Mark Tatton Julian Wadham Mick Heathfield Sam Hazeldine Initially suspected as a terrorist attack, Dalziel and Pascoe soon discover that for some bizarre reason, someone had motive to kill this innocent woman. After leaving a country-house do a little more than worse for wear, Dalziel and his best mate Arnie head home, only for their car to collide with a passing cyclist on a country lane, knocking him down, and killing him. Wetherton Rugby Club’s golden boy, Sam Connon, wakes up after arriving at home with a hangover, to find his wife, Mary, dead in the armchair. Richard Johnstone Jane Gurnett As the final piece of evidence slowly falls into place, Dalziel heads to a showdown between father and son-in-law. Suspecting they may have a serial killer on their hands, the trail leads straight to the doorstep of the accused — Sam Fallowfield — only for the pair to find his house trashed and gay slurs written all over the wall.

However, a bigger twist arises when the body turns out not to be Nancy’s. And when all of the events are connected to the death of a man at the spa two years ago, Dalziel is forced to step in and take charge of the situation. As the murders continue to rack up, including the bride and groom, and a local immigrant who escaped capture from immigration control, Dalziel uses the clues to work out just who is responsible for the deaths of four people. The murder of an aspiring estate agent, which at first appears to be entirely unconnected, soon provides the missing piece of the puzzle. Views Read Edit View history. And when another grisly murder occurs, he realises that certain people claim to be somebody they aren’t — and the truth begins to unravel in more than one horrific way for Pascoe, as his latest floozy turns out to the prime suspect. Anna Wisley Rupert Procter

At the time, a seven-year-old girl was murdered, and initially, a serial killer who confessed to killing five other girls was suspected. Meanwhile, Dalziel receives a postcard from an old flame, Florrie Stockton, whom he decides to visit in her swanky hotel suite.

Dust Thou Art: Part 1

The murder of an aspiring estate agent, which at first appears to be entirely unconnected, soon provides the missing piece of the puzzle. Johnson was a student at the local arts centre and was having an Reginald Hill charactersJ. The third is the death of a Japanese tourist, who is found stabbed atop a famous beauty spot mentioned in Wuthering Heights. And the chief constable is not best pleased when the news gets back to him, and asks Dalziel to expose his friend.


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The thirty-year-old murder case of Pamela Westropp is reviewed when the accused, Cissy Koler, states she was coerced into giving a false confession. However, he soon realises that Hillier is prepared to stop at nothing when he arrives home to find his house trashed, as if someone was looking for the papers.

As Pascoe begs him to let Wheeler free, the man stabs Wheeler to death, leaving Pascoe to cover up the murder. And then there’s the man’s youngest son, who appears to have disappeared from the face of the planet, even relinquishing control of his nightclub after racking up a massive debt.

Meanwhile, the night after a long ritualistic ceremony at a nearby castle, the remains of Jean’s daughter Katherine are discovered, with the entire right side of her body missing. The first is the death of a French art dealer, who appeared to have either slipped or was pushed from the side of a motorway bridge.

As the prime suspect for Leanne’s murder looks certain to have attacked another nurse, Dalziel wastes no time in setting up a sting by trying to catch him in the act – using staff nurse, and Pascoe’s latest conquest, Shannon, as bait. And when DC Novello finds herself having a one-to-one with the suspect, her undercover guise is threatened.

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And to top it all, Dalziel is asked to play God in a local play against the suspect. Dave Green Wayne Perrey But, as ever, events fail to go to plan when Dalziel’s car breaks down and eepisode finds himself amidst a river funeral procession.

But the situation gets worse as the killer strikes again, killing a second girl, and Dalziel becomes witness to the shooting of one of Holland’s most notorious diamond smugglers. Vannstone is found dead in a seaweed bath at a local spa. Dave Green Wayne Perrey Dalziel and Pascoe series by Reginald Hill. And then, things get worse when Dalziel has a heart attack.

Dalziel initially suspects Stevie Earle, a man who suffered severe acid burns during an accident at the factory four years ago, for which he never received any compensation.

Use the HTML below. Chance’s dead lover worked as an analyst. If that wasn’t enough, Fran leaves a shocking revelation in her will. Getting an old flame of his to analyse Fran’s research, Pascoe discovers she is a fraud, and suspects that someone else may have found out what she was up to. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Having persuaded Pascoe to marry the long-suffering Ellie, Dalziel finds himself with the opportunity to whisk himself away on holiday while Pascoe is on honeymoon.


Pub landlord Frank Moon returns after a serious row with his wife Stella the night before, and decides it’s time for action — taking his wife, and everybody else inside the pub hostage at gunpoint. And when graffiti in the words of ‘Benny’s Back’ appears close to the site of the recent disappearance, Dalziel suspects that he may be back to strike again.

And DNA puts recently released convicted murder Clive Jacobs right at the scene, although he insists he is innocent. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. As it transpires that Pitt and his business partner Imam Abdullah, who has disappeared without trace, were responsible for the robbery, Dalziel has to distinguish whether his disappearance and Pitt’s murder are actually acts of revenge, or whether the motive is somewhere closer to home.

The second is the death of a Russian national whose coffin is found floating in the sea just off the coast of Whitby. No closer to the truth surrounding Alec’s death, Dalziel is startled when Alec’s father requests that he be taken off the case.

Dust Thou Art Part 1

Audible Download Audio Books. As Dalziel revisits his old stomping ground, re-igniting old feuds and long-lost relationships, he decides it’s time to pay a visit to his sister, whom he hasn’t seen for seven years.

Tony Watson Naomi Bentley And then a link episoode Kenneth Barbour’s drug money comes to light.

When Dalziel wakes up the next morning, she is dead beside him in bed, having been paecoe across the throat fourteen episodw. Watch now on “UnMade”. And when his latest fling is found dead of a suspected overdose in his flat, they realise that not all of the mystery is quite as it seems. His latest victims include year-old bank worker Brenda Soreby, who is found in the Wetherton canal the morning after meeting up with her boyfriend and asking him to marry her.

However, all other international broadcasts saw the episodes billed as one series.

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