary concentration in this one slide. We had several kinds of mammoths, mastodons

And this is where these animals just came to a sudden end. That should do it. Well, some animals just don’t make that change. But what is cold, how do you achieve it and how cold can it get? These are hexagonal diamonds. Life in the Undergrowth – Taking to the Air. These magnificent animals dominated the Earth for more than , years, then, like the dinosaurs some 65 million years earlier, disappeared across North America in what is a geologic instant. My bottom line is something happened 12, years ago that we don’t understand.

If you imagine multiple nuclear explosions occurring over wide areas, generating major pressure waves, flash heat waves, knocking down forests. Or was it something from outer ddath It’s not that they’re catastrophically higher—they are about three times higher than background—but to have a peak of that if preserved is pretty fascinating stuff.

Was there some way, during all the environmental changes happening at this time, that they became concentrated right under the black mat? Report a Problem Closed Captioning.


Something happened which wiped them off the face of the planet forever. The disappearance of the great land mammals is one of the most dramatic and recent extinction events in Earth’s history, the last extinction. It was a sad day for Wxtch America, the loss of these animals.

Our bodies may always be getting older – but your brain doesn’t have to act its megabeaxts But the basic function of this is for killing game, but yet they took the trouble to get very nice symmetry. There were some wonderfully odd creatures, too, like the glyptodont. This machine can do that by analyzing the atomic structure of oxygen in the ice, which can reveal the exact temperature when the ice formed. Mayewski brought with him his colleague, Andrei Kurbatov, an expert in analyzing glaciers for microscopic megabesats.

So far, no one has found a crater from the extinction of the large land animals. Please contact your EnhanceTV administrator or email help enhancetv.

It was a sad day that these were lost. But then, suddenly, they disappeared, and nobody really knows why. Don’t have an account? It’s inconceivable to me. An impact into the glacier could be another way to explain the lack megbeasts a crater, but the burden of proof still lies with the comet theory team, and their strongest evidence, the nanodiamonds, is under attack.

These were lost and lost so suddenly. And by Pacific Life: Samples are taken in centimeter sections.

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A Star Is Born 7. I hope we get to see the spray pattern.

But there is nothing stupid, Kennett says, in trying to figure out why these large mammals disappeared, especially today when humans worry about changes in our environment. Most people feel that ExxonMobil is a company that supplies gasoline in the gas station around the street corner.


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Megabeats is science thd action; the stakes are high, the outcome uncertain. These nanodiamonds can be so small that one million of them could be squeezed inside a single grain of sand. The snow itself pulls all of the little dust particles: Width in pixels px.

You’ve just tried to select this program as one of your favorites. Jewels in the Earth Evidence is also lacking, Kennett says, for “overchill,” meggabeasts climate theory. And then I’m removing the centimeter or so, the half inch, that’s right below the mat, and this is where the mammoths would have walked. In this test, Schultz wants to know what would happen if the object from outer space, or the glass bullet, broke into thousands of pieces before hitting the Earth, an idea inspired by the comet Shoemaker Levy that broke apart before impacting into Jupiter.

Megabeasts’ Sudden Death

But that would be my best guess megabeazts now. And I haven’t seen the extraordinary evidence. Skeptics point to two problems they see with the comet theory: In the late s, a Nobel prize-winner named Luis Alvarez and his son, Walter, also found iridium in geologic layers from million years ago, the time when the dinosaurs got wiped out. It’s not impossible that you could get an event like that, that recently; deafh just extraordinarily improbable.

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