A table is flipped and fists fly! Scott fears telling Lizzie he’s broke. Five of Hip Hop’s hottest couples enter Boot Camp and exes reunite! Nia drops a bomb on Soulja Boy and all hell breaks loose! Wedding tux shopping divides Mary and Dom. Drama erupts when Nia encounters Soulja’s problem child.

Bow and Kiyomi’s music video takes a left turn. Things pop off when shocking issues are exposed. Angela fears the worst on Tony’s release day. Rings and Runaways Season 2, Episode 7. Allegedly Season 6, Episode 2 Full Episodes. The Braxtons are stunned by news of Tamar’s divorce filing. Tyran interrogates Egypt’s boyfriend Sam. A blast from the past comforts Bow.

Broken Promises Season 1, Episode 4. Talks with the Braxtons about returning to the show reaches a pivotal moment.

Caitlin’s shocked when em;ire stopped by cops at Matt’s release. Clint marries bride Tracie but he awakens to a nightmare. Later, the couples are ambushed by a wife swap! A Ninja in the Shadows Season 4, Episode 6.

When a stressful communication drill fails, the doctors confront the smoking issue. Will Tracie show up?

Jhonni pops up and Masika is ready for a war! Meanwhile, Shaniah and Ayana sense trouble in paradise. Brat warns Deb to stay away from Jhonni. Clint plans to marry a prisoner he’s never met. Tee Tee is blindsided when Romeo reveals that he has a secret crush on another woman! You must verify your account in order to post comments. The stars are 66 on blast when a surprise press conference digs up dirty laundry from their social media.


Lawrence apologizes to Candice, but on terms she may not accept. Angela and her siblings talk about marriage while Tee Tee goes on a first date with Romeo. Season 4, Episode When pushed too far, Tamar storms off. Ana fights to save Lawrence’s dream.

empire Archives – DDotOmen

Straight Outta Rehab Season 4, Empure 8. Resume full episodes where you left off Receive WE tv tune-in reminders Discuss your favorite shows with other fans. VirginZilla battles fiance’s family. Brittany brings her ex wedding dress shopping. The future of Braxton Family Values is in jeopardy.

Empire Season 4 Episode 6

The couples are shook when special guests force them to confront their traumatic past. A rivalry brews when Deb cuts Jhonni loose and makes Masika an offer she can’t refuse. Suspicions around Eazy-E’s death deepen.

Lawrence’s mysterious plans are revealed. JoJo is pressed to make empirr proposal.

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Angela drops a bomb on her and Vanessa’s business plan. Spouse makes an unusual request. Sparks fly between Romeo and Angela.

From Felon to Fiance Season 1, Episode 1. Toni’s episoee in the studio with beau, Birdman.

Empire Season 3 Episode 6 – Page 2 of 2 – DDotOmen

The Braxton sisters shock all by refusing to show to up work. Hour of Chaos Season 2, Episode Five of Hip Hop’s hottest couples enter Boot Camp and exes reunite! A man surprises his girlfriends in a big way. Seasom Grass Mess Season 4, Episode Romeo and Angela discuss their relationship.


CakeZilla Paige’s rehearsal dinner is ruined when an intoxicated family feud erupts and threatens the entire wedding. Jon Jon is shocked when Cola confesses about her hookup with Stef.

Brittany has a secret rendezvous with her ex-girlfriend.

Nia drops a bomb on Soulja Boy and all hell breaks loose! A woman teaches her daughter the ins and outs of her lavish lifestyle. Toni’s stunned by a shocking party foul. Waka Flocka and Tammy crash and burn over past issues of infidelity. A wild look back at the Bridezillas archives reveals the top ten most outrageous bridezillas: Sam and Lil Twist nearly come to blows over Egypt.

Seadon is blindsided when he is lead to a surprise drug intervention. Race to the Altar Season 1, Episode 6.

The sisters have bad news for Toni. Romeo hopes to get close to his newly-single former flame. Michael ring shops with his wife but plans a secret trip with girlfriend.

Clint’s shocking epsode call from Tracie.

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