All very good and relied purely on storytelling for impact. Sukhamo Devi this is my fav 80s campus film. And the director deserves an award for making livewire Ranvir Singh give such a subdued performance. Once Upon a time in Mumbaii. Again, I find the character of the hero to be of a kind not often seen in Hindi films, or at all. As I have mentioned before Rajamma yahoo is horrible and is tolerable only because of Anushree. You should certainly have a look at a hindi movie Gunda Einthusan The messed up life stories of 5 different groups of people on Friday 11 November within the same town.

Since you love Karna, you must be glad that Prithviraj is going to make an epic extravaganza about Karna. It was super cute, and I love love love the soundtrack. Wanted — important for snapping Salman out of the lowest point of his career and starting him on his current dream run he had a couple of more hiccups along the way before he did Dabangg , but important for the industry for reviving the single screen theaters all over. Pranchiyettan is a successful businessman who often has talks with an imaginary St. Who is my favorite Mahabharata character, but also the one who makes me the saddest. Saajan — a big hit in its day, and an interesting collaboration of Salman, Sanjay Dutt, and Madhuri.

Bhaskar the Rascal is one of the worst Mamootty movie out there Like Like. I made the mistake and I was confused as to why my favorite scenes were gone. I do not like crying! Also, I think a friend sent me a song from this, and it had an homage to both Shree and Kaagaz Ke Phoolwhich makes me interested.

Einthusan The struggles faced when a Hindu man falls in love with a Muslim woman and the disapproval of her family. Saajan — a big hit in its day, and an interesting collaboration of Salman, Sanjay Dutt, and Madhuri 4. And Hulchul is one of my favorite movies! They went to do many more together. I hope to be able to post the explanations in a day or two.

Oh thanks for reminding me about Bajtey Raho,E. Their quest for suitable brides lands them in the house of a single father with two daughters. Youtube Einthusan A busy bank branch is under observation by a group of police officers during the banking hours under information of a possible bank robbery. Youtube So, we have the kernel of the old story reworked a little and made a bit complex with the use of flashbacks. As I have mentioned before Rajamma yahoo is horrible and is tolerable only because of Anushree.


Anjali Another sad Mani Ratnam film! Pranav, a highly egoistic IRS officer brings up a major issue with Molly that could destroy her life.

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Elipathayam is available on youtube with english subtitiles. Celluloid Everyone says this will make me cry and cry, which does NOT make me want to watch it.

Food or rather the aroma brings back memories and vice versa. Bandhan — a remake of a Telugu film by the same director, it is the story of the bond between a sister and brother and village politics.

Both Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar acknowledge that their film making sensibility and taste were shaped by this film before they went on to make their debuts. It is notable for being the only film in which Salman and Aamir worked together. Once they got to see him without the media filters, they liked what they saw these comments by the way are paraphrases of what several of my online acquaintances said at the time. Most of the dialogues follow a poetic manner and they are really messed up and by saying messed up i really mean it.

Romantic comedy from memory, and it was very popular. Amar Akbar Anthony,Thenkashipattanom,Hello,Chota Mumbai,Kalyana raman are full blown Masala entertainers which require you to strictly turn off your brain. Abhiyum Naanum Light-hearted, modern, father-daughter relationship. What would you like to discuss?

Oh Darling Yeh Hai India. In the 90s all the best author writtten female roles went to either Shobhana or Urvashi. Hum Aapke Hain Koun? Another Lal Jose movie with Fahad Fasil as a spoiled profligate young doctor working in Gulf who manages to mess up the life of 3 young women.

Another list from Malayalam: Einthusan A story on how a brilliant and dedicated senior doctor molds an irresponsible amateur doctor into one much like him, and how a forbidden relationship comes in between. I was just thinking about it with the way the middle story in Premam resolved. Sat and Pepper, the one and only Malayalam movie for foodies in Kerala.


Can you give me some suggestions? Youtube Einthusan An urbane chef from a well-to-do family with very high ambitions goes on to find approval from his conservative father, true love and the real purpose of his life.

Sonakshi Sinha deserved a national award for this one.

Hopefully one of the others by the saem director will be easier to find. These are moving to the top, just by virtue of being able to stream them with subtitles! Da Thadiyaromantic comedy, Nivin Pauly in negative role more of an extended cameo, most of his rull movies are on the list. It was super cute, and I love love love the soundtrack.

Malayalam movies 2012

I may need a rewatch before I write about it. Ee adutha kalathu is not in the list.

Einthusan Six men are friends since at childhood after they broken to many places and gets back to do a mission IMDB Rating: Another Malayalam movie i would recommend is Elippathayam Rat-Trap which was directed by adoor gopalakrishnan. My second favorite is Nostalgia which is a satire which deals with nostaligia what else? They are just so Big, you know?

The story is about Sidhartha – a man who is rich, intelligent and has everything he could wish for, but one day, he loses interest in everything worldly and embarks on a journey to places like Rishikesh and the Himalayas. His wife Priya is a bank employee. Einthusan A family man Rasheed is locked with a prostitute in a commercial space by his friend.

His struggles with the hospital management go fruitless. Einthusan Molly who has experienced a world outside India is a strong-willed woman. Einthusan Weddings is a humor based story set against the backdrop of a mass marriage ceremony which are taking place together at one platform as part of a mass marriage ceremony. Saajan — a big hit in its day, and an interesting collaboration of Salman, Sanjay Dutt, and Madhuri. Khosla ka Ghosla -A sweet comedy with Anupam Kher.

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