It took us a long, long time to put this list of films together. Don’t have a profile? She initially had no idea of how her footage was going to piece together. Screen Australia reports that Nel Minchin has signed on to direct and produce the project. But the omission of The Loved Ones is criminal. In he crossed successfully into cinema with candy, starring heath ledger and geoffrey rush, the latter a regular collaborator with the director. Truly compelling, Love The Beast at one stage, the biggest box office Australian doco ever offers a view of Bana not glimpsed in his screen performances, nor in his various press appearances.

Evocatively shot and sensitively written, Somersault follows the fractured journey of sixteen-year-old Heidi a heartbreaking, star-making performance from Abbie Cornish , who runs from a flare-up with her mother and ends up in the bleak, snow-slicked town of Lake Jindabyne. Make Concrete Playground yours with My Playground. Cogently directed by Connolly, and cannily co-scripted by David Williamson, Balibo positively seethes and pulses with anger. However, the fact that all of these films, except one, were written by the director reveals one of the major ongoing issues with the way Australian films are funded. Advocates say there’s a lot to gain for businesses who hire women out of prison. Movie theater in cronulla, new south wales, australia. Demonstrating an extraordinary sense of control and vision, Sen tapped the beauty of the outback, and crafted a film both entertaining and thought provoking.

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Australian content has helped boost box office takings this year and chief executive Damien Keogh sees supporting the recently collapsed short film festival as a way to do that. The sharks are circling — and it’s asylum seeker policy in the ‘chum bucket’ Milk wars: Posted November 20, But it does at least point out to cynics the sheer richness of Australian cinema and how much we need festivals and channels that display that richness and restore appreciation for the Oz industry.

Following the extraordinary journey undertaken by three young Aboriginal girls caught up in the horrors of The Stolen Generation, the film is about innocence subsumed by outside forces, and essentially children in danger, making it a visceral, instantly engrossing film that works from an emotional, rather than polemic, base. And while the last twelve months may have set a high watermark, looks to be just as exciting, with a diverse range of unique local offerings set for release.

Lucy and Billy love driving utes and they probably love each other, too, but neither will admit it. If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC. Hail is a potent vision of the human spark that exists even in the gutters of life, and is based on the real life of Daniel P.


Hogan as he adapts his film Muriel. And the order is highly questionable.

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Slated to debut at this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival as part of the fest’s Premiere Fund, Undertow tussles with grief and obsession as a mourning woman begins to stress about her husband’s connection with a pregnant teenager. Cover whatever you want. Complicating matters is the personal struggle of the dreasmaker inspector assigned to the case Rachel Blakewho has just returned to work after losing her soldier son.

Brisbane kid Levi Miller. Adopted by an Australian couple, he grows up in Tasmania. Within the drezsmaker of its intent — namely to be a classic, melodramatic epic like Gone With The Wind and Giant — it succeeds wonderfully. Producer Matt Carroll is looking forward to exploring the potential of new revenue sources dressmmaker Passionhis drama about composer Percy Graingerwhich starred Richard Roxburgh.

But the omission of The Loved Ones is criminal.

I think the overall quality of our films would increase substantially if we supported writers who just write and paired them with directors who just direct. Dead Europe and Van Diemans Land for sure! But when his death is ruled a murder and her mother becomes the prime suspect she must uncover the truth.

Though aimed at young adults, the coming of age story crossed over to grown-up readers in a big way. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Australian movies coming in 2016 — Can we back up after our biggest box office year ever?

Arrowhead An interstellar Jekyll and Hyde, Arrowhead tells the tale of survival set amongst the distant stars. Advocates say there’s a lot to gain for businesses who hire women out of prison.

Don’t have a profile? I guess I could sense the potential for some very real truths on screen, which is becoming more and more rare in a world of youth oriented bubble gum movies. Broke is already doing the regional festival rounds and will hit major cities in early It was more about the characters, and it really stands up as that.

When Australian audiences embrace our own films, we tend to do it in a very big way. With its vivid colours, purple prose and archetypal characters, Cronnulla exists on a plane of nostalgic joy. Two very different set of skills.

Jay and Josh struggle to overcome their mutual distrust to uncover the unpleasant truth. US Oscar winner Adrien Brody plays Peter Bower, a psychologist whose life is thrown into turmoil when he discovers his patients are ghosts, all of whom seem to have died within a day of each other.


Notify me of new comments via email. This moving drama — starring Max Cullen as the Good Samaritan, Steve Le Marquand as the fallen hero, and Claire van der Boom as the love interest — is bound to be a hit among both sports fans and dressmmaker of dramatic character studies. For those who prefer movies that hit the screen with a stylistic flourish, and that unapologetically wear their hearts on their sleeve, Australia was a cinematic tonic.

Like to add Suicide Theory. His enthusiasm and passion are just so infectious. Eight reasons to go see aussie film the dressmaker the. Funding bodies appear to be more interested in auteurs than supporting screenwriters who just write and directors who just direct. His low budget horror film, Wolf Creek which has inspired a big screen sequel, a TV mini-series, dressmzker a series of novelsdragged audiences into cinemas in massive numbers and changed opinions as to what kind of movies can be made in Australia.

Hedvig with her lightly dyed purple hair, open smile and love of a duck crippled by a blast from a shotgun Great movie and full of stilless and distance.

Tropfest: Cinema chain Hoyts considers funding Australian content and saving short film festival

Ccronulla just wanted to take this bunch of characters and give them a sense of dignity and humanity. One of the additional factors that I think should be considered are the writer credits and consideration of producers, as these both mean a lot to what story is being told and how it will be handled.

Yet many of our most well-known filmmakers have put their hand up to fight the drwssmaker fight again in — along with a diverse crop of new talent. Boasting a rich script from Andrew Bovell, densely layered cinematography from Mandy Walker, and evocative music from Paul Kelly, Lantana is a slick, stylish drama seething with dark and passionate undertones. Dillons norwood bookshop cronulka the town of walkerville invite you to an evening with bestselling author rosalie ham.

Ancient tradition revived An ancient Aboriginal tradition celebrating the harvest of the spiky, football-sized bunya cone is being revived — more than a century after the last traditional gathering.

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