I don’t think it even qualifies for CG rip off because of how chit it is. Word bro, I loved the scene where Inori gave me a blowjob http: Seitokai Yakuindomo Season 2 is out. Catching up on anime I left behind is a fukken piss off Edit: The next arc is Marineford. Thank you very much, will be…. Waaaaat the fawk are you talking about? Really good, would recommend.

But it has a badass mc, which is really fukin rare nowadays. Strong dystopia theme, suspect in the end they will have to fight the Sibyl system? The Lost Canvas — Meiou Shinwa. Also never said it didn’t look interesting. I thought my angus was peppered, until I saw episode 8, my life will not be the same again. Sheeitttt finding it really hard to drop Guilty Crown I really like it so far. Either you get someone to extract it for ….

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In the next two episodes it’s explained iirc in the next two eps you’ll also fall in love with hbb Senjougahara. Then, it becomes a good way to maintain my composition ability while I am not taking any humanity courses.

my backup for anime

TTGL is worth pushing to the top of the queue. I was sold at oni-chan. I can tell ima love this episoxe on my way back to work, will watch there. What have I done Buckle your seats brah http: You guys are great, thanks a lot for all the subs!


my backup for anime –

You weren’t going to touch it for deiknai Not sure brah, so far it looks like it from this source. My exact words were “I was enjoying it, but I had to stop watching cuz I moved cities. I’m finishing nadesico gonna marathon last 6 eps Would never recommend fuk this anime chit sucks so hard.

The wise old man is cool though. As I will explain later, MAL also cross over to other type of functions. Must join subscription obviously, cost money to watch some anime, or to watch anime in the highest quality, or watch anime without ads, or a combination of these.

Plus I had already said I was planning to watch Code Geass, multiple times notice it was never in my dropped list. Thank you, for taking your time reading these posts. Fukuoka Registrant Postal Code: This is where I animueltima Edit: The ED is really good as well, it will makes sense near the end, and it animelutima instantly more touching. Fuks sake, my to watch list keeps on growing.

Brah I watched buddy complex and just came srs Im praying it delivers I hope it delivers too. Idk if it’s no the manga or not, but in the anime, when Luffy goes to Impel Down, he got saved by the phaggots.


One of the best anime movies out there yeah was pretty sweet to be fair, was going to watch totoro but i downloaded the english one by mistake. I can see what all the hype about it is now. I don’t see it on Ultima, unless its not subbed yet. Most of the asians wouldn’t animmeultima me though lulz.

Watch anime while you take a chit You dropped it before it got good and before the point I told you to stick with it to, instead skipped to the final fight that was completely out of context for you and you had no idea what was about to happen. I have a feeling ill be watching this one for the rest of the season. P I hope you appreciate and enjoy it.

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Sayonara minna-san Oyasumi So she actually confessed?

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