Nothing special but overall fun to watch. While he and Troy are cleaning up their mess in the cafeteria, Isabel tells Duncan about a party that everybody will be going to and he agrees to go in hopes of romantically wooing Jenna. The Conqueror TV Series All Duncan wants is to be a normal kid in a normal school. That night, Duncan, Jenna, Kenny, Isabel, and Margeret as one of the chaperones go to the dance together. Use the HTML below. Duncan demands him to let her go and lures him away, freeing Isabel.

Isabel voice Jesse Head To the Movies Big Rob voice Kevin Michael Richardson Learn more More Like This. Isabel finds him and tells him about Jenna walking off because of the fact that her dad is dead. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Firebreather TV Movie 6.

Nothing special but overall fun to watch. At the party, Troy tries to tell Jenna about Duncan until Troy’s dad voiced by Gary Anthony Williams comes and drags him back home for being out while grounded. Start your free trial.

Waking in the desert, he finds his way to Kenny’s trailer. Halloween Bash Scooby-Doo! Sixteen years later, Margaret and Duncan voiced by Jesse Head are moving into a new house as he gets ready for his first day at a new school.

Firebreather is an American CGI animated television filmbased on the Image Comics comic book series of the same namewhich premiered on November 24, on Cartoon Network. Then Abbadon and Astaroth reach them and try to eat Blitz; Duncan jumps off the cliff to catch him.

However, after Troy and Jenna are elected Homecoming King and Queen and go on stage, Isabel dances with Duncan in a romantic embrace, causing Kenny to break them apart and unleash his jealous fury.


Then he draws them out to the town and into the desert. On the last day of the war between humans and Kaijua human woman named Margaret Rosenblatt voiced by Dana Delany and a male dragon Kaiju named Belloc, the King of the Kaiju voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson fall in love, and had a son named Duncan.

Much to Duncan’s dismay, he learns that Belloc wants him to become his successor as “King of the Kaiju” and rule over the giant dragon-like monsters, though Belloc believes that the human world has made Duncan soft when he needs to be remorseless. I know everything – except how you got her to say yes. Whitey voice Gary Anthony Williams Troy voice Jameson Moss All Duncan wants is to be a normal kid in a normal school.

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He asks Jenna to be his date for Homecoming, and she agrees. Wrath of the Spider Queen Ben As Jenna and Duncan dance together, Isabel watches them despite Kenny’s attempts to get her to dance with him.

Duncan replies that Isabel invited him, causing Kenny to become jealous. The Conqueror TV Series To the Movies Duncan and Jenna begin to form a friendship but she abruptly leaves after he talks about Troy’s dad.

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Meanwhile, Jenna opens her locker to find an envelope left by Duncan with a glowing crystal inside to sell and pay for Homecoming. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Duncan fights the Kaiju while his father watches, foclui it is the first of many challenges for the Kaiju throne.

Add the first question. How – how did you -?

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Race Against Time Underfist: Late that evening, Troy’s friends break into Jenna’s locker and steal the onljne she was holding for the school’s Homecoming. Changing to his Kaiju form, he fights off the two kaiju while his friends get out of danger. Belloc voice Nicole Sullivan Jenna overhears this and backs away from Duncan into Troy’s arms, causing Duncan to storm out.


Then Blitz appears with reinforcements and they open fire on Belloc until he abruptly surrenders.

However inline take a turn for the worse as Belloc staanul looking for Duncan. The pros of the movie is the CG graphics, the cons also include a super simplified and sometime barely evident history of each character and the under-developing of pretty much everything. A visual masterpiece, Reign tells the Three young alien beings with the ability to form a giant robotic warrior attempt to blend into suburbia, all while battling the tyrannical forces that ravaged their home world.

A student in the library as Duncan is being chased by Troy and his friends.

Firebreather TV Movie Then Belloc presents Duncan as his heir to the other Kaiju and throws him into a lava pit, Duncan emerges in his Kaiju form and faints. The common denominator I would say is the young superhero and the giant monsters. Secret ojline the Omnitrix Ben Pistor Productions Cartoon Network Studios.

Duncan, refusing to kill them, causes an avalanche to fall, freezing the two kaiju but sparing the fireborn Duncan and Belloc. Was this review helpful to you?

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Share this Rating Title: The animated adventures of Lara Croft, a famous sexy no-nonsense British aristocrat, who’s an expert in the field of tomb raiding. Edit Did You Know? Won 2 Primetime Emmys.

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