Reed previously appeared as Chip St. Sondra Huxtable Tibideaux Geoffrey Owens Bill Cosby is seen at the end of the credits “dancing” to the music as the production credits appear and at the end, he quickly turns his head and looks into the camera before the sequence fades to black. Meanwhile, with Rudy as baby-sitter, Olivia whines her way into staying up late and watching a horror movie. While Clair is away at a seminar, an imaginative and exhausted Cliff dreams up ways to entertain the children, including that old standby — the bucking-horse ride. To warm up for his night out with Clair and their friends, Cliff shows off a few of his dance moves in the living room. Dad — get with it! And Rudy seems to be the only person in the dream who can see through Olivia’s blatant manipulations.

Theo and his friends are evicted , spurring Cliff into immediate action to have them reinstated lest Theo be forced to return to the Huxtable’s already overflowing abode. But even more surprising — she brings with her a new husband, naval officer Martin Kendall, and his 3-year-old daughter, Olivia. But Cliff insists that Vanessa go with the rest of the family. Olivia, in bed with a cold and laryngitis, is miserable because she will not be able to sing at Grandma and Grandpa Huxtable’s 55th wedding anniversary. Theo helps Pam improve her grades — so much so that she starts thinking about college. While Clair is away, Cliff takes care of the family, which now includes a lost puppy that Rudy found. It seems when he was a boy, he sat on his pet finch, Charlie.

In a scene prior to the opening credits, Olivia enters Cliff’s bedroom wearing a Bart Simpson mask.

The calypso band arrives two hours early. Cliff, stunned and brokenhearted at the prospect of losing his home repair guru, briefly considers giving up Vanessa and keeping Dabnis. By Susan Heller Anderson Published: Alfred also gets some insights from Theo on how boys view their fathers when it comes to sports. When Vanessa invites two friends over to visit, they see the large, well-furnished Huxtable home and epjsodes back to the other kids at school that Vanessa is a rich girl But he did come around.


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Clair throws a lavish dinner party for Cliff’s 50th Birthday; but despite the happy occasion, she dabniz conceal her dislike for one of the guests — a friend of Cliff’s who divorced a friend of hers. Wilson, Alan North as Judge Note: Unfortunately, Cliff soon discovers that being a doctor has not fully prepared him to take care of a sick child. It yields some truths for both of them. Boys and make-up are the major concerns for Vanessa, who is anxiously awaiting her first day of junior high.

This is the first appearance of Sullivan Walker as Dr. Russell helps out when Theo has girl problems; Rudy has a spat with her “boyfriend” Kenny; the sidewalk outside the Huxtable home is in dire need of repair; and a tired Cliff is summoned to deliver two babies.

And So We Commence (Episode 24)

But his plans are thwarted by the Invasion of the Romance Snatchers! Cliff, Theo and Tony try to help the boy but get no response. Brikcey Theo runs into trouble and ends up at the police station, Cliff and Clair discover how easy it is to take out their anger and frustration on each other.

Cliff and Clair’s plans for a quiet night are ruined when Vanessa and Rudy can’t sleep, with Rudy claiming the wolf man was growling in her closet. The Cosby Show — Clarence and Rudy’s relationship quickly deteriorates from a love match to teasing, name-calling and a knock-down, drag-out fight.

When Theo accidentally catches a corpse while fishing with Cliff, the Huxtables discover how media adbnis can affect the family. Then, Cliff and Clair return home, their ski weekend rained out.

Denise’s friend, Michelle, thinks she has a medical problem and wants to keep it from her parents, so she asks Cliff for advice. When Martin’s ex-wife Paula Victoria Rowell calls Olivia from the airport after her departure is delayed, Denise impulsively invites the woman she has never met to join the Huxtables for Thanksgiving dinner.


Clair goes from overprotective mom to football fanatic when Rudy Sweet Feet Huxtable becomes the star of her pee-wee football team. Although Julia falls for Denny, Theo is not discouraged and decides to try his luck anyway. Cliff wants to hold a formal funeral in the bathroom, but the rest of the family has other ideas about the proper site for the “memorial”. As her anxiety builds and her confidence deteriorates, Vanessa becomes increasingly clumsy, much to the chagrin of everyone in her epiisodes.

By the time Cliff emerges from his reverie, Theo dxbnis already a graduate. Season 8 Episode The long version featured more of a synth beat than the short. He tries birckey to a voodoo expert, Dr. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone dbanis tablet!

Dabnis was a good handyman though. Cliff seizes the opportunity to impress them with his colorful storytelling; his description of the grizzly bear is so vivid, his young audience scatters in terror.

Vanessa spends most of her Halloween party trying to mask her true feelings for Robert, whom all the girls think is the coolest guy in the seventh grade. Vanessa prepares an impressive audition, episodfs to become her school’s first female drum major. To Pam, it seems as if the whole world is against her; even her best friend will be leaving her.

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