I’d rather bust out the old Pioneer dubs. But FUNImations texas cast, in general, is mediocre. A few episodes into the Freeza fight I had stopped caring and then noticing that everyone had changed. Dragon Ball Z — Cartoon Network stated that Dragon Ball Z would be completely redone at the original airings of these episodes, as FUNimation started using new voice actors since episode 54 onwards. Guides and Summaries Character Profiles. When DBZ came back on air, let’s just say that my heart skipped a beat, and I was as giddy as a schoolgirl.

Toss in the horrible scripting and sub-par music and you get something I refuse to watch nearly all of the time. Anyhow, I’m somewhat getting a little bit off course. I guess what I’m trying to say is Season 3 Episode 1. My first exposure was actually the Ginyu Double Cross tape with dub episodes I haven’t seen the ‘Ultimate Uncut’ editions, but from what I’ve heard, the background music is pretty darn different from about 80 percent of the entire background music of the FUNimation dubbed DBZ series.

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Is Vegeta really a Super Gniyu The voice cast from the Ocean group returns during the Trunks saga, around there. Elsewhere, Guru bestows a special gift of healing upon the young Namek, Dende.

But can their collective force match up to the new Goku? Then I heard the Japanese version, and haven’t liked the dub ever since. The Weasel’s Last Fart!

Battle Geek Plus amv. No Episode Aired — January 2, ; Broadcasting was suspended for a new-year’s special airing! You can find the Ocean Group’s dub of the first two seasons on dvd box sets, complete with beautiful cover art, but the episodes are not uncut.

I actually meant that, the Japanese version of all the episodes are much better, and more dramatic, however that’s not to say that I don’t think that FUNimation has ever succeeded in that area. I loved Sean Schemmel’s interpretation of Goku’s voice right away. Although I shouldn’t further compliment them. Dragon Ball Z — Finally, at the insistence of the captain, Goku astounds both Jeice and Ginyu by revealing his true power! Users browsing this forum: But the tables turn as Goku’s new power is way too much for them to handle.


Dende voice Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Last edited by Steven Perry on Sat May 20, 1: Who is online Users browsing this forum: To sum up real quickly; the changes felt pretty dramatic at first, then I got over it, then I enjoyed the rest of the series.

Remember “When things get weird, skip the last saga”-Chris Sabat. W ere you so happy that you didn’t care?

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The assaulh don’t match up at all to me. Toss in the horrible scripting and sub-par music and you get something I refuse to watch nearly all of the time. When speaking of the manga, most fans put the start of the saga at the arrival of the Ginyu Special Squad.

But will Nail’s special training be enough? After Goku easily defeats Burter, Jeice rushes to retrieve the fiercest of all Ginyu This saga immediately follows the Namek Saga and is followed by the Frieza Saga. After the brilliant ocean dub except their minor errors finished they’re work on DBZ, what were you’re reactions when DBZ came back to the tele with episode 54 – Ginyu Assault with the new Texas cast? I liked it, so I watched it. But honestly, when I saw those commercials for new DBZ episodes, I didn’t care too much if the voices were different.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. If someone watches the FUNi of eps. It was also the episode with the Freeza’s hands “reversed”. Krillin voice Christopher Sabat Bulma voice Dale Kelly The voices, the music, and the scripts, they were all horrible.

But, again, his voice for Vegeta for the Buu-saga onward is totally inappropriate and does nothing to match the original actor. There was a bit of it over the new Pokemon actors recently. It was a little wired at first but around the time of the Android saga, I was getting used to it and eventually came to terms with it.


But, the actors definately improved, performance-wise, over the years.

Ginyu Assault

Start your free trial. I actually assaulh attached to it. I was lucky enough to get a DVD of the Deadzone rbz 2 weeks ago. You remeber how certain lines were said in the Ocean dub or even how certain people sounded and now watching the FUNimation dub it comes back to you, and your almost comparing the two in your head. The show itself felt very different, almost like it wasn’t Dragonball at all.

D id you like the new voices and music? And Nail returns to defend Guru from the villainous Frieza. Gohan and Krillin battle Captain Ginyu, who is disguised in Goku’s body. It’s all cut, and edited though, and you won’t be able to find dvds or epixode for those episodes that’s dubbed by the voice cast from Ocean group, unless you find somebody who taped them. When Goku proves too much for Burter and Jeice to handle on their own, Jeice retreats in search of reinforcements.

Not only ginu the dialogue, voices, and music bad in ep 57, the animation was done by the “terrible” artist which made it so much more painful to watch. Sorry to those of wssault who had to read it. Now I like both, but I prefer the Japanese version. Edit Storyline When Goku proves too much for Burter and Jeice to handle on their own, Jeice retreats in search of reinforcements.

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